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The greatest difficulty in explaining picture-bible-codes are in the sheer volume of information. In order to address this problem several overlapping images will be studied at a time. They will briefly be explained in words, but also there will be the option of listening to a more thorough explanation on audio while the images are displayed. 


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(Encoded within Isaiah 46:1-6)




Why Picture Codes take long to explain:

As said, the greatest difficulty in explaining picture bible codes are in the sheer volume of information. Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words! Moreover, if one does not understand what picture-bible-codes are, or has not grasped the essential frame of anyone particular bible code, then they will not understand the details. Furthermore, each cluster of images are connected numerically, pictorially, and thematically to other clusters of images so that to fully appreciate the one necessitates the study of the other. Furthermore, all the picture (pictograph) codes are deeply symbolic and require a good understanding of biblical imagery, (not to mention a good grasp of basic theology). And just to add to the difficulty is the controversy surrounding bible codes generally. Most supposed bible codes on the Net are not real, and this has furnished ammunition to lump all bible codes under the same umbrella. Hence, I always feel the need to explain things thoroughly because of the doubts placed in many peoples minds. Not just that, but many Christians are taught that our miracle working God no longer does them today, and that all sign-gifts have ceased. Well, picture-codes are a sign and a wonder! A 'sign', in that they are obviously encoded by God and point to Jesus as Messiah---a 'wonder' in that He vindicates the sign by wonders in the earth in agreement with the picture code. Yes, God has not changed! 



This bible code has been greatly expanded to form a Cherub etc., please also go to "The Cherub/Baal Bible Code" for the full code.

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Both images here overlap each other. The seven flames of the lamp not seen in this image read, "Was He made a sin-offering for the sake of the Father?"

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Cherub/Baal/Balance Bible Code

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Balance Bible Code

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*** Summary of Hurricanes ***


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Balance Bible Code now enlarged to include...

Baal and Cherub Bible Code


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