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Bible Code Prophecy: Genesis 49 Acrostic, Russia invades Israel.

Acrostic-Bible-Code Prophecy

Russia and Arab Confederacy
 Attack Israel

Genesis 49:2-28

Simplified Translation


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(Now 12 comets!)


Please note that when I refer to the 12 constellations on my website, I am simply showing that God providentially guided men over the centuries to construct these imaginary images in the sky as they are known today so that He could use them as a back drop for heavenly signs. I am opposed to horoscopes, but open to the general imagery and what the constellations portray, especially when a comet passes by them.




The acrostic runs the length of the prophecy by Jacob to his 12 sons in Genesis 49:2-28. The acrostic is formed by reading the first and last letters of each consecutive word of the prophecy. The acrostic interprets the prophecies of Genesis 49 and elsewhere so that a knowledge of bible prophecy is crucial in interpreting the riddles. For methodology see, Simplified Translation Methodology. Go here for Literal Translation. 


Basic Outline of Acrostic Prophecy:

  • Acrostic's own introduction and summary riddle:
    (Genesis 49:2-3)
    (Uses last letter of every consecutive word.)

The body of the acrostic:

  • First letter of every consecutive word
    from Reuben to Benjamin: (Genesis 49:3-28)

  • Last letter of every consecutive word  
    from Gad to Benjamin: (Genesis 49:17-28)

  • Acrostic's own conclusion and summary riddle:
    (Genesis 49:27-28)
    (First and last letter of every consecutive word.)


Four-Tiered Acrostic:

Layer one: The actual prophecy of Jacob
Layer two (acrostic): The acrostic of layer one
Layer three (sub-acrostic): The acrostic of layer two
Layer four (sub-sub-acrostic): The acrostic of layer three

For details see, Simplified Translation Methodology.


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as explained by two picture bible codes and this acrostic!




Jacob's Acrostic Prediction


There are several instances where a letter is skipped. Work is still in progress.

Note that a Jewish tradition assigns the 12 tribes of Genesis 49 each one of the 12 constellations. This is the key that unlocks the prophecy, as well as the heavenly signs that occurred the same year that this code was discovered. 

Please note again, that while the Zodiac is not from God (especially as used today in astrology), nevertheless for His mercies sake it seems that God is using the traditional understanding of Gen. 49 as still held today by many Jews so as to open their eyes to see that Jesus {Yeshua} is their Messiah as evidenced by heavenly signs meaningful to them. "Jews seek a sign..." See "Why Would God Use the Zodiac for a Sign?".) 





The acrostic's introduction: (Genesis 49:1-3) 
(Last letter of every consecutive word.)

"The excess (of speech) is valid. (Note: The letter "Tav" is overlapped.) They are flawless! But due to its redundancy, the excess was scrambled (into the rest of the text) by Me, the One excelling (in honor and power)"---(sub-acrostic) "For I will show myself flawless!" (Click here for this riddle explained.)


Jacob's acrostic bible prophecy.









Acrostic bible prophecy. Yeshua.Main Body of acrostic begins:

First letter of every consecutive word
from Reuben to Benjamin: (Genesis 49:3-28)


(Reuben, Simeon, and Levi) (Genesis 49:3-6)

"Jesus, You shall fly! With you will be a people!" (letter-space) (Note parallel text Deut. 33:2, 26)

"O my brother Esau (i.e., Jacob's vengeful brother), surely wrath is coming --- A Jackal is coming --- But the light of the oppressor will be extinguished or dissolved like a moth!"

(Or may read: "Oh my brother Esau (Edom), surely in heat (anger) you came --- you prophesied, "A star! Behold! --- and the constellation of the Great bear!" (Or perhaps, "Leo," See Num 24.)


(Judah) (Genesis 49:8-12) (Words in light-purple are implied. Click here for literal reading.)

"O enemy, a Great Leader is coming --- a mighty Ram, you arrogant ones! On that day you will be cut off as unclean. But who are they that belong to me? Desolate, Jesus will shepherd you with his scepter!" (Jesus is Shiloh!)

Sub-acrostic: "I desire the territory of my Prince!"
Sub-sub-acrostic: "I will draw near!" "I will take (it) by force!"


Acrostic bible prophecy code.Acrostic continues to read:

"I will drink deeply and stutter like a drunk! And they, too, will drink the blood of the grapes. For He comes to bind them to the vine and to trample down the grapes!"


(Zebulun and Issachar) (Genesis 49:13-15)

"To be burdened down with a load like a donkey is my constellation (destiny)! (Today, this constellation is 'Cancer', the crab). He became exhausted, as well as the trees used for the great festival at the feast of Tabernacles. Alas, O' impoverished one!" 

"And always be ready for Shiloh (to return)!" (Compare next verse, vs.17 with vs.10 in Hebrew. Note how the acrostic links Shiloh with Yeshua. See Dan next for alternative reading of sentence about Shiloh.)


(Dan) means, "judging." (Genesis 49:16-17)

(Note: About 100,000 black-skinned Danites returned from a 2700-year exile from Ethiopia in 1985 and 1991. The reference to dark skin in association with blindness is not a slur, but is just a simile, as in Jer. 13:23, "Can an Ethiopian change his skin? and a leopard his spots? Then neither can you change your evil ways." For "Gog" [Russia] see Ezek. 38-39.)

"Thus, Shiloh smote Israel. As my witness, (the skin of) the Ethiopians of Dan is proof of blindness, that He allowed him to be trampled down like grapes.

I will plague Gog! (Or perhaps, "I will have Gog's blood licked up like a dog!") "'The valley of Gog'--- (acrostic briefly reverses) is 'The Valley of the Burning of Russia'."


(Sub-acrostic for Judah to Dan)

"I desire the territory of my Prince. I desire you, even my people! For the Ruler, the One speaking in riddles, is angry, and for good reason --- a Lamb!" 


"I will draw near (judicially) to darken Cush, (that is, Ethiopia)!" 


(Gad, Asher, and Naphtali) (Genesis 49:18-21)

"Therefore, Shiloh bears the burden, (that is, the Ruler, the One speaking riddles). Levi (the priest) selects a Lamb for the fire! I will return!" 

Sub-acrostic: "For it concerns a burden!" (or, "...a prophecy!")


(Joseph) (Genesis 49:22-26. See 'bull/ox' of Deut. 33:17 and Genesis 27:40.) (This part of acrostic intentionally overlaps two letters ---Aleph and Tav--- i.e., "Alpha and Omega." It reads slightly different without overlap.) 

(Click to enlarge image. See "12 comets")

acrostic-heavens-bible-code-prophecy.jpg (76879 bytes)"Esau, is that nail a horn as you deceitfully give your brother a hug!

You are like a menacing wild bull!

-- Another horn! (nail) --

Yet, as you return to attack, there you will be cut to pieces.

When returning, I will low like a bull against her for a time, and she will low too!

(O cow), "Hang the bull up raw!" (or, "Saddle him please!")

Sub-acrostic: "Enquire along with them! He returns, coming against a bull-calf (and against the calf's father!)" Sub-sub acrostic: "Against (the bull's) son about whom they enquired."



(Note about "Gog" [Ezekiel 38]. The following about "Gog,"  leads into the special end-of-word acrostic that follows.) (The text briefly reads backward at the very place where actual text reads, "the horses' rider falls backward..." Genesis 49:17.)

I will plague---Gog! (or, "I will lick up Gog['s blood like a dog]).

 "'"The valley of Gog"---(reverses) is "The Valley of the Burning of Russia"." 

For further explanation see,
"Simplified Translation Methodology"




Last letter of every consecutive word from Gad to Benjamin: (Genesis 49:17-28)

"There is indeed a shout like one treading grapes, for I myself have conquered him! And like the Lord, behold, Israel (lit. "he") will shout joyfully with tambourine!" ---(one-letter break)---

"You mourned! (Or, "You rejoiced!") Did they shoot nails at a Son? Were the nails intended for me when they were shot at him like arrows? Was He wailed for by you, O clan of mine? He was hammered to death! Gold will be beaten down with hammer until pure! (Or, 'A clan will be hammered to pieces.') You are circumcised to the point of death! You are complete in death! Strength is spent! At the twilight of the age you are finished (or, perfected)!" (The phrase, "O Clan, gold will be beaten down with hammer until pure/finished!" ... contains a striking play on sounds. Two letters are overlapped, but reads much the same without overlap. See Daniel 12.

"For the bull grew into an swift bear charging toward her." (Or, "For the bull grew into an swift bear that caused them to wail (howl)." Or, "For the bull prospered into a bear of burnished metal (that) rips in pieces." Or, "For the bull grew into an accursed bear." Or, economically speaking: "For the prosperous bull (market) became a weak bear (market) that makes them wail," [See Genesis 41:17-21].)

Sub-acrostic: "They became darkened. Indeed, you were changed into a wasteland. You struck him with a nail, the One they killed --- when you wandered (from me), falling away quickly!"




(Benjamin) (and conclusion) (Genesis 49:27-28)

"My plunder is with me, (letter-space) and His salvation bites like fire!"

Sub-acrostic: "When I come!"

(Compare the "Benjamin" code with the actual text of Gen. 49:27 that reads: "Benjamin is a ravenous wolf. In the morning he devours his prey. In the evening he divides the plunder.")




Lion Tribe Judah Bible Prophecy CodeThe complete sub-acrostic stretching from Judah to Benjamin: (Genesis 49:8-27)

"I desire the territory of my Prince. I desire you, even my people! For the Ruler (the One speaking in riddles) is angry with good reason --- a Lamb! Moreover, ask about the meaning of the prophecy (or, 'burden') that concerns them. He returns, coming against a bull-calf (and against the calf's father!) --- when I come!"

Sub-sub-acrostic: (Genesis 49:8-27)

"I will draw near to darken Cush (Ethiopia)! And (I will draw near) in a Son as He returns on darkening clouds!"
("Cush," the son of Ham [meaning, "burnt"] and father of Nimrod, who built Babylon, was the brother of Egypt, Put [Libya], and Canaan, Genesis 10:6-12. Cush here appears to represent all nations in rebellion. It has nothing to do with racism anymore than this verse: "Can the Ethiopian [Cushite] change his skin or the leopard his spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil. I will scatter you..." Jer. 13:23. Skin color is simply a simile --- nothing more!)




Note: Also see "The record 12 comets and their prophecy," as explained by two picture bible codes and this acrostic! 
(Also see, "Comet Lovejoy".)


The Lion Bible Code

Lion of Judah in Jacob's prophecy.

Picture Bible Code of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah bearing His cross, staff, rod, and sword! "His star" shines at top! All pretenders to the throne will be crushed.

In the above image, the tail of the comet reads: "The scepter/comet of man is among them!" The star reads, "His star" 4x, and the Lion, in part, reads, "' "I AM" (is) the Lion of God!", "...of Judah" (5x). The head reads, "The scepter". The legs read, from right to left,  "Judah,  His Son, Levi, Judah",  etc...




horizontal rule

Passover-Tabernacle Blood-Moon Tetrads
and the Menorah of Time


Did you know that Passover-Tabernacles lunar-eclipse tetrads first began around Noah's Flood? And that they also occurred the exact day when Israel entered Egypt, and again when Jacob died (and prophesied about our future); then again with Saul, David, Solomon, etc. those more well-known recent events?

Click Blood-Moon-Tetrad chart to enlarge.

First 8 cycles of Passover-to-Tabernacles blood-lunar tetrads, which span from the Flood to now.

All Passover/Tabernacles tetrads, including distant future. Click to enlarge.

All Passover-Tabernacle Blood-Moon lunar eclipse tetrads, spanning distant past and future. 



For methodology in translation,
 see Simplified Translation Methodology

Further notes and charts

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