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Yasser Arafat,
 A Foreshadow of Antichrist

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("The Father of Modern Terrorism")


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Compare the character of Yasser Arafat (the bull) with Antiochus Epiphanies (the ram) in the below prophecy of Daniel. Antiochus Epiphanies is a type of the antichrist to come.  Recall that Arafat signed a peace treaty with the prime minister of Israel, similar to the peace treaty to come with antichrist, (Daniel 9:24-27). This Sept. 13, 1993 treaty was an obvious sign that Arafat was foreshadowing the antichrist to come. 


 If you are interested in bible numbers, please read, otherwise...

This is complex reading!

The bible teaches that the treaty of antichrist with Israel will last seven years and that it will be broken in the middle of that same seven-year period, (Daniel 9:24-27, Daniel 12). It happens that seven years from the treaty of Arafat on Sept. 13, 1993 would have ended Sept. 2000 (if it had indeed been the literal "seven-year" treaty of Antichrist. However, the treaty of Arafat was just a shadow of the one to come. For this reason Arafat's was only 5.5 years long). It happens that Sept. of 2000 (the end of the seven years) also marks the end of the 144th generation according to the Jewish calendar "from the creation," (12 x 12 x 40 years). (This is according to Jewish tradition, not according to the facts of bible chronology. However, the Jewish reckoning is important since the treaty is made with Israel and thus the year 5760 has special significance to Israelis who study the works of their forefathers. Some of their forefathers held that the 144th generation [year 5760] signaled an important cycle in God's dealings with man.) It is significant that the 144th generation from the "first Adam" harmonizes with Messiah's 50th generation (2000 years), who is called "the last Adam."

Moreover, on the 360 calendar the peace treaty of Arafat on Sept. 12 and 13 happens to correspond to Tishri 1st and 2nd, and hence, 1260 + 1290 days later (seven years on the 360 calendar) equals Tishri 1st and 2nd of AD 2000. ("Tishri 1st" is the modern Jewish New Year.) It is also interesting that 5760 equals 4 x 4 x 360 years.)

The broken-treaty of Arafat was also 2300 days to 'Y2K', the world-wide millennial Babylonian-like party celebrated on the so-called last day of the millennium. (The 2300 of Daniel 8 spans 6.5 years, it works in harmony with the full seven years. Both figures, (6.5 and 7 years), are divided in half by Daniel.) (A month after the sign of 'Y2K', the Lord opened up the mene-tekel bible code, beginning with the encoded words, "The One putting him to death..." And yes, Y2K was a sign from God despite the fact that nothing much happened. It was a sign that time [and thus, judgment day] would be delayed a little longer.)

AMAZINGLY, the day when the peace treaty was signed (Sept. 13, 1993) symbolized as 539 BC, the year Babylon fell, which is when the "mene-tekel-uparsin" writing on the wall appeared to Daniel, (Daniel 5)! 

(There is a day/year grid superimposed over every day of time from the Creation. We refer to it at times throughout the various web pages. Every day symbolizes a specific year of time in sequence. The grid is in accordance to the numeric of the prophets Ezekiel and Daniel. The grid is revealed especially in the book of Ezekiel and the dates of that book fall along this grid, (as do all the dates in the whole bible). That grid is forwarded according to the time frames revealed to Ezekiel and Daniel down to the present. Currently, the grid is being forwarded by 1290 + 1290 {430 x 6 years}, and by 1260 + 1335 years. (Hence, each day depicts at least 2 dates, 5460 days/years apart, which is 15 years on the 360 calendar, which is the difference between '1290 + 1290' and '1260 + 1335' years.)

Nisan 1 (i.e., "Abib 1," the religious New Year given to Moses) 586 BC symbolically represented AD 1, and the next day (Nisan 2 in 586 BC) therefore represented AD 2, and so forth, [Ezek. 40:1]. Hence, the fall of Jerusalem on Tammuz 9, 586 BC symbolized as AD 129 [being the 129th day from the said religious New Year}. (One month later the temple was desecrated.) Exactly, 430 x 2 years before Nisan 1, 586 BC, was 1446 Nisan 1, which is the day God instituted the New Year to Moses and thus the year of the Exodus. Exactly another 430 years before that was when Israel entered Egypt in the days of Joseph, (1876 BC). Exactly half that again is 2091 BC, the year Abraham left Babylon. (The dates used are those commonly excepted by modern evangelical scholarship. Most study bibles use them, for example. In other words, I did not make them up!) 

430 (of Ezek. 4) x 3 = 1290 (of Daniel 12)

Days are intersecting years of equal value all along this grid. The understanding of these things were hid until our days (Daniel 12) simply because the time for them to be fulfilled is near.

And again, using the consistent day/year principle with the day/year grid, 1150 days and also 1260 days from 539 BC (i.e., half of 2300 days and of seven years, see, Daniel 9:24-26) lands upon AD 612 and also AD 722 'in the mirror!' (Israel fell to Assyria in 722 BC, and Assyria fell to Babylon in 612 BC. [Babylon fell 539 BC.]) In other words, it was not merely that the 2300 days and the seven years (1260 + 1290 days) from the peace treaty was aligned to the 144th generation from the Creation and 2000 years (50 generations) from Christ, but also that the very days of that treaty symbolized the dates of the demise of Israel, Judah, Assyria and Babylon!

("The demise of "Judah,"'" in the sense that the treaty was signed 1290 x 2 years after the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in 589-586 BC, therefore making it 666 more days till the fall of the temple and of "the abomination that caused desolation" in Av. 7-10, 586 BC. The day/year principle takes its cue from the dates of these epoch biblical events that occurred 1290 x 2 [430 x 6] years ago. The symbolic day/years of then are simply being forwarded to now by 1290 x 2 literal years, as per the dates and prophecies of the prophets Ezekiel and Daniel. This forms a grid for the fulfilling of future bible prophecy wherein days are intersecting years of equal value on several levels at once without jostling one another. This is the meaning of the dates and time frames found in those books, and this is the key that unlocks all bible numbers. And all this interlocks with the picture bible codes and with the heavenly signs! No wonder devils tremble! (See the timing of the exodus. (See the day/year grid and the timing of the exodus.  Click here for more on "The day equals a consecutive year/date of time" principle.)

Moreover, all the particulars of that treaty fell on the 13th of the month, and when it came time to discuss "the status of Jerusalem," it was accompanied by the greatest comet of the century, Comet Hale-Bop. 


Can you see Arafat in this character sketch of Antiochus (antichrist)?

Dan 8:23 "When the end of those kingdoms is near and they have become so wicked that they must be punished, there will be a stubborn, vicious, and deceitful king.

Dan 8:24 He will grow strong---but not by his own power. He will cause terrible destruction and be successful in everything he does. He will bring destruction on powerful men and on God's own people.

Dan 8:25 Because he is cunning, he will succeed in his deceitful ways. (Arafat awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!) He will be proud of himself and destroy many people without warning. He will even defy the greatest King of all, but he will be destroyed without the use of any human power. (I.e., Arafat died of unknown causes, rather than an assassin's bullet by 'the hand of man'.)

Dan 8:26 This vision about the evening and morning sacrifices (i.e., 1150 days, vs. 14) which has been explained to you will come true. But keep it secret now, because it will be a long time before it does come true."

Dan 8:27 I was depressed and ill for several days. Then I got up and went back to the work that the king had assigned to me, but I was puzzled by the vision and could not understand it." (GNB)

Note also that the 1150 days of Antiochus has an additional seven days added to it for what is now known as Hanukkah, (John 10:22), called, "The Feast of Dedication," and "The Festival of Lights." This is why there are 1150 days, plus seven more, as counting from the fall of the Twin Towers till Arafat's deaths. That is, there are 1150 days till Arafat's death, plus another seven days till his official death! Moreover, I happened to have understood all this in relation to Arafat on the first day of Hanukkah, 2004! (Also see Haggai 2.) (Also note that we are literally 1150 x 3 years from the plagues of Moses upon Egypt, which occurred from the fall of 1447 to spr. of 1446 BC, according to the chronologies of most modern evangelical bible scholars.)




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