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Picture bible code prophecy of mountain found at Mt Sinai passage in Exodus 4.The mountain-river reads: "Bow low (in stillness); Be quiet before me! I am Jesus! Bow low (in stillness); then you will shine like a river!" (This river also reads something else the opposite direction, and in Atbash.)

Next we read what the 'cross' by the mountain-river says.


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Also see audio/visual prophecy of 5 comets in 2004
interpreted by both Balance and Lion Bible Code!


This bible code has been greatly expanded to form a Cherub etc., 

please also go to "The Cherub/Baal Bible Code" for the full code.

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Picture bible code of same river except here spread out at 6-letter intervals.

What are "letter-years"?

A Closer Look at the River

First written article on the Balance/tree

For just one example of how this Picture Bible Code harmonizes
 with a multitude of Bible passages, please see
Psalm 18 and 2Sam. 22

Stairway to Hell  (2)

Hurricane: Axe to root

Olympics: Baal misses the mark!

(From Isaiah 46:1-6) Upcoming Codes

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