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Mount St. Helens
What Does it Mean?


And a preview of
 "The-Lion-of-the-Tribe-of-Judah Bible Code,"
And the astonishing 300-Hebrew word acrostic!

Lion Tribe Judah Bible Code


Mt. St. Helens: 

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A great many sense that God is saying something to us by the renewed activity at Mount St. Helens.

This is what the Lord is saying:

Mount Sinai and mount Zion.First the facts:

(Dates taken from government link from
 U.S. Geological Survey.

The activity began on the Day of Atonement on the 360 calendar, (which this year fell on Tishri 8 on the normal Jewish calendar, that is, Sept. 23, 2004, 2 am PDT).

Six days later at 10:40 am on the 29th of Sept., which was Tishri 14 on the normal Jewish calendar, the geologists issued the level 2 warning about a possible eruption.

About three-and-a-half days later they upgraded the warning to Level 3 (one level short of an actual dangerous eruption.) This was issued at 2 pm, Oct. 2.

About another three-and-a-half days after that they lowered the warning back to where it was almost exactly 7 days earlier. They lowered it Oct. 6, at 9:15 am (PDT).

The level 2 warning continues until this day, (i.e., today is Oct. 11).

Bible Numbers:

At the bible-numbers website we examined the meaning of dates and numbers. One of the dates examined was the autumn of 1447 BC, when Moses encountered God at the burning bush. (This is the traditional date received by most evangelical scholars.) One of the time frames we examined was the 2300 days of Daniel 5, which we explained is to be divided in half as 1150, just as 1260 is half of a seven-year period. We showed that days are intersecting years of equal value. (See chart at bottom of this page for the basic numeric pattern discussed at the bible-numbers website.)

The Feast of Tabernacles lasts seven days, (Lev. 23).

From Tabernacles of 1447 BC, (about, or exactly when Moses was at the burning-bush upon Mount Sinai), unto the seven days of Tabernacles (when the two "category two" alerts were given), are exactly 1150 x 3 years, almost to the very hour. (Egypt and Israel are ahead of the state of Washington, where Mount St. Helens is located, by 9 hours .)

Tabernacles 1447 BC at Mount Sinai, plus 1150 x 3 years = Tabernacles 2004, and the seven days of Mount St. Helens.

This seven days is also 1260 x 1000 days from the middle of the half-year of plagues that afflicted Egypt. Israel left Egypt at Passover. Passover commenced the feast of Passover, which also lasts 7 days. The seven days of Passover always occur exactly half-a-year after the seven-days of Tabernacles.

The seven days of Tabernacles this year was divided in half by the level three alert for Mount Helens. It was issued at 2 pm Sat, (which is 11 PM in Egypt/Israel). As said, it was put back to level 2 at the end of Tabernacles.

In the bible, a day can symbolize a year. The seven days of Tabernacles symbolize the seven years of tribulation prophesied to come upon the whole earth. That period of seven years is divided in half just as the seven days of Tabernacles was this year. The seven years (2520 days) is divided into 1260 + 1260 days. (1260 x 2 equals 7 x 360 days. See the 360 calendar for details, and other links about the bible numbers.) Hence, the alerts divided the seven days of Tabernacles in half, so as to symbolize the dividing of the seven years of coming tribulation as prophesied throughout the bible. 

The Great Tribulation is the second half of this seven-year period. For this reason the second half of the seven days of Tabernacles had the higher alert level of three instead of two. The 3 days at the alert level of three, therefore, depicts the 3 years of the Great Tribulation to come, with the first 3 days depicting just the milder tribulation that precedes that Great one.

The middle of the week of Tabernacles when the level three was issued occurred in the middle of the night Israel/Egypt time. (The middle of the night in Egypt occurred about 11:30 pm). This is why the time frame of 3 days plus 3 days (of the seven days of Tabernacles) are not precisely 3 days to the very hour. God is drawing our attention to the middle of the night in the middle of the week of Tabernacles, in agreement with the middle-of-the-night prophecies found in the bible. 

For example, the exodus out of Egypt occurred in 1446 BC, on Passover night---at "about the middle of the night." And the prophesy by Jesus of the 10 sleeping virgins mentions that the bridegroom delayed coming until about midnight, catching half of them off-guard, (Matt. 25). (Doubtless, they expected the bridegroom to come at evening---the middle of the week, or the start, or the end, depending upon the way one looks at it.)

Hence, Jesus is telling us to be ready for His return, and watching, "for we don't know when He shall come, at what time in the night."

The alarms at Mount Helens are like the trumpet blasts that sounded for seven days on Mount Sinai in the days of Moses. They are a warning of the coming of God to His people. Jesus is coming soon! Are you ready? Prepare to meet thy God!

Hebrew 12:14-29 is particularly applicable to this sign (of Mount Helens) given by God to His people. Please read it, for it speaks for itself.


The Mount Sinai Picture-Bible-Code  Mount Sinai and mount Zion.

It happens that the bible code about Mount Sinai, which began to be deciphered about seven years ago, is also found at the burning-bush passage! That is, the mountain image is embedded at the very passage that explains Moses' call at the burning bush, which occurred (as said) 1150 x 3 years before the Mount Helens activity. Here is what that picture-bible-code said: (The following is taken directly from the series of articles on Mount Sinai. Please go there to read the interpretation of this bible code.)



"The Summit of Jesus"

(Cf., Ex. 3:1, "The mountain of God," 
which is the very verse that lies at the all-important intersecting middle-point of this bible code.
This is where Moses received the burning bush revelation in response to the cry of Israelites in Egypt that "came up" into God's ears. See also Ex. 24:15-18.
The code ("cloud") moves backward and forward from this middle verse a total 360 letters each way.)



The letters that form the cloud around the summit reads: (i.e., this time reading around the same 14 letters on the right that spelt, "I AM, Jesus, Jehovah, Jesus, Elijah, and He-will-be-joined.")

"They cried out for help in the direction of a (mountain) summit. 

"Let Him be changed into a man!"

---Look! Jesus, even the gift of God, will become a man!"


The mountain reads:Mount Sinai and mount Zion.

(The Hebrew equivalent of the letters "Alpha and Omega" stand at the very top of the summit, and from the bottom to the top of the mountain it reads: "The Lord is a Shepherd---Alpha/Omega," cf., Revelation 7:17, 14:4, 21:4-6):

Where is it located? (Gal. 4:24-25) 

Where is the summit of Jesus, 

even the majestic summit of nobility?

And there comes to them from the mountain a gift of a man!

The lowly King is stirred, along with the summit of Jesus;

Alas! The summit of Jesus is clouding over!

"O My Father, I AM in the thick cloud!" (lit. "in it")


Brief Interpretation as it relates to Mount Helens:

We will not take time to interpret the code as that has already been done.
See the Menorah/Mount Sinai Bible Code.

The lowly King is stirred, along with the summit of Jesus;

Alas! The summit of Jesus is clouding over!

"O My Father, I AM in the thick cloud!" (lit. "in it")


Mount Helens is a type of Mount Sinai:

Mount Sinai is "being moved/stirred," as the summit is clouding over. Jesus is at the summit, in the cloud. Similarly, Mount St. Helens was moved in several ways---by rumblings, by the mountain literally being shifted over, and by the dome growing hundreds of feet. 

Secondly, the "clouds" have formed at the summit because of steam. (The water at the summit is interacting with the surging heat from beneath.)

Mount Helens is contrasted with Mount Sinai because America depicts the Gentile church in Babylonian captivity, just as Israel was in Egyptian captivity. America is (or was) the leader of Protestant Christianity, just as Rome is of Catholic Christianity. God is declaring that His sleeping people must awake and trim their lamps and be ready for His soon return at Mount Zion, which is located at literal Jerusalem. Space does not permit further elaboration at this time. The point is that we should be ready for His return.

The Connection to the Recent Hurricanes:

The four Hurricanes struck Florida, each on precise dates of importance. The state of Florida is located at the very opposite end of the state of Washington in continental United States. Thus, all America is included in this prophecy. (Please see those documents for details on the Hurricanes.)


"It will happen! You are numbered! Woe! They will wither before me! A hurricane will kill; my great (hurricane) on the festival." 

Composite bible code of lightning, an eye of a hurricane, a cloud, a river, etc."Where is wondering (hurricane) Ivan, O' waters? It is clouding over! Ivan is eyeing! The cloud looks on! The cloud is appearing! Where is it over-clouding, O' blood? Where is the guilt of the wonderer, O' waters? 

And where is the witness of the waters? He will wipe away guilt/Ivan (like a cloud) for their sake.

After rejoicing, the cloud (re) appeared!"

We already explained this bible code elsewhere. It has much more to say than what is mentioned here, but this is mentioned to bring out the connection of the "clouding over" of the hurricane code with the "clouding over" of the mountain code. In both cases, the clouds are overlapping the Lamp in the background. Also, in both bible codes there is a mountain.

Amazingly, Hurricane Ivan hit costal United States at the start of Rosh Hashanah---the Jewish New Year, (a "feast" day, Lev. 23). Ten days latter Hurricane Jeanne struck on the end of the Day of Atonement---called "The Fast Day." Thus, the ten days spanned what it traditional known as the 10 Days of Awe. This is traditionally when God sits in judgment over men as to who will live another year. 

Much more can be said, but the main point is to note the timing of the Hurricanes and Mt. Helens with the feast/fast days of the Jews, with clouds and mighty thundering being the common theme. The last two Hurricanes and Mount Helens each occurred on special days given by God on Mount Sinai. (The other two Hurricanes also occurred on days of significance, but we cannot elaborate now. See articles on Hurricanes. Read Ezek. 9 as it relates to these events as well.)


Tishri 1 (Rosh Hashanah) --- Hurricane Ivan strikes.

Tishri 10 (Day of Atonement) --- Hurricane Jeanne strikes.

Tishri 14/15 to 21 (Tabernacles) --- The seven days of Mount Helens.

On Tishri 22, the Lord gave me another cluster of picture bible codes. This one is about the Lion of the tribe of Judah at Shiloh. It is awesome! 


The-Lion-of-the-Tribe-of-Judah Bible Code

and Massive Acrostic Prophecy

(This is in the process of being updated.
 The acrostic is now some 300 words long.
 Click here for the rough copy of the updated page.)

This bible code relates and interconnects with all the picture-bible-codes before it. The following is a brief introduction to it. 

Tishri 22 (when this code came to me) is the last feast day of the Jewish calendar year as instructed by Moses on Mount Sinai (as it clouded over with smoke and mighty thundering). Tishri 22 commemorates and sums up all the festivals that occur before it. (Called, "The Great Feast day" by Yeshua [Jesus] in John 7:37. It happens that the acrostic [discovered on this same feast day] also mentions, "the great feast.") Thus, it is a fitting day for this awesome bible code to be discovered. The code is found in the prophecy about Judah in Genesis 49. The picture bible code declares the soon and awesome return of "The Lion of Judah" to forcibly retake the kingdom and bring it back under His rightful domain.

Lion Tribe Judah Bible Code



The Acrostic Prophecy:

The first 30 words of this incredible 81-word (Hebrew) acrostic form a sub acrostic. The first letter of each Hebrew word in this prophecy about Judah form 10 words (30 letters) that explains the prophecy. These 10 words, in turn, form a sub-acrostic that creates yet another 3 words. These 3 words, in turn, form 3 letters that spell the final word(s) to this amazingly complex acrostic puzzle! (There are two sub acrostics.) This is also the passage where the lion-picture bible codes are found! (Read the above text of Genesis 49:8-16 of the actual prophesy given to Jacob about Judah his son before you read the code. The bible code has to do with this prophecy in which it is embedded.) A total of 88 Hebrew words are made by the acrostics, and sub acrostics.

The acrostic more or less interprets each verse as it moves down word-for-word in Jacob's death-bed prophecy. Astoundingly, the acrostic prophecy is interpreting Jacob's prophecy in light of Messiah! For instance, the burden-bearing donkey 'bound to the vine' (vs.11) signifies Yeshua bound to the tree (cross), "exhausted" from bearing the sins of the world! (vs. 14-15)!








The acrostic reads:

"O enemy, a Great Leader is coming; O arrogant ones, when you will be cut off as unclean. But who is for me? Deserted (or, "devastated"), Jesus will shepherd you!"

Sub-acrostics: "I desire the territory of my Prince!" Sub-sub-acrostic: "I will draw near!" "I will take (it) by force!"

Acrostic continues to read:

"I will drink deeply! For He comes to bind and to trample down." (See notes bottom left image.)

"To be burdened down is my destiny! He became exhausted, as well as the trees used for the great festival. Alas, O' impoverished one!" 

"And be ready always for Shiloh (to return)." (Compare next verse, vs.17, with vs.10 in Hebrew. Note how the acrostic links Shiloh with Yeshua.)

Sub-acrostic: "O my people, indeed the ruler is angry---the One speaking in parables!"

A Few Notes:

"To bind and to trample." As Yeshua was bound and trampled, so at His second coming He will bind and trample His enemies!" (See notes left image.)

"Great festival" [John 7:37] refers to the 8th day of Tabernacles, Tishri 22, which is when this acrostic began to be deciphered! The "exhausted trees" evidently refer to trees denuded of their branches used at the Feast of Tabernacles, and used for sacrifice also held on that day! Yeshua is the "Tree" of Life, cut down for us! "Exhausted" is also a play on words for the name of "Leah," the mother of Judah, Zebulon, and Issachar of this prophecy!

"Burdened down" evidently infers sacrificial bearing of sin, as occurred each day of Tabernacles, and also links Issachar's donkey [vs. 14] with Judah's donkey [11], so that the "constellation/star" of Judah and Issachar are united in meaning. In short, each line of the acrostic interprets the other lines of the acrostic, which in turn interprets the actual prophecy. Oh God, how awesome you are! (Also see endnote.)




Cherub: The Lion Tribe Judah Bible Code The Lion Bible Codes reads
(in segments):

"O Judah...I am the Lion of the tribe of Judah! O Judah, I am the Lion of God! O Judah, I am greatly to be feared!"

The seven seals (circles) within the lion read:

"A lion is coming to state (His) case! I will lay an ambush! A lion He will be! Jehovah is His glory---the glory of David the beloved. Be completely astounded at the roaring echo (or, thunder)!

Jehovah! Jehovah!

Be completely astounded at the roaring echo (or, thunder) and the echo of David the beloved, and at His glory---the glory of Jehovah. He will be mighty---a Father---Fear before me!"

The wing of the cherub reads (not shown in this picture):

"Your Cherub is flying!"
"The Cherub shall remain!"
"Your Cherub is my Cherub!"

"I will inspire awe! Ruling by force, I will join (the wings) together, extending the reach of the covering Cherub of the Lord. With ease, He Himself will consume, sweeping clear, soaring and roaring!"


The Lion of Judah bible code has much more to say, and will be detailed soon!

(This is in the process of being updated.
 The acrostic is now some 300 words long.
 Click here for the rough copy of the updated page.)




From Clarks commentary.

Mat 21:9 -

Hosanna to the son of David - When persons applied to the king for help, or for a redress of grievances, they used the word hosanna, or rather from the Hebrew הושיעה נא Hoshiah Na! Save now! or, Save, we beseech thee! - redress our grievances, and give us help from oppression!

Hosanna in the highest - ... Probably there is an allusion here to the custom of the Jews in the feast of tabernacles. During the first seven days of that feast, they went once round the altar, each day, with palm and other branches in their hands, singing Hosanna: but on the eighth day of that feast they walked seven times round the altar, singing the hosanna; and this was termed the hosanna rabba, the Great hosanna: i.e. Assist with the greatest succor.

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