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River Balance Bible Code Prophecy



The mountain-river flows from the throne:

It reads forward then backward:


"Just like I AM, that I AM!" (forms the man). "I AM the Lord" -7 times- (forms the bush), "What I have put into your hand..." "will become a snake," (forms the rods), "An innocent guilt offering! Who is the Lord? I AM the fire offering of the Lord!" (forms the snakes); and the edge of the cliff reads: "So behold, the fire offerings of the Lord are a language/edge (of a cliff), are they not!?" etc.(Also see the Cherub/Baal Bible Code, which is an expansion this bible code.)

Note that the river in this code numerically flows into the river where Moses kneels with rod in hand at the burning bush bible code, (see left image). Most all of the Bible-code pictographs interconnect with one another --- perhaps all of them.


Right image. The river reads.

(Backward) "Be calm! Be still before me! I AM Jesus! Be calm and you will flow/shine (like a river/lamp").

("From everlasting, my name is the Lord" interweaves with "I am Jesus" and, "The blood concerning my salvation".)

(Forward, the river also reads:) "He was poured out in torrents! They gazed upon that which is (like) wine. You are beyond measurement!" (See Ezekiel's vision of the river in Ezek. 47.)

(Also see, "The River in Atbash!")

The word "Be calm" (or, "Bow low") is the same Hebrew word used in the account of the flood waters of Noah when the waters are said to have "abated".

"Be still before me," may also mean, "Keep me still", a personification of the river/balance.


The image of the river flowing diagonally along the the lower branch of the balance/lamp/tree suggests several things: 

1. It suggests an abundant supply of water for the tree in the midst. (i.e., "He was poured out, gushing forth!")

2. It suggests an abundant supply of oil for the lamp. (The Hebrew word 'nahar' can mean 'to shine' or 'to flow', thus referring to both the river and the lamp, and thus implying the flow of oil. 

3. It suggests that the river, too, is judging or being judged on the scales, thus, a river of blood. (For more about the blood see point #4.)

It seems that the river in the image primarily refers to the Jordan river. The name Jordan means, "descending," or, Sinai bible code."The river that judges." The Jordan is fairly evenly balanced in that it begins about 1300 feet above sea level at Mt. Hermon and descends to about 1300 feet below sea level at the Dead Sea--the lowest spot on earth. However, the river appears to signify the Mt. Sinai river as well, where Moses ground down the golden calf and cast it into the river. This is evident from its numeric connection to the Mt. Sinai picture-code, (seen at left.)

When the river "calms down", or "bows down", it also infers that the balance/scale along the river also "bows down". This suggests that Yeshua is being weighed in the balance to bring about our peace/stillness. "Be still before me," can also reads as, "Make me still". Jesus would then be a personification of the river/balance. We calm His wrath when we rest in the substitution work of atonement that He brought about when He "bowed" in the balance for us!


The river reads both ways. Reading top to bottom it starts at the letter before where the line of code from bottom to top reads.4. The river has depth.

When the river is studied more closely, it is found to also contain the words: "From everlasting, my name is the Lord," and these words in turn interweave within the encoded words, "I am Yeshua" and "The blood concerning my salvation". This interweaving has the effect of creating a sense of depth to the middle of the river because there are codes within codes here the deeper one looks, especially located at the middle of the river where it reads, "I am Yeshua!"

The river is also perfectly balanced at center and numerically pregnant so as to bring out the idea of perfection or fullness. The number 7 in the Bible signifies perfection or completion, as does 3 and 10. The number 7 is often divided in half as well. The river is segmented using this very numeric scheme.


5. The river suggests a peaceful habitation to those that submit to its terms.

The terms are outlined in what the river reads: "Bow low (in stillness); Be still before me! I AM Jesus! Bow low (in stillness); then you will shine/flow like a river!" (Or it may read: "Be calm (i.e., like calm water); Be still before me! I AM Jesus! Be calm; then you will shine like a river!") A river especially shines bright (like a lamp) when it is calm and still, allowing the sun to reflect off it evenly. In the same way, we are to trust in Jesus as our source and sustainer of life by humbling (bowing) ourselves before Him, just as the river is bent (bowed). (Read. Isaiah 46:1-6, wherein this picture bible code is embedded. The theme of 'bowing low' predominates.)

The ending of the above sentence, "like a river", is implied by the images that are formed, that is, "Be calm and you will shine like a river or lamp." However, astoundingly the code itself does more than just imply what we will shine like. Encoded every 5th letter (ELS -60) reading up the river says, "like Jesus". (See above right image.) Hence, the word "Jesus" is found twice in the river, and we are told that if we humble ourselves before Jesus then we will also shine "like Jesus!" Therefore, the whole code reading up the river has the following sense: "Be calm! Be still before me! I AM Jesus! Be calm and then you will shine (like a river or lamp), that is, you will also shine like me, Jesus!" Therefore, the shining river, lamp, tree, sun, rainbow, etc., all symbolize Jesus in the image. They are all like Him, and we can be too!





A closer look at the river:


(Also see the important article: The River in Atbash. The entire river when converted to Atbash has another message opposite to this one that mocks Baal. This is fitting since the biblical text where the bible code is found also mocks Baal [Bel]! This removes any possibility of it being a random chance phenomena since Atbash codes are rare and hard to produce.)


The phrase: "Be calm; Be still before me! I AM Jesus! Be calm, then you will shine (like a river/lamp!)" is 12 x 20 skips long, and uses 21 letters (3 x 7). It meets exactly at the middle of the lower branch of the balance/lamp, which letter is the first letter that spells "Jesus." The river is thus balanced at center at 12 x 10 letters + 12 x 10 letters. ('12' is the number of the tribes of Israel). 


This is repeated again exactly except going the other direction down the river! "He was poured out, gushing forth! They gazed upon that which is wine! You are beyond measurement!" The phrase "You are beyond measure", suggests that we measure the river. It happens that both readings of the river, (the backward and the forward), each have 6 words forming three phrases with two words each, and each phrase uses seven letters. Thus there are a total of 12 words with 6 phrases each with seven letters! Moreover, they are arranged so that the one reads up one letter over the other so that a total of 22 letters are skipped, which means it spans 12 x 21 letters, or 252 letters. 252 is one-tenth of 2520, which is 1260 x 2 and represents a seven-year period. (See Moth bible code which spans 2520 letters, and reads similarly.)

This first phrase, "Be calm; Be still before me! I AM Jesus! Be calm, then you will shine (like a river)!" is "12 x 10" letters to the center of the river and the Balance and is further broken down evenly into (7 x 12 + 3 x 12) + (3 x 12 + 7 x 12). Thus the letters are arranged like a mirror: 7 + 3 + 3 + 7 (x 12 all). The first 7 x 12 reads: "Be calm! Be still before me! The next 3 read: "I am..," then the next 3 read: "Jesus," then the last 7 letters read: Be calm, then you will shine like a river!" Hence, even what it reads is using mirrorism. We have here a literary and numeric tool that puts the emphasis on the name "Jesus" at center.

Also, from the base of the lamp/balance to the same middle letter are 77 letters (11 x 7). However, the tree by itself may or may not include the base, so that the same middle letter is 66 + 66 letters---that is, from top of the tree to its bottom. "66" is the number of man. The full height of the tree incl. is 144 letters (12 x 12).


To the right are the blue and red letters enlarged. The red letters surrounded by green (from top to bottom) read: "The Salvation," (a play on the name of Jesus, which means, "the salvation of the Lord"). The red letters surrounded by orange (from bottom to top) read: "Concerning my blood." Together they therefore read: "The salvation that concerns my blood." (ELS of + -24). The blue letters read: "I am Jesus" (ELS -12), and the red read, "Forever my Name is the Lord (Yah)" (ELS -12). (Also running along the river at -60 [i.e., ever 5 skips along river], reads, [who is] "Like Jesus." The last letter "ayin" extends the river by one letter, or 12 letters + 60 x 4 letters).


(Important! Also see the River Atbash!)




The layers of overlap within this one string of code gives the effect of depth to the river, and adds numeric detail to the river and lamp/balance.

The 8 lines to the right show where the 7 branches of the lamp spring out.

The full river is therefore 7 + 6 + 7 letters ( x 12), or 6 + 7 + 6 letters (x 12), with the red letters being the half-12 letters. In this way the beginning, middle, and end of the river can be viewed as 7 (x 12) letter skips, thus keeping the emphasis on the number seven. 

The entire river, as said, is 240 letters long, and is divided into segments of 12 and sometimes 6-letter skips. This is significant because the rod of Ezekiel was 6 cubits long, thus making the length of the river 40 cubits long--- a letter for each cubit. (240 letters divided by 6 = 40.) The children of Israel were in the desert 40 years and there sustained supernaturally by God. Also, Ezekiel lay on his side 40 days, "a day for each year," in order to bear the sins of the house of Judah. This is consistent with the theme of "bearing up," and in using the numbers in Ezekiel 4 to symbolize this.


"He was poured out, gushing forth! They gazed upon that which is (like) wine! You are beyond measurement!"  --  "Be still!; Be quiet before me! I AM Jesus! Be still and you will shine/flow (like a river)!"


River into Blood

The river reads both ways. Reading top to bottom it starts at the letter before where the line of code from bottom to top reads.


(Click here for more on the sword at left.)

The river now becomes a sword and the handle of the sword is one of two staffs that also speak about Jesus. It is amazing that every 5 letters along the river that spoke about Jesus now again speaks about Him, for it reads: "Smite Jesus"! (Or it may read, "[Who is] like Jesus!" Amazingly, this phrase, tip to tip, runs along the very same 21 letters of the river that read: "He was poured out, gushing forth! They gazed upon that which is wine! You are beyond measurement!")

The sword itself is at one-tenth of 1260 x 2 letters, or a seven-year period. This ties in with several passages in the bible. (One is looked at in this link.) The other passage is in Exodus where the river is smote and it changes into blood. (Recall that the river also reads: "The blood concerning my salvation".) The verses that are especially relevant are these:



Both images here overlap each other. The seven flames of the lamp not seen in this image read, "Was He made a sin-offering for the sake of the Father?"Exodus 7:17 Thus saith the LORD, In this thou shalt know that I am the LORD: behold, I will smite with the rod that is in mine hand upon the waters which are in the river, and they shall be turned to blood.

Exodus 7:25 And seven days were fulfilled, after that the LORD had smitten the river. (A day can symbolize a year in the bible. The length of the sword/river also signifies a seven.)



To summarize then, in this image we have a rod smiting the water of the river that reads "I am Jesus .... forever my name is the Lord." And every 5 letters along the same river reads, "Smite Jesus!" This seems to be alluding to the passage about the changing of the water into blood, except it here compares the smiting of the river to the smiting of Jesus on the cross, from whom the bible says flowed "water and blood". (Click here for more details concerning this bible code about "Smite Jesus!" that skips along the picture-bible-code of the river.)








The cross-tree bible code. "More than a lamp---the branch of a scale am I."Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?The bible code identifies the cross-beam of the lamp/balance (and cross at left) to be a measuring rod. The code creates a massive play on words whereby one single Hebrew word ("A 'kaneh' I am") takes on about 8 different possible meanings, yet all present in the one picture! We hope to discuss this also in more detail at another time. The entire picture-code is measured by this 6-letter "rod." (See Ezek. 40, Revelation 12:1.) The same Hebrew word "kaneh" ("The rod/branch") forms the cross-beam of the cross in the menorah found at the burning bush passage in Exodus, (at right). (The long part of the cross at right reads: "A menorah [lamp] with fire.")



(Important! Also see the River Atbash!)


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