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Bible Code Pictographs!

"Just like I AM, that I AM!" (forms the man). "I AM the Lord" -7 times- (forms the bush), "What I have put into your hand..." "will become a snake," (forms the rods), "An innocent guilt offering! Who is the Lord? I AM the fire offering of the Lord!" (forms the snakes); and the edge of the cliff reads: "So behold, the fire offerings of the Lord are a language/edge (of a cliff), are they not!?" etc.

Marks of a Genuine Bible Code

(and Bible Code Pictograph of Moses casting down his rod)


Why I believe that the Mene-Tekel Bible Code is genuine



Did you know that even random text can produce what at first look appear to be some-what garbled real sentences! The fact of the matter is that Hebrew is ideally suited to form codes. This does not mean that there are no genuine bible codes, but it does call for a large degree of skepticism. I have seen whole paragraphs of supposed Hebrew on the internet, but after many years of study in this phenomena I am convinced that the vast majority are just random chance. There may be error mixed in with the codes on this site too. Remember, codes are not on the same level as the plain bible. God will not have it so. You will have to judge whether a line of code on this website has a ring of truth to it and something worthy of God or not. However, one will always have a degree of uncertainty as to validity when it comes to codes. That's just the way it is. Again, God would not have it otherwise, lest men elevate codes above the plain reading of God's word. Sometimes there may be a code even though the grammar is terrible. 

For instance, I would have mothballed the Moth bible code  long ago for this reason if it were not that it seemed to have come true, as odd as it was. Thus, not all codes on this site are equal. There are a few codes on this site that I, myself, have some doubts about whereas others I have no reasonable doubt. The Mene Tekel Bible Code (in its simplified version) and the Hand code are perhaps the soundest codes. After that I would suggest the Yeshua and the Balance Bible Code (except for some of the details about the hurricanes  --- yes, it is possible that I took it too far!), and then the Lamb Bible Code. The Lion/Acrostic Bible Prophecy is also very powerful, though the massive acrostic is admittedly choppy at points which give grounds for some doubt, though I personally am convinced of it. The Menorah, too, is powerful and whatever it lacks in Hebrew it makes up for in numeric. Also see the acrostic in the genealogy and names code. I am also reasonable convinced of them. The rest I have less confidence, though for certain subjective reasons I think they are genuine and thus I leave them posted for now on the website. But as far as proving anything, I do not believe some of the codes on this site will at all do that.

If one is seeking 100% proof then I think that they will be disappointed with the codes. But this goes for bible prophecy in general too, for the skeptics are right when they point out that many bible prophecies (though not all --- just like the codes) can be interpreted in different ways. But even if you saw Jesus rise from the dead with your own eyes, could you be sure that you were simply not imagining it or that it was not a deception of some kind?

In the end, God requires us to walk by a degree of faith. Why? Because faith is a moral issue. The bible teaches that to fail to believe God (generally speaking), though given the evidence, is a moral decision to rebel and not a problem with a lack of evidence. God will supply the evidence for those that seek it. Remember doubting Thomas? And so, my studies in bible numbers, the 360 calendar, and in the bible codes together give strong reasons to believe that the Bible is God's book, for the bible codes interweave with the bible numbers and the 360 calendar and always go together. (This is one of my personal criterion for authenticity.) But there will always be a degree of doubt, however small. You must choose what to do with that small margin of doubt. Will you give God the benefit of the doubt or cast off restraint for want of supposed 100% proof? Even in a court of law there is always a degree of doubt, and yet there is that subjective threshold that one must cross when one decides that "beyond a reasonable doubt" such and such is true. Of course, whether one believes the bible codes to be true is certainly not a salvation issue, but whether one believes and obeys the bible is. 

My ambition on this website was to declare the glory of God in the numbers and codes and not to get hung up on attempting to prove something scientifically as if God must bow to scientific protocol. I have declared what I have found as best I could. You should test it and be blessed by whatever you are reasonable convinced is true. And numerous signs and wonders followed the opening of these picture bible codes to me, some personal, but most international and some even in the heavens, and each along a clear numeric grid, and so forth. Yes, this is subjective reasoning, but God never reveals Himself through a servant to others without being personal and by leaving His Almighty mark that vindicates His word. It would be contrary to the character of God to do otherwise. For God is love. And whenever He reveals His Son Jesus, He always does so in a personal and powerful way. So I am not ashamed of the subjective side of what God has shown me, though admittedly it may mean nothing to the skeptic. But it is what squeezes whatever small degree of remaining doubt away, and grants me the courage, though sporadic at times, to proclaim things considered controversial even to my brethren in Christ. For had not God been on my side to watch over His words even when my own faith waned I would long ago have bowed to men.


About the Mene Tekel Bible Code:

I am proposing that the Bible Codes/Torah Codes (in order to be proven real) should meet the following general criterion. (This is only a general criterion, there may be exceptions of course, but the burden of proof should be of the same caliber.)


1.  It must be numerically sound in every way according to the simplicity of the meaning of the numbers that most Christians would give them.


2.  Generally, words are found to have there own in-built word divider's in the form of single-word acrostics. For instance, in Hebrew, the Aramaic participles "mene," "mene," "tekel," "uparsin," form the Hebrew acrostic of "One putting him to death." (or, "his execution.") (It is also an ELS at 3 letter intervals.)

3.  It must form a word-picture-code. For instance, I have found beautiful love poetry between Messiah and the Church (His bride)--fairly lengthy---that forms a pictograph of a menorah burning with sacrificial love. The song is called "The Lamp of His Flame."  (It is found at 120-letter skips at the burning-bush passage in Exodus.) 

4.  To be authentic, a bible code pictograph must show a reasonable (not ridiculous) connection to the actual text where it was found, literally, or allegorically. 

 (For the Apostle Paul's use of allegory, see Gal. 4:24). [For example: The burning bush (i.e., the passage where the above bible code was found) and the burning menorah (tree) have the same theme since the Menorah in the temple was fashioned in the form of a almond tree, and was to burn continually. This also makes the symbol of the snake the more striking since the snake first appears in the bible in the garden of Eden---in/at the tree of knowledge. Remember, Moses staff (branch) was changed into a snake in front of the burning bush! Likewise, Yeshua was "changed into a man" to die the death of the accursed.)

 "Just like I AM, that I AM!" (forms the man). "I AM the Lord" -7 times- (forms the bush), "What I have put into your hand..." "will become a snake," (forms the rods), "An innocent guilt offering! Who is the Lord? I AM the fire offering of the Lord!" (forms the snakes); and the edge of the cliff reads: "So behold, the fire offerings of the Lord are a language/edge (of a cliff), are they not!?" etc.

All Bible-code Pictograph must numerically and logically connect to other like Bible-code pictographs. 

For example, there is another bible code located just below the Menorah/Lamp Bible Code, one chapter later in the book of Exodus. In this bible code, the name of "Jehovah" is declared repeatedly and thereby forms an silhouette of a burning bush! It, too, is at 120-letter skips, mirroring (upside-down) the Lamp. Importantly, the pictograph is encoded within the actual narrative of what the code itself is describing, namely, the events at the burning-bush passage, (Ex. 4).The rest of the burning bush part of the bible code says: At top, encircled, "Who is Jah?" (2x). Going through the middle of the bush at every other letter, says: "Jesus is Jah!" At bottom of bush it reads: "The woe of Jah!" (2x). This, plus the full name of "Jehovah" 7x forms the bush part of this picture.  

Several scenes are lumped together in the pictograph:

 a.) Moses at the burning bush; b.) Casting down of his rod; c.) Moses' rod changing into a snake; d.) Snake on a pole to be put into flaming bush of equal dimensions; e.) Snake eating up the two snakes of Pharaoh; f.) The river of blood flowing down the cliff from Moses. The core of the burning bush proclaims the name of the "Jehovah" seven times (see left matrix), with one of the names being, "I AM." Note the corners of the code too! 

The distance between the two rods measure 120 x 9 letters, or 360 x 3. This symbolizes that after 3 days Jesus would rise from the dead! ('360' days = 'one' prophetic year, and "a day is as a year" in the bible.) The river is also 120  x 9 (360 x 3). Likewise, the three vertical names of "Jehovah" in the bush are each 360 letters high too!

The code is found at the burning bush passage where God reveals His name to Moses as "I AM that I AM". With this in mind, this is what the image reads...

In the large image at right: "I AM like I AM!"'" (forms the man). "I AM the Lord" -7 times- (forms the bush). "What I have put into your hand..." "will become a snake," (forms the rods). "An innocent guilt offering! Who is the Lord? I AM the fire offering of the Lord!" (forms the snakes). And, the edge of the cliff reads:  "And behold, the fire offerings of the Lord are a language/edge (of a cliff), are they not!?" (Images can be enlarged. They are meant to be compared with one another to get a feel for where the rest of the code is located, including the Menorah and scroll.)


Exodus text showing outline of the lamp pictograph and the bottom of the river at right in red.

Image showing lamp, Moses and river in upright postion of Moses. However, the text is upside down (as is the bottom of the lamp seen at top of image. The rest of it is not visable in this image.)


Picture bible codes in overlap. Note the position of the burning bush code with the other images.  Thus, the bible code pictographs all interconnect to tell a still  larger story.The water flowing down alongside the cliff, flowing from the heart of Moses, reads: "Who is the Lord? The Lord is a ruler/conqueror!" The phrase, "Who is the Lord", {lit. "Jah"} also fully overlaps the image of the snake. Recall the ruler/rod in Moses' hand. Recall the mocker of the ruler of Egypt, who said: "Who is the Lord that I should obey him? Ex. 5:2. The code itself is embedded in the text the chapter before these words of Pharaoh. (See Psalm 72:8.) {Or, back one more letter, it reads: "Who is the Lord? The One trampling him down!"  The word for "ruler" means to "tread", and often refers to the "treading of grapes," a symbol of wrath. Blood is therefore flowing down the cliff, although here I colored it blue. Moreover, it appears to flow down from the heart of Moses, the one who is "like I AM". Moreover, the narrative where the code is found records God's command to Moses to throw down the rod so that it would become a snake, and then He commands the sign of the hand, and then the command to turn "the river into blood" with his rod. It happens that the very word used here (Ex. 4:9) for "river" {"hay'or"} in Hebrew is literally the first letter in this code that spelt "Ruler". 

Full text of Hebrew for Buring Bush Bible Code Pictographs. Herbew is correct direction, therefore the image is upside down! Amazingly, along the river that reads: "Who is Jah? A Ruler!", it also reads at every other letter, "Jehovah shall come down!" Moreover, the full river reads: "Hush! The blood flows down!" (Compare with river in Balance Bible Code.) This is nothing short of astounding! 

Concerning the phrase, "Jehovah shall come down!", see Ex. 3:8, "And I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians." It happens that the river ends at the very next verse, Ex. 3:9! Also, the river flows from Moses who is elevated on a Mountain side, and who reads: "I Am like I AM!" Thus, Moses is symbolic of "Jehovah, (who) comes down" from the mountain top to aid Israel. The mountain summit is a type of heaven.

Mount Sinai and mount Zion.This river at the burning bush also connects numerically to the river in the Balance Bible Code and ends at the Moth Code, which can also be a stream of blood. The river is thus numerically perfect. It forms one long river and water fall, with the 1260 + 1260 letters of the Moth Code being the water fall!}

5.  Prominent textual variants should only modify the existing bible code, or if it obliterates it, it must recreate it's like somewhere else, yet still use the same surface text. These small variants should provide a second or third testimony to the first code---and should not be feared---if it is indeed a code! We can only work with what the Sovereign Lord has made certain---that is, the Scriptures as we know it since the dawn of the Christian era, and of the Jamnian council (AD 90-100). 

The controversial mother-vowels (i.e., "Aleph." "Vav," "He," "Yod.") that were gradually added to the biblical text over a thousand-year period that ended about the time of Messiah are in fact the great tool God used to hide the bible codes until the Worthy One came, that is, Yeshua. These added-mother-vowels of the scribal copyists actual composed an awesome sub-code that constantly invoked the (several) covenantal names of the Lord, and pronounce woes in His name.

Note the woes pronounced when the Worthy One opens the seals of the Book of Revelation. By the way, this is about all that these four letters by themselves can possible say, due to the limited possibilities of what these four letters alone, by themselves, can possibly read. This is of no small importance. Whatever the original text was before these mother-vowels were added, we may never know, but two things we do know: The text that we have today, (which was substantially completed by scribal copyists by the time of Yeshua), is now evidently an encoded text, and this therefore means that before Yeshua's time, the bible codes were largely scrambled and unrecognizable; and secondly, it means that the added mother-vowels, if isolated from the original text, would have read as said, "A series of woes in the name(s) of the Lord." These four mother vowels, I believe, are the very DNA (building blocks) of the bible codes.



6.  All bible codes must glorify Yeshua the Messiah directly, and be a revelation of Him, otherwise it is madness!

7.  The prophecy must come to pass!




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