Mount Carmel Hanukah Forest Fire 

on Dec. 2-5, 2010

as Predicted in the English Bible Code
 and the Lamp/Balance Bible Code



(And, "Predictions of Severe Tornadoes for 2011" come true.)

Update one year later: 
God gives another sign one year later (Dec. 1-8, 2011), 360 days after this Hanukah!


Flag at top of Pyramid mountain.KJV Bible Code of prophetess looking west.



(Written Jan. 1-11, 2011)

The Balance Bible Code predicted a "coming fire". 
It reads: "I am the Lamp and my fire will surely come!"

Important note:

This article was originally located within the article about the Olympic Greece Fires. It will often be referred to as you read the article below. Click on this link to read that original article written 3.5 years before the Mount Carmel Forest Fire.


Note: the parallels drawn here between biblical events and the picture codes says nothing personally about the individuals involved. We are simply observing a message by God derived from this tragedy by noticing certain parallels to the bible and to the codes --- that is all





Mount Carmel Hanukah Forest Fire

"Now send and gather all of Israel to Me on Mount Carmel… Then the fire of the LORD fell and consumed the burnt offering and the wood and the stones and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. 

And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces and said, "The LORD, he is God; the LORD, he is God." And Elijah said to them, "Seize the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape."  — (1Kings 18: 19, 38,39).


"These were not the Hannuka flames Israel was expecting. On the first day of the festival, the top of Mount Carmel looked like one of those volcanoes you see on the National Geographic Channel. The pillar of smoke could be seen from 50 miles away." Quote by S. Plaut

"On the first day of Hanukkah - a Thursday - a devastating fire broke out on the mountain top near where Elijah had called down fire from heaven. This fire, the worst in the history of Israel, was driven by violent winds which sent it out of control for four days." Quoted from "Maoz Israel Report".


The Mount Carmel fire is a warning of what is to come. God intends it to remind us of the biblical event of when Elijah called down fire from heaven to prove that, "The Lord, He is God". Moreover, this fire was also predicted by several picture bible codes. These picture codes predicted the very year, day, and even the hour of when the fire would begin, and also the day that it would end

Several picture codes link the Mount Carmel fire with other signs given by God over the past seven years, most notably, the Olympic games in Greece in the summer of 2004 and the great fires in Greece in the summer of 2007. About a dozen articles have already been written on the significance of the Olympics of 2004, how that it was the start of a contest to prove that, "The Lord, He is God". And since that time, there have been a number of events in the world to prove that the Lord God controls the elements of nature and sends the storm and fire where and when He pleases. It is the Lord God who rules the heavens, and all that is in it, and the earth, and all that is in it. "The Lord is God", and not Baal, or Zeus, or any other so-called god, nor is man lord of their own destiny. 

I will not go over the many past incidents already explained in earlier articles found on this website, but here we refer to the article about the "Greece Olympic fires" put on the internet three years ago, and how that article, and the picture codes that it discussed, pointed to the Mount Carmel fire.


Prophetic Pictures:

In the past, God spoke through many people in many ways about His Son, Jesus Christ. And He still speaks today! (Eph. 4:11) 

God speaks in "many ways and many forms", for several reasons:

1. Because men become dull to one method of communication over and over again.

2. Because we all learn differently. Some think numerically, some pictorially, some by written words and some by spoken words, some by action, some by contemplation, some by dreams, some by visions, and some by this and some by that.

3. Because, God meets the prophet where he is at. God spoke to Moses by a burning bush, appropriate for a desert shepherd. God asked Moses, "What is that in your hand?" It was his shepherd's staff with which God would strike the nations and perform miracles. God uses whatever is in ones hand. God looks for availability, not ability. For me, it was my interest in codes. What is in your hand? It matters not what is in our hand, but whether we have yielded to His hand.

4. Because, God is a personal God, and even though He may speak to the nations through a man, yet God always involves the individual through whom He speaks in both the message and the means of delivery. The messenger and the message are often intertwined. This is why the mode of the message is often unique, and why signs often occur on the personal level as well as the global or even cosmic level. God is Lord of the small as well as the big --- of the valleys as well as the hills! (1Kings 20:28). And God always honors faith.


The uniqueness of how God speaks through me -- through encoded images -- requires a little explanation. 

River Balance Bible Code Prophecy God leads me to discover highly symbolic images encoded in the bible. He speaks to my inner man what to look for and where to look. One could search for a million years and not find anything without God's aid. God hid these images until the time predicted by the prophet Daniel, some '1260 plus 1290 years' later, (Dan. 2, 5, 9 and 12). (See,

The encoded images are formed by sentences, or key words. The encoded text both forms the image and explains it. The images have encoded dates with specific years and days of prophetic importance. The date in which the picture code was discovered also links to past events while pointing to future ones along certain time lines. Thus, each picture code predicts the future by means of when the code was first discovered and by the internal dates encoded within the image itself. Seven major clusters of picture codes have been discovered, and the date of when each was discovered is recorded on this website. (Of lesser importance numerically speaking is that each cluster contains within it about six or seven more images, often overlapping.)

The picture codes happen along time lines found in the bible. These time lines were explained on my bible numbers websites BEFORE any of these codes were discovered. Thus, the numeric patterns were not invented after the fact to suit the events, but the biblical time lines were explained before the images were discovered, and long before the events that they predicted happened. 

The images are always about Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah (Christ). However, indirectly the encoded images always suggest other events as well. These events have repeatedly come to pass over the past 12 years or so along specific time tables. I have documented dozens of such incidents throughout this website. However, it is important to keep in mind that all of these incidents merely point to a larger event that is yet to come, but which will follow a similar numeric time table. Thus, in the case of the Mount Carmel fire, it merely foreshadows some great "fire" to come for Israel that will follow a similar time table observed in the Hanukah Mount Carmel fire. These major events will happen exactly 15 and/or 30 years from now. I also believe that in the middle of May (or June, or both) of this year (2011), there will come another sign related in some way to the Mount Carmel fire; however, this also will only be a foreshadowing of what is to come exactly 15 and/or 30 years from then. (See, "True or False: 2012?")

One more word about the codes: I no longer search for codes at all. I just record what God does in fulfillment of the existing picture codes. He proves for Himself, that, "The Lord, He is God"! Though I, at times, forget the dates set by the Lord in these picture codes, He does not. He is faithful even when I am not. (Also see, "The Purpose of These Signs".)


The Mount Carmel Fire

From God's perspective, the Mount Carmel fire links back to the Olympic fires that occurred 3.5 years before it, and then back to the Greece Olympics in August of 2004. (See the article about the Greece fires for why this is so.) The Mount Carmel fire is in fulfillment of the same bible codes discussed in the article about the Greece fires. Read the original page about the Greece fire --- written several years ago --- and you will notice the obvious parallels. Again, keep in mind that the article about the Greece fires was written several years before the Mount Carmel fire. Below, we constantly refer to this earlier article about the Greece fires. The key points in the article about the Greece fires were, namely:

KJV Bible Code

1. That article discussed the contest between the gods of Greece and the one true God similar to the biblical narrative of the contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal at Mount Carmel

Likewise, the Mount Carmel forest fire began, of course, on Mount Carmel!



2. The article makes repeated reference to 1260 days (3.5 years) and to the 2300 days to do with the "Jewish festival of Hanukah." 

The Mount Carmel fire began on Hanukah, and lasted 3.5 days! They were finally all but extinguished by the evening of Dec. 5, which happens to be the start of Hanukah on the 360-calendar of the prophets! {See 360-calendar website. Jews reckon a new day to begin at evening.}

Also, the Carmel fire began 3.5 years on Jewish calendar after the above KJV code was discovered, {and thus also about 3.5 years after when the Greece fires began}. To be exact, 3.5 years less a day from the initial discovery of that code. It happens that the fire that Elijah called down from heaven that fell upon the altar on Mount Carmel, likewise occurred "3.5 years" into the drought predicted by Elijah! (Luke 4:25; James 5:17; 1Kings 18:1.) Notice the emphasis on the altar-rededication on Hanukah and in the Elijah incident, 1Kings 18:30.



3. The article's reference to "2300 days":

Moreover, the article repeatedly refers to the Greek Olympic games in August of 2004 as the start of this contest. It happens that these games began 2300 days before the Mount Carmel fire! Thus, there are 2300 days to the Carmel Hanukkah fire similar to the the prophecy of Daniel 8 about the 2300 days until the first Hanukkah in 165 BC! 

Dan 8:14 "The other answered, "It will be 2300 evenings and mornings before the temple is dedicated and in use again." (In the bible, "Hanukah" is also called, "The Feast of Dedication". It is in remembrance of the cleansing of the altar, polluted by Antiochus in 165 BC, in fulfillment of this prophecy by Daniel.)

What are the chances of this happening by random chance? We have here both the correct number of days (2300) on the correct day of the year (Hanukah)!

Moreover, the bible divides the 2300 in half as 1150 days too, which lands on Tabernacles in 2007 (on the 360 calendar). 

Moreover, the 2300 days back to the Olympic games is also when the torch aspect of the Balance Bible Code was discovered. It reads: "With vigor He will die with his people on high", (found Aug. 18, 2004, see left image). As a matter of fact, the 3.5 days of the Carmel fire is exactly --- to the day (360-calendar) --- 2300 days back to the anniversary of the events described in Ezekiel 8-10, when the altar and temple were desecrated and purged with fire by the angel. Indeed, this is the scene depicted below in the Balance-Seraph Bible Code. Moreover, the event described in Ezekiel 8-10 is dated by Ezekiel as "the 6th month, the 5th day", in 592 BC, which is 1260 plus 1335 years to the day to the Greek Olympics and the discovery of the below code. Moreover, I have been aware of this 2300-day pattern ending Hanukah 2010 for more than 15 years, and discussed it under the subject of "The arrival of the first refugee", (and see related forum post about eclipse on Dec. 21, 2010). (The 10-day difference is just a minor variation of the refugee article written verifiably, Nov. 2005. But I was very aware of the said exact 2300-days from Elul 5 of 2004, unto Hanukah of 2010, way back in the 1990's.) 

This same "2300" days unto the Carmel fire is also encoded within the Mountain Bible Code, as explained later. And etc., etc. I could go on, but enough said! 

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.



4. The article noted the direction that the prophet(ess) was looking in his/her vision. The prophet looks west.

KJV Bible Code of prophetess looking west.


It happens that both Greece and Mount Carmel are west of the Sea of Galilee where the prophet in the image is located. Mount Carmel is about 35 miles due west of the Sea of Galilee. Great clouds of smoke {and possible the glow of red by night} were visible from the Sea of Galilee, just as visualized in the encoded image. {The code itself tells us the location from where the prophet is seeing the vision, that is, from the Sea of Galilee, as already mentioned in this page several years ago.} KJV Bible Code It is also interesting that the smoke from the Carmel fire points in the direction of Greece, as seen in this NASA satellite image. In the below-right image you can see the tiny Sea of Galilee to the right of the fire.

{To be exact, Greece is west-northwest of the Sea of Galilee. It is also interesting that Greece, along with other nations, helped Israel put out their fire. Note: The code appears to point to a future attack from the north, even though the prophet looks west. Thus, the vision ultimately may have to do with the North, but this does not bear upon our discussion at the moment. This is what I meant when I said that the prophet in the image looks "upward" toward the northwest, even though facing west. I had put the word "upward" in italics in the Greece Fires article for that reason. We know that the prophet(ess) in the image is looking towards the west because along the glasses above the eyes, the code reads, "see red", and "north", thus revealing the four directions of the compass in the image.}



5. A Case of Deja Vu

The following is a synopsis of the Mount Carmel forest fire that killed about six million trees, as quoted from Wikipedia. Compare this quote with the quotations from the bible after it.

"The Mount Carmel forest fire was a deadly forest fire that started on Mount Carmel in northern Israel, just south of Haifa. The fire began at about 11:00 local time on 2 December 2010, and spread quickly, consuming much of the Mediterranean forest covering the region. The fire claimed at least 44 lives, making it the deadliest in Israeli history. The dead were mostly Israel Prison Service officer cadets as well as three senior police officers, among them the chief of Haifa's police. 

More than 17,000 people were evacuated, including several villages in the vicinity of the fire, and there was considerable property and environmental damage... The fire was defeated on 5 December after raging for four days."

KJV Bible Code"The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, declared a national day of mourning, while events celebrating of Hanukkah were canceled in Haifa."


2Ki 1:10 Elijah answered the officer (who had come to arrest him), "If I'm a man of God, fire will come from heaven and burn up you and your 50 men." Then fire came from heaven and burned up the officer and his 50 men. ("50" is often just a round number.)

Rev 11:3-5 I will allow my two witnesses who wear sackcloth to speak what God has revealed. They will speak for 1,260 days. (i.e., 3.5 years.) These witnesses are the two olive trees and the two lamp stands standing in the presence of the Lord of the earth. If anyone wants to hurt them, fire comes out of the witnesses' mouths and burns up their enemies. If anyone wants to hurt them, he must be killed the same way. 

Rev 11:11 After 3 1/2 days the breath of life from God entered the two witnesses, and they stood on their feet.


The "two witnesses" of Rev. 11 are patterned after Moses and Elijah. I believe these are symbolic of any two-fold prophetic witness that declares Yeshua {Jesus} to be the Messiah. The similarities of the events at Carmel in 2010 with that of other biblical events and with the picture bible code, are meant to remind us that God is sovereign over the affairs of men. It does not mean that those who died are any more or less innocent than any other men. But God draws our attention to certain events in the bible that get our attention, that tweak our memories and turn out heads, to ponder, Why?'.

What, then, is the message that God wants to leave with us? That, Yeshua, in type, "died with his people" as the torch reads in the bible code at left. And as the bible itself says: "In all their affliction he was afflicted, and the angel of his presence saved them, " (Isa. 63:9). 


6. Symbolism of the Chief Officer: (written with respect...)

The chief officer of police died in the morning and she was buried that afternoon, Dec. 6, 2010. (Note: I do not claim to know her personal religious views. It is her office of "chief" of police that is relevant here, and she epitomized all who died on Mount Carmel.)

Note the burning tree in the above image, which overlaps a burning menorah (lamp). It happens that the full name of the chief officer who burned because of a falling burning tree, in Hebrew means, "Beloved Palm-Tree". She was burned on the very day that observant Jews lit the menorah for Hanukah, and she died about 3.5 days later, in the middle of the week of Hanukah. ("Menorah", is a feminine word in Hebrew.) To him who can receive it, she symbolized Messiah's death in the above encoded image, and of the female prophetess, (Rev. 11:11). She gave her life in service of others and this is God's way of bringing meaning from tragedy. The following is a direct quote, with its encoded image, taken from the Yeshua article about that Menorah Bible Code:


The great flame in part reads:
 "O' the ascending sacrifice! O' the flame! O' the love 
-- the love of God for her!..."


Menorah bible code prophecy about the bride of Christ.Even the very Hebrew name of this "first" female chief of police, who died in the middle of Hanukah (חנוכה), is encoded in the flames of this image, which was put on the internet nearly ten years ago. Note (without mother vowel) "אֲהּבָה" (Ahuva), read in either direction, located in the right circle of the left image. 

Notice that this right circle encircles the fourth flame from the right, which denotes the fourth day of the eight days of Hanukah, which is the very day she died! (During the eight days of Hanukah, an additional candle is lit each night from right to left.) Thus, the fourth flame of the candelabra was lit throughout Israel at the start of the day that she died, because each day another branch of the menorah is lit in sequence. 

Quote from Wikipedia: "So all together, including the shamash, two lights are lit on the first night (this was the evening of Dec. 1 in 2010, a new day begins at evening), three on the second and so on, ending with nine on the last night, for a total of 44 (36, excluding the shamash)."

(The original menorah was shaped like an almond tree, Ex. 25:33. The cross to the right of the encoded image of the menorah reads: "The Branch of a Menorah on fire". The top of the cross is the 9th light, here not lit, that is, "shamash", "the servant candle". Note that in the code, the image is meant to symbolize both the seven-fold temple menorah, and the eight-branched Hanukah candelabra. In this pictogram at left, the branches of the menorah form the shape of a serpent carrying a cross.)

In the image, the middle trunk (i.e., the middle vertical orange line) of the menorah reads, "She is the queen!" This is similar to, "She is the ruler/chief". (The masculine form of this word can mean "chief", or "captain." See CWSDict.) This same middle branch was lit throughout Israel just after her burial. (She died in the morning and was buried that afternoon.) 

Moreover, the eight/nine (yellow) flames of the code read: "A Lamb (or, "Moses") was shepherding." (Ex. 3:1). Moses is the "servant (shamash) of the Lord" who shepherds God's people Israel. The image is encoded at the burning-bush passage where it also forms an overlapping burning mountain. The mountain spans 1200 letters. Using the symbolic letter-years, there are 2300 symbolic years from the top of the mountain until the Carmel fires, as 2040/1 BC to symbolic AD 261. The image at right is Mt. Sinai/Mt. Carmel, set ablaze by this same menorah, so as to form a burning cross along the path up the mountain along the flames of the menorah --- in the order that they would be lit The image at right is Mt. Sinai/Mt. Carmel, set ablaze by this same menorah, so as to form a burning cross along the path up the mountain along the flames of the menorah --- in the correct order in which they would be lit. Moses is leading his flock to the "Mountain of God", (encoded at Ex. 3:1). The code itself tells us that the counterpart to Moses is Elijah, and thus linking 'Mt-Sinai-on-fire' with 'Mt-Carmel-on-fire'! Moreover, the bible tells us that Moses was up the Mountain for "40 days and 40 nights", and similarly, after "the fire fell" on Mount Carmel, Elijah traveled "40 days and 40 nights to Mount Sinai" from Mt. Carmel. Therefore, not just the encoded images, but the bible itself links these two mountains together.

(One last thought, recall that on the 360 calendar of the prophets, the day that she was buried was the first day of Hanukah --- as well as the fourth day of the actual Jewish calendar! Thus, these two eight-day periods of Hanukah intersect each other. There is symbolism here of an unfathomable depth.)

(More is explained, including the encoding of the day and hour of the fire, at the endnote.)



7. It is interesting that "12,000 acres burned" in the Mount Carmel forest fire since 12, 120, 1200, and 12,000 are the key numbers used in the four encoded images that predicted these fires:

-- The Balance/Lamp/Tree Bible Code is at 12 letter-skips.
-- The Menorah/Mountain Bible Code is at 120 letter-skips.
-- The base of the Mountain in this same image, at 1200 letter-skips, (10 x 120).
-- The Prophetess in the KJV Bible Code is at 12000 letter-skips, (less 18; the difference is explained in that article).

"Twelve" is the number of the tribes of Israel, and the number of stones gathered for Elijah's alter when he called down fire from heaven, etc.

Also, 1200 days spanned between the fires in Greece (Aug. 23, 2007), and those on Mount Carmel, (ending Dec. 5, 2010). (The 1200 days from the Greece fires overlap the second-half of Hanukah, of the Carmel fires!)


Summary Thoughts:

God is reminding us of his love for his people Israel, and of His desire that they return to him. He remembers the six million who died in the Holocaust, symbolized by the six million trees that burned on Mount Carmel. God longs for His people, Israel, to return to Him and see Him who died for them.

I also believe that God will, in some way, repeat the pattern of the two fires described in this article, along with the 3.5 years and 2300 days. I believe that this pattern will be repeated exactly 15 or 30 years later (or both) --- along with a host of other numeric patterns described on this website over the past seven-plus years. Many events will repeat themselves again in a similar way, using a similar time-line, except 15 or 30 years later --- even 45 years is not out of the question. (Note the 15-year increments.) When they are repeated, they will be increasingly more potent, as the substance is to a shadow. But know that God will not delay His judgement forever, but will surely answer His people's cry for help, (Ex. 3:1). (Also see, "Introduction to Bible Numbers", written nearly 15 years ago.)


Also see the sign of the tornadoes at the "Two Mount Camels" (in Israel and the USA) in 2006.


Update one year later, on Dec. 9/11.
God gives another Hanukah sign one year later (Dec. 1-8, 2011), 
360 days after this Hanukah!

Flag at top of Pyramid mountain.KJV Bible Code of prophetess looking west.






Future Speculation about Specific Dates in 2011

(These predictions were made in January of 2011)

The following is complicated! 

Click here if you wish to skip the following complex computations and go directly to the dates to watch for in 2011, and what may happen.


The following is not recommended reading unless you desire to understand some of the fine tuning of how the numeric works, right down to the hour of the fire. Many will be skeptical of the time-grid I claim is revealed from a study in the book of Ezekiel. However, in a sense this does not matter. The fact is that the time-line presented on this time-grid matches the timing of the Mount Carmel fire, and this time-grid was discovered many years before (late December of 1992) the event and recorded long ago in numerous documents on our websites. Moreover, hundreds of other examples can be given of the same phenomena, and about a dozen examples have already been presented on the internet.


The mountain spans 1200 letters. Using the symbolic letter-years, there are 2300 symbolic years from the top of the mountain until the Carmel fires, as 2040/1 BC to symbolic AD 261. The image at right is Mt. Sinai/Mt. Carmel, set ablaze by this same menorah, so as to form a burning cross along the path up the mountain along the flames of the menorah --- in the order that they would be litPicture bible codes in overlap.The mountain spans 1200 letters at its base. Every letter symbolizes a consistent date of time, as explained elsewhere. {Click on right image to enlarge.} Also, each day on our calendar symbolizes a year as it counts down days as if years along a consistent grid of time. 

(Thus, each day as we move through time symbolizes a specific year of time on our calendar, and this has been the case since the beginning of time. Each day represents a year. As our days elapse, so do the symbolic years. Upon every 40-years the main grid of day-years resets itself. However, dates within a particular 40-year grid can also be forwarded in time by certain biblical time frames, such as 1260 + 1260 years, or of late, 1260 + 1335 years, Dan. 12. However, there are anomalies to the 40-year grid that occur when the bible itself begins a new datum, that is, the beginning of a new countdown of years, like our BC and AD. This occurred twice in the book of Ezekiel. Dates recorded in the book of Ezekiel are repeating themselves in our time 1260 + 1335 literal years later. The book of Ezekiel was the key to discovering the time-grids. 

However, the dates in Ezekiel are more complex than normal 40-year cycles for that period because all events dated in the book of Ezekiel are dated from two exiles to Babylon, Ezekiel's exile in 597 BC, and the main one in 586 BC. There are 11 years between the two spring New Years on the 360 calendar -- that is, between 597 and 586 BC -- which amounts to 4020 days. {11 x 360 days, plus two leap months of 30-days that occurred during this 11 years, equals 4020 days.} Later, we will talk about this 4020 days because 4020 days is what converts to 4020 symbolic years of time. 

But to repeat, the normative symbolic day-years run along a grid that began with the rounded Creation date of 4006 BC and the literal Exodus date of 1446 BC. For the past many years there has been no reason to concern ourselves with the ongoing 40-year grid that repeats itself endless, simply because the grids have overlapped themselves so as to make the 40-year grid redundant. For example, 4006 BC to 1995 was 6000 years. or the 150th 40-year cycle, or the 86th 40-year cycle from the Exodus from Egypt in 1446 BC. However, 1995 also happened to be 1290 + 1290 years from 586 BC, the time frame mentioned in Daniel 12. Moreover, note the "430-year" cycles from Ex. 12:40-41. (See Bible Numbers website.) 

According to the symbolic letter-years, it happens that there are 2300 symbolic years from the fire upon the very top of the mountain in the image until the symbolical day-year (along the said grid) for Dec. 2, 2010, which is when the Carmel fire began. On the grid, this literal 2300 days spans from symbolic 2040 BC to symbolic AD 261. Or, as 2011 BC to AD 291 with the "+30-day" parallel calendar, due to the alternate leap-month effect. 

As said, these 2300 days are the same literal 2300 days discussed in #3, that is, 2300 literal days from the 2004 Olympic games in Greece! (To be exact, 2300 days from when Hurricane Charlie expired, Aug. 15, 2004, which was the third day of the Olympic Games. Hurricane Charlie is the hurricane that marked the beginning of judgments on America by way of storm that the Lord on Aug. 12, 2004 signified was coming. Aug. 12. 2004, was the day before Hurricane Charlie suddenly struck the US -- striking it on the opening day of the Olympics in Greece, wherein the gods of Greece were honored in their ceremonies --- when the Olympic torch was lit. These were the same so-called gods that the Greek tyrant, Antiochus, honored in 168 BC when, according to prophecy, the original "2300 evenings and mornings" was fulfilled, (Dan. 8). Antiochus is a type of the Antichrist yet to come. (For background on some of this numeric, see article on how "letter-years" are encoded into the images. Also compare to numeric in "Hurricane" article.)


More Details:

Bible Code Pictograms overlapping of balance, lamp, tree, river, axe, Symbolic Dates:

What is more is that the symbolic dates can also be forwarded by 4020 days (11 years on the 360 calendar). (For discussion about the 4020 days, see the "Olympic Tornado", and also "here" and especially "here".) 

This means that the symbolic dates just mentioned of 2040 BC (and of 2010 BC due to the +30-day leap-month effect) can also be forwarded by the said 4020 day-years, that is, 2040 BC and 2010 BC, plus this 4020 symbolic day-years equals AD 1981 and AD 2011. And since, according to Jewish reckoning (and the reckoning of the 360 calendar), a day begins at the evening before, thus to be exact, 2300 days before Dec. 2, 2010, was Aug. 15, 2004 (that is, Aug. 14th evening to Aug. 15th evening), and therefore, this day symbolized four possible dates: 2011/10 BC (autumn to autumn), and AD 2010/11 (autumn to autumn); or, with the 30-day leap-month effect, as 2040/41 BC and AD 1980/81. Let's look at the first two dates. 

Notice that 2011/10 BC and AD 2010/11 are mirroring each other, something often discussed on our websites. That is, AD is the mirror of the same dates in BC. (See, "AD/BC Mirror", also "here" and "here".)

This means that the Carmel fire of Dec. 2, 2010, occurred exactly 2300 days after August 15, 2004, and August 15, 2004 --- this day symbolized the year of AD and BC 2010/2011, to be exact, from autumn BC/AD 2010 to autumn BC/AD 2011, which thus corresponds to the literal year of the fire too, which was after autumn of AD 2010! Thus, the figurative year and the literal year of the fire overlap themselves. Thus, the literal year of the fire, 2010, was predicted back in 2004. But there is much more than just that... 


The Mirror:

As said, each day on our calendar symbolizes a year as it counts down days as if years along a consistent time-grid.The mountain spans 1200 letters. Using the symbolic letter-years, there are 2300 symbolic years from the top of the mountain until the Carmel fires, as 2040/1 BC to symbolic AD 261. The image at right is Mt. Sinai/Mt. Carmel, set ablaze by this same menorah, so as to form a burning cross along the path up the mountain along the flames of the menorah --- in the order that they would be lit The symbolic dates of 2011/10 BC and AD 2010/11 happened to mirror each other on Aug., 5, 2004. This only occurs about every literal 15 years on the day-year grid. Because 2011/10 BC and AD 2010/11 are mirroring each other, therefore, the eight days of lighting the menorah on Hanukah in 2010 -- which occurs from the evening of Dec. 1 to the evening of Dec. 8 -- therefore, corresponds to the symbolic day-years of AD 2010-2017 (or AD 2011-2018 because of the autumn to autumn effect).

However, in the mirror, this same week of Hanukah appears as if to go backward, that is, these seven days of Hanukah also symbolize the years 2003-2010 BC (or 2004-2011 BC, because of the autumn to autumn effect), thus spanning the same years, except in "AD", that the 2300 days spanned, that is, the literal 2300 days that elapsed from AD 2004 to 2010. (I.e., autumn 2010 to autumn 2011.) It is as if time scrolled forward and backward seven days and seven years at the midnight before the fire on Dec. 2, 2010. It is as if the seven years after 2010 mirror the seven years before it. 

Also recall that the fire lasted half-a-week, and that Hanukah on the 360 calendar happened to have begun when the fire was put out, that is, in the middle of Hanukah--- I could go on... This is but the tip of the iceberg in that the 2300 days is also divided in half as 1150 days. For all these overlapping numeric patterns to even exist is a remarkable, even if there were no actual events to accompany them.


Why the Fire Began at 11am

Balance Bible Code. Cherub weighs the earth in the balances.This leads me to why the fire began at 11am, Dec. 2, 2010. We already established that Dec. 2, 2010 was 2300 days from a date that symbolized the year of 2010 autumn to 2011 autumn. Simple math shows that since each day symbolizes a year, and that the stroke of midnight converted to a symbolic year, therefore, corresponds to our (Gregorian) New Year of Jan. 1, and because there are 24 hours in a day and 12 months in a year, this means that on this day-into-year conversion ratio, every two hours symbolizes one month, and thus 11am, which is 11 hours from midnight, therefore corresponds to 5.5 months from the New Year, and thus "11am" corresponds to the middle of June, and in our case, the year is 2011. 

Thus, 11am, Dec. 2, 2010, when the fire literally began, corresponds to 2300 years in the future from the middle of June, 2010, (i.e., AD 2010 to AD 4310.) (If alternately in BC, this same period corresponds to 2011 BC to AD 290 because Dec. 2, 2010 symbolized both AD 290 and AD 4310, the difference being 4020 day-years). 

Now it happens that June of 2010 is exactly seven literal years (1260 + 1290 days) from when the Balance Bible Code was discovered! This is the same code that predicted the Mount Carmel fire in the first place! Like "2300 days", "seven years" is a key time frame in biblical numeric, and this seven-years is also indicated in the code itself, particularly the river aspect of the image. Furthermore, the KJV picture code was discovered at the middle of this seven years.



What to Watch For in 2011 (Made January, 2011)

River Balance Bible Code Prophecy(Note: The following speculations are based upon past patterns, and specifically of late, the Mount Carmel forest fire in Israel that was predicted beforehand by certain picture codes and numeric, as discussed at the beginning of this document.) Also, see the predictions already made for when Mubarak of Egypt would resign, as based upon certain patterns. In the following, I am not predicting these things as a "Thus sayeth the Lord!", but simply from studying previous patterns related to the codes and thereby deducing likely future scenarios.)



(Also see added note about Japan's Great Tsunami at the end of this discussion.)

The eleventh hour when the Mount Carmel forest fire began (that is, "11 am" on Dec. 2, 2010) may also indicate that something is going to happen in the near future. The Balance Bible Code itself seems to point to the middle of May or June of 2011 for another series of events that have to do with this picture code. This will likely take the form of terrible tornadoes and fires in places in keeping with the symbolism of the ongoing "contest" with false gods. (This is as definite as I can be without going beyond the evidence that is found in the codes, the timing of the above bible code pictogram, and of past patterns that appear to continue into the future. Generally speaking, the more a pattern is repeated the more sure I am about what is to come.

The numeric favors the middle of June (the week of June 14-21st, 2011, to be specific), but it could be 30 days earlier, that is, May 15-22nd of 2011, or more likely, BOTH! Whereas the timing of the fire, which began at "11 am", numerically points to the middle of June; however, the dates encoded within the Balance Bible Code itself point to the previous month, that is, May 15-22nd, 2011, (and much less likely, 30-days before that). Let us watch and see!




{Well, this is embarrassing! The above date of "May 15-22" is a correction from a typo error wherein the above sentence previously, but incorrectly,  read: "... however, the dates encoded within the Balance Bible Code itself point to the previous month, that is, June 15-22nd, 2011, (and much less likely, 30-days before that)." As you can see, such a reading was contradictory, and thus an obvious error. The "30-days before that", therefore, was meant to be understood as April 15-22nd. These dates, as said, were deduced from the lower letters of the above image of the river that represented symbolic AD 425-432, which only corresponds to April 15-22 or May 15-22 of this year.  Moreover, April 15 ---evening of 14th to to evening of 15th -- was Pentecost on the 360 calendar, as will May 15th; thus, the whole week is "Pentecost Week" (on the 360 calendar) as can be verified by the chart at This chart is also found at bottom of this page. Thus, April, May and June were intended -- each 30 days apart. But May was the overlaped month that agreed with both the code itself and the numeric of when the code was discovered.

A tornado outbreak did in fact occur as predicted, beginning late afternoon on April 14.  The predicted period climaxed with the April 22nd powerful E4 tornado that hit the St Louis airport. Also note the fires in the following quote from Reuters news.

"AccuWeather senior meteorologist Henry Margusity said he expects over the next two weeks up to 300 tornadoes could affect a region from eastern Oklahoma to northern Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Typically, less populated areas of the southern Plains are hit by severe thunderstorms and tornadoes each spring. But drought this year, especially Texas, has created an unprecedented wildfire situation, Accuweather said."

(The forest fires are the worst ever in the history of Texas.)

"One of the largest three-day tornado outbreaks in history swept across the country Thursday through Saturday, resulting in 241 tornado reports in 14 states, and killing at least 45 people... AccuWeather’s severe weather expert, Henry Margusity, put it this way: “There has not been a tornado outbreak in history over three days with this many tornadoes spawned by a single storm system [emphasis added].”

Wikipedia "Several tornado outbreaks occurred in the second and third weeks of April, one of which was one of the largest in US history, and combined they have resulted in an exceptionally active month and the most active April on record, easily surpassing 1974." 


"Why renowned prophet David Wilkerson died even as a terrible tornado was churning up the earth, killing hundreds" on April 27, 2011. (Fearfully and amazing!)



Also, the sign of the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011.

Bible Code prediction of forest fires.

Texas fires. Satellite photo by NASA, April 15, 2011
(The fires began about a week prior to this and continue as of April 20 of the time of writing this update.)

"Most of the state is in a state of drought. The fires, so far, have burned enough land to fill the state of Rhode Island."

"No part of the state is unaffected as fierce winds drive unprecedented blazes across more than 3,000 square miles." (A quote from April 20, 2011.)

April 20, 2011

Bible Code prediction of tornado.

Double Tornado at Beginning of Event, 
Striking Two Towns, Killing Two


Notice that the event began with a double tornado. This is fitting as we shall explain next

This double tornado image was taken at 4 pm, April 14, Tushka, Oklahoma. This is just two hours before 6 pm (i.e., evening), which is when the next day begins on the 360 calendar marking the commencement of Pentecost (on the 360 calendar) and thus the start of the week predicted for tornadoes and fires. This will repeat itself one month (30 days) from now and likely one month after that again. This prediction was largely based upon the Balance/Baal Bible Code. However, as we shall see, the code itself precisely dated the event to begin a few hours before the evening of April 14th, (a small detail that I did not consider important enough to mention at the time of the prediction), which is exactly when the tornado outbreak did, in fact, begin. Thus the code predicted the very hour and day when the outbreak would occur. 

The predicted period ended the evening of April 22 (Good Friday), and a couple of hours into the evening of the 22nd (8:10 pm) a major EF4 tornado occurred in St. Louis that hit the airport, frightening its crowded occupants, flipping over airplanes in the field. (Reminds me of Elijah's flying chariot again!) It was the strongest so far this season. This season is on track to be a record, or a near record, for total number of tornadoes. (Astonishingly, there were about 220 tornadoes altogether between late April 14th to the 22nd.)

The following quote is what I predicted would happen, as based upon this code and past patterns:

"This will likely take the form of terrible tornadoes and fires in places in keeping with the symbolism of the ongoing "contest" with false gods."

Whereas the "place" where the double (EF3) tornado occurred has no clear significance, yet the fact that the outbreak of multiple tornadoes essentially began with a double tornado does answer well to the above prediction, (along with the massive forest fires in Texas due to drought). Based upon the encoded image (when viewed within the context of the bible's account of Elijah's contest with Baal on Mount Carmel), a double tornado very fittingly symbolizes this ongoing contest with Baal (and all false gods) -- as explained next.


Double Tornado 

(Image at right: The massive Balance/Baal Bible Code mocks Baal the so-called, "Storm god". Overtop Baal it reads: "The one being thundered upon! The thunders brought misery and death!")

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.Recall that it was Elijah who was carried up to heaven in a tornado by a fiery chariot, just after he crossed the Jordan, and just before Elisha crossed the Jordan back again (in keeping with the image of the code as explained in the next paragraph.) The below images were put on the internet in September of 2005, and had to do with the hurricanes occurring at that time. Nevertheless, note that the below right image of the double hurricane wheels resemble the above double tornado. The middle of the lower wheel where the right wheel intersects it, is also the same letter of the balance handle as clearly seen in third image below. Thus, the date of the lower wheel (representing a storm) dates to the very hour of the double tornado because it is the very same letter in the surface text of Isaiah. (I explain how this letter dates to the hour, day, and year of the tornado outbreak after the following images.) 

The lower image is that of the chariot of Ezekiel that also arrived in a storm (Ezek. 1); however, the fiery chariot in this image also crosses the Jordan river and therefore also brings to mind the story of Elijah being caught up to heaven in a "whirlwind" by God's fiery chariot after he had crossed the Jordan river. Moreover, Elijah likely crossed the Jordan river on Pentecost, the same day that the letter of the river-crossing in the image also represents! (For the original articles on the below images, see the "Hurricanes Rita/Katrina Bible Code," and the "Hurricanes Ivan/Jeannie Bible Code".) It is important to note that the Hebrew word for "whirlwind" can also mean "hurricane". The code, therefore, can refer to a hurricane (as it did in 2005), but also to a tornado. Hence, the below image can represent a double tornado just as it did two hurricanes in 2005.

"And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven." 2Kings 2:11 


After the following images and notes, see update: "Why renowned prophet David Wilkerson died even as a terrible tornado was churning up the earth, killing hundreds" on April 27, 2011. (Fearfully and amazing!)

Also, the sign of the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011.


Keep in mind that the following images overlap each other. 

Composite bible code of lightning, an eye of a hurricane, a cloud, a river, etc. hurricane Jeannie Ivan bible code

Wheels of Ezekiel's chariot bible code (Ezekiel 1-4). River Balance Bible Code Prophecy

Stairway to Sheol (Hell) Bible Code. Bible Code predictions about Baal. Bible Code predictions about contest with false god (Bel)  Baal.

After the following images and notes, see update: "Why renowned prophet David Wilkerson died even as a terrible tornado was churning up the earth, killing hundreds" on April 27, 2011.


How the exact hour was encoded in the code:
(Also see earlier "notes" for background to the following numeric.)

Bible Prophecy Code about coming hurricanes and tornadoes.As said years ago about this picture code, the balance below where the lower (brown) hand of the balance crosses the river (blue lines) --- that letter (the Hebrew letter "Nun") is the 47279th letter in the book of Isaiah, and that this represents one-tenth in years as from the Creation, that is, from autumn of 4305 BC plus 4727.9 years. (In my above prediction a few months ago, I had rounded this figure off, yet it proved true to the very ".9" anyway!) Thus, 4305 BC, plus 4727.9 years = AD Aug. 424, which on the day-year chart this decade corresponded to a few hours before sunset, April 14, 2011 (and also exactly 30 days again from this date). The remainder of the river downward corresponds to the next week. 

(The lower balance-handle that crosses the river at this point represents the miraculous crossing of the Jordan into the Promised Land, which the bible says occurred on Nisan 10th. It also depicts Elijah's miraculous crossing of the Jordan. Amazingly, April 14th, 2011, this year, also happens to be Nisan 10th on the regular Jewish calendar, as said, the very day of the Jordan crossing and thus agreeing with the above encoded image of the Jordan crossing both by imagery and by date. Thus, on the Jewish calendar, Nisan 10th fell on April 14th this year, but on the 360 calendar, April 15th was Pentecost, when Elijah crossed the Jordan in his day! 

Moreover, notice the timing of "Passion Week" on Christian Ecclesiastical calendars this year, etc...!) (Note: each letter along the river is 12 letters apart in the text, corresponding to 1.2 years/days, etc. For more on the numeric of this code, see "Axe to the Root", written about seven years ago. Also see, "Balance Bible Code".)

I realize that this is complicated to understand without going into detail, (which I have already done many times in other articles over the years), but the fact is that the tornado outbreak occurred exactly as predicted commencing on the very hour that the code predicted. (Note: There is also a optional plus half-day for each letter if taken from Creation as half-a-year later, that is, Spring 4304 BC. This code was discovered seven years ago, and the actual date of the prediction based upon this spot is this picture code was put on the internet back Jan. 2011.) I had speculated that one month from now (evening of May 14th, plus seven days) would be even more likely to be a significant event, although not encoded directly into the below image, but because June 2011 will be seven years from when the below image was discovered, thus completing an ongoing numeric pattern.) But we shall see if this event in April will be all that happens in regards to this sign of the fires and tornadoes, or perhaps my earlier expectation that May 14th evening (or morning 15th) might be even more significant --- that it might still come to pass as a double fulfillment --- as also suggested several months before the tornadoes occurred.

Interestingly, the river in the code spans 126 + 126 letters and symbolizes 1260 + 1260 days (i.e., seven years) and therefore uses the time frame from Rev. 11-13. Interestingly, 1260 + 1260 days before April 14-22, 2011, happens to have been late May of 2004, which saw the sudden rise in tornadoes that year, which eventually broke the record for tornadoes in one year. (See, "Summary of Hurricanes" that documents this sudden rise in tornadoes and hurricanes in 2004 in fulfillment of this code, and the many accurate predictions made back then about these storms, and when they would occur. Moreover, the fact that it was to be seven years after this code is what led me to deduce that another series of tornadoes and forest fires would again occur, and so it has happened as predicted.) 

The Balance/River/Lamp /Tree/Baal/Cherub Bible Code itself began to be discovered one month later, in June 2004. The image at right was put on the internet, with notes, nearly seven years ago, and proves that the numeric discussed here was no mere recent invention, supposedly made to fit predicted events 'after the fact'. (The web pages containing this 2004 bible code are also archived on an independent website, and hence can be verified as existing that long ago.)

This also means that this tornado outbreak on late April 14, 2011, occurred 2300 days from the great earthquake and tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004. And this tsunami, in turn, was 1260,000 days from the first Passover of the Bible, which was the day before they left Egypt when the tenth and last plague came upon Egypt. Moreover, it is also 1260,000 days, plus 1260 + 1260 days from when the first plagues began upon Egypt. And this leads us into the next sign to do with the 1260,000 days from start of the plagues up Egypt.


2011 Super Outbreak

Why renowned prophet David Wilkerson died even as a terrible tornado was churning up the earth, killing hundreds. 

Also named, "2011 Super Outbreak" (April 25-28th)

About 350 tornadoes over about a 3.5-day period, with about 350 dead and 11 billion in damages. It was the largest tornado outbreak ever recorded.

The sovereign God timed it from the start of the ten plagues upon Egypt 1260,000 + 1260 + 1260 days ago. (1260,000 days is the same as 3500 x 360 days.)

(Please note that the following update is in rough form, so please bear with me!) 

Also, the sign of the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011.


Image of an angle blowing a trumpet outlined by radar shortly before 10 pm on April 27, 2011, in the midst of the huge tornado outbreak.Concerning image at right: This image was brought to my attention by someone on Facebook, Nov, 19, 2011. It is an image of an angle blowing a trumpet as outlined by weather radar shortly before 10 pm on April 27, 2011, in the midst of this huge tornado outbreak. The 'angel' is just above and to the left of where the weather man is pointing. 

Rev 8:13 "And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!" (Also see, 1Cor. 15:52.)

David Wilkerson died in a car accident in Texas on the afternoon of April 27th, 2011. At the same time that he died, far away in another state, a monster tornado a mile across was tearing up the earth. Sadly, that day hundreds would die. This month of April is the worst month on record for tornadoes and indeed perhaps this year will go down in the history books as the worst year on record, surpassing 2004 just seven years ago. (The numeric that led me to state that this year would have terrible tornados and forest fires was based upon the events of 2004, which is also the year I discovered the Balance Bible Code Pictogram that predicted these tornadoes and storms. See our earlier discussion about all this, which is located on this same web page! This is only an update, so I will try not to repeat myself too much!!!)

I predicted three months ago (January, 2011) that there was coming this spring "terrible tornadoes and forest fires" as based upon certain numeric patterns deduced from past events and on account of the Balance/Cherub/Lamp/Baal Bible Code. And so it began on the day specified by the code. However, this latest outbreak is even worse than this earlier one that I predicted, which began on the afternoon of April 14th, 2011. This new series of tornadoes spanned from April 25-28th, 2011.

So the question arises: "Why did this even worse event happen 3-5 days after the predicted date for the tornadoes?" (Firstly, I spoke about the importance of this extended time period back 2.5 years ago, although back then I was not trying to predict the future, but to simply show a pattern to do with Hurricane Ike -- but God knew!) (Also see, "The Tornado Outbreak of 2008".)

In a nutshell, it may well be that the entire period predicted may see this pattern of tornadoes, and that the said specific weeks, each one month apart, may only be peaks of activity for these tornados and forest fires. (For the dates predicted, scroll back on this page.) Remember, these are predictions based upon past patterns, as well as from the Balance Bible Code. However, this code covers most of spring 2011, and so I highlighted what I thought would be the more crucial dates within this period.


The 1260,000-days pattern:

Briefly, the tornado outbreak on late April 14, 2011, occurred 2300 days from the great earthquake and tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004. And this tsunami, in turn, was 1260,000 days from the first Passover of the Bible, which was the day before they left Egypt when the tenth and last plague came upon Egypt. Moreover, it is also 1260,000 days, plus 1260 + 1260 days from when the first plagues began upon Egypt, that is, as from Tishri 5, 1447 BC (on the 360 calendar). We say, "Tishri 5" because it aligns with the discovery of the Balance Bible Code to do with that date, 1260 + 1260 days ago, etc. (The plagues are assumed for various sound reasons to have lasted half-a-year, which would have begun on Moses' 80th birthday. However, that year had a leap month in it. But in another sense it can be left out, about which I will not detail now. Thus, the plagues lasted 180 or 210 days, but especially 210 days.) 

Therefore, from Tishri 15-18, 1447 BC (which is the first half of the seven days of tabernacles), plus exactly 1260,000 + 1260 + 1260 days is this great outbreak of tornadoes of April 25-28th, 2011. (Please note: this outbreak is just the continuation of a pattern to do with the 1260,000-days from Egypt that we have been documenting now for seven years. Also see, "The Tornado Outbreak of 2008".)


But, before I explain in further detail about "Why 3-5 days unto this new record bout of tornados", let me first speak briefly about David Wilkerson. 

David Wilkerson was one of the greatest prophets of our generation -- a fearless "Elijah"-type figure, so bold that he inspired the making of books and movies. (Search Google for "David Wilkerson" for details about his controversial life. On a personal level, God used David in a mighty way in the lives of my wife and I back 22 years ago at the lowest points of our lives.)

At the same hour that this terrible tornado was occurring, the worst since 1974, David Wilkerson died in a car crash. He was well known for his book, "The Vision", written around the time of the 1974 record outbreak of tornados that killed about 300 people, and of which David, I'm sure, was well aware. Fearfully and sadly, the tornadoes on April 27, 2011 killed about 350, making it the worst in 86 years, and the second worst in US history. 

As the sovereign Lord would have it, David died in his "chariot" (car), if you would, and was caught up to heaven like Elijah the prophet while the world was undergoing judgement, being weighed in the balances and found wanting. I don't personally know of any man like him, so well known for his prophecies and boldness, at least none as well known as him. He predicted the coming of these intense tornadoes (and much more). I personally see him as one of the few men in the history of the church worthy to be compared with the prophet Elijah of the bible. I see the timing of his death as vindication of His servant, David, that He was well loved by God, and not a false prophet as many have claimed. God has many witnesses in these last hours. I doubt personally that there will ever be two literal "Witnesses" to come (although I could be wrong), but in type, David was like one of these, and perhaps that's what Rev. 11 is supposed to represent anyway -- that God speaks through His people after the pattern described in Revelation 11, each according to the measure of their faith? 

Stairway to Sheol (Hell) Bible Code. Bible Code predictions about Baal.Interestingly, the direction that the storms that produced these tornadoes came from was Texas, and Texas is the location where David died; and, Texas is where the seven-month drought that has caused the forest fires is occurring. (It has been the driest seven months on record.) I am sure that David would glory in mercy, not judgement, but I can only speak of what I see, whether men think me ill or not, or God cruel or not. The bible says that a nation is judged for its sins, and in the midst of it the righteous, too, are often snatched away, by storm, or by "accident". For this reason we cannot judge those who suffer as among those necessarily deserving wrath more than we ourselves, but these things had to happen -- as prophesied. The earth groans, but it groans on God's timetable! 

This is what the Lord has shown me: 

The timing of David's death is a warning of woe to come, like the Flood in the days of Noah, but this time by fire.

As we shall explain next, the timing of this outbreak of tornadoes happened in accordance with the Balance Bible Code, (seen at right; click to enlarge). I have already explained earlier how each letter represents a certain year and day on our calendars. I have been charting these things for about ten years now and one can go back and read the many other examples of predictions made or events explained in relation to these bible picture codes and bible numbers.

Put simple, just as the April 14th tornado event as predicted corresponded (to the very hour) to the lower balance handle in the numeric gird within the code (as explained earlier), even so, the very hour and day of the balance handle of the Lamp above the Cherub (tree/lamp/balance) corresponds to the afternoon of April 27th, when David Wilkerson died and the cruel tornadoes happened. 

baal-balances-bible-code.jpg (168899 bytes) David is a type of Elijah in contest with the false gods of this nation. He is a sign in agreement with what I said several months ago, 'that God would bring severe tornadoes and forest fires in keeping with the symbolism of the contest against the false gods such as Baal.' When Elijah was taken up to heaven, he went up in a tornado in a fiery chariot. Although David literally died, and the tornado was many miles away, yet the location of his death (Texas) and the timing of his death to this tornado outbreak that David himself predicted nearly 40 years ago, is God's sign to those who have ears to hear.

The symbolism of the upper right balance over the middle of the throne next to the lamp, is very vast. You should read the code for yourself, or at least what each of the images read as it relates to this specific letter in this picture bible code, located in the very center of the throne. There are so many verses I could quote about "thunders and lightning's and hail preceding from the middle of the the throne', but I quote just one:

Rev 4:3 The person sitting there looked like jasper and carnelian, and there was a rainbow around the throne that looked like an emerald.

Rev 4:4 Around the throne were twenty-four other thrones, and on these thrones sat twenty-four elders wearing white robes and gold victor's crowns on their heads.

Rev 4:5 Flashes of lightning, noises, and peals of thunder came from the throne. Burning in front of the throne were seven flaming torches, which are the seven spirits of God.

Rev 4:6 In front of the throne was something like a sea of glass as clear as crystal. In the center of the throne and on each side of the throne were four living creatures full of eyes in front and in back.

Balance Bible Code. Cherub weighs the earth in the balances.Rev 4:7 The first living creature was like a lion, the second living creature was like an ox, the third living creature had a face like a human, and the fourth living creature was like a flying eagle.

Rev 4:8 Each of the four living creatures had six wings and were full of eyes inside and out. Without stopping day or night they were saying, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, who is, and who is coming."

(Please keep in mind that when one reads the above few verses and compares them to the picture bible code, one needs to read the whole book of Revelation to see how the entire book relates to the image in one way or anther. As far as I know, the entire symbolism of the book of Revelation is contained in these overlapping images, including Satan {"Baal"} being cast down to the earth, the one who would grasp the crown and seize the throne, but the blood has prevailed against the beast! Note: There are 24 "clouds" that surround the throne in the above image, only 12 are visible. Etc. In the picture code, the clouds, in part, read: "The Lord took away the terror and for your sake He swallowed the shadow. "THE-LORD-IS-THERE", which is Jerusalem's new name, and desolation will be removed. He sealed the pit of the destroyer after they had bowed down. The Messiah, the One equal to the Lord, removed the terror. The Lord rejoiced, the Most High and every creature!")

As said before, I am basing these predictions upon past numerical patterns and one can easily overlook something when doing this. It is sort of like predicting the weather itself -- there are a lot of variables to take into consideration. 

I said that the initial massive deadly tornado outbreak on the afternoon of April 14, 2011 was dated in the encoded image to the lower balance in the Cherub's hand, (which is the same one in the lower balance that crosses the river). I said that it was the 47279th letter in the book of Isaiah, and that this represents one-tenth in years as from the Creation, that is, from autumn of 4305 BC plus 4727.9 years. This, then, is placed upon a numeric grid according to the 360 calendar that corresponded to either the late afternoon of April 14, 2011 or again 30 days later, that is, late May 14th. baal-balances-bible-code.jpg (168899 bytes)

I original predicted that this later period up 30 days extra was the more likely, in my opinion, based upon many overlapping patterns converging on this particular week of May 15-22.

Therefore, that letter (of the upper right hand side of the throne) corresponds to the 47087th letter of the book of Isaiah, which therefore represents 4708.7 years from Creation in Sept. 4305 BC, that is as symbolic AD 405, spring, which, in turn, corresponds on the numeric grid to the day and hour of noon of March 26, 2011 or, as said, the plus 30 days to April 25, 2011 (noon). (4305 BC + 4708.7 years = as AD 405.)

Each row is 11 letters apart, therefore, each row down the throne is 11 letters apart of actual bible text, which corresponds, therefore, to 1.1 years/days on our grid. Thus, on the grid the throne spans from the dates, April 25-30th, 2011 (or 30-days earlier). 

The middle of the throne is of crucial importance because at that spot in the encoded image a great number of things overlap, such as the "thunder", "lightning", "clouds", rain, the "roof" of the "house" that the Cherub bears up, the river (because of the residual effect of an ELS of 11) and most importantly, the "right balance handle" seen in heaven that overlaps the candlestick in heaven (above the cherub, to the left of the throne). This middle letter of the throne (in the right handle) corresponds to the 47109th letter of the book of Isaiah, and thus 4710.9 years (and days) from the Creation of autumn 4305 BC. Thus, this right balance handle beside the throne as seen above the cherub, is 170 letters before the lower left balance in the Cherubs lower hand/wing. (The Cherub overlaps the lower Balance/Lamp.

cherub-house.jpg (228840 bytes)
Compare the images below to see where they overlap each other. There are two of most everything in this image.) Theses two letter that represent the right balance next to the throne and the left balance of the Cherub/(lower) Lamp -- thus equals exactly 17 days/years apart. 

Hence, these two balances correspond to the dates of the afternoons of March 28 (or April 27) and plus 17 days to April 14 and May 27, 2011. As it turned out, the two great outbreaks of tornadoes occurred on the afternoons of April 14 and April 27, sadly killing over 300 people in total. There are two more balances in the image that lay upon the shoulders of the cherub, and since the other three have had to do with the tornado outbreaks, I am left to wonder if these remaining two will as well. Their dates correspond to very early in the day, May 7 and May 8, 2011. (Letters, #47204 and #47213.)

I realize these things are horrible to speak about, but I am only reporting what the code warned was coming, and what God said had to be. The images in the code refer to symbolism in the bible, particularly where the code is found (Isaiah 46), and to Ezekiel 1 (because it was discovered 1260 + 1335 years from the prophecies of Ezekiel), but the whole to the book of Revelation. The images seem very strange unless one is acquainted with that book.



baal-balances-bible-code.jpg (168899 bytes)

Notice the balance overlapping the lamp to the right of the throne. The center letter of the three letters that form the right balance, (the Hebrew letter "Bet") is the 47109th letter of the book of Isaiah.

Rainbow around the throne. The Balance Bible Code.Clouds around the throne in heaven. The Cherub/Baal Balance Bible Code.





In images above and below, not the position of the lightning and "thunder" over the middle of the throne, (Rev. 7:17). In the bible, the "Lamb" is said to be in the middle of the throne. In the balance handle located here lies a sacrificial "deer", in contrast to the "beast" in the other handle. See the code in all its vastness for details of what each part of the images reads. Also notice that this same letter is at the middle of the top of the clouds that rains down on the people.

baal-clouds-lightning.jpg (143124 bytes) Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.

cherub-balances-throne.jpg (138819 bytes)

Baal Bible Code.
Menorah-balances-scales-bible-code picture.

Compare this image with the lamp below. It is the same image of the tree/river/balance --- as well as the Cherub at right that overlaps it.

Picture bible codes in overlap.

How picture codes overlap

cherub-house.jpg (228840 bytes)

The square formed by the arms of the cherub forms the shape of a "house". Notice the location of the middle of the roof of the house, which is the theme of this part of the picture code. For example, in part it reads: "Because of the fire (like the sun) she was ashamed, just like my Lamb, but he will cloud over her for my sake! (He is) the protective covering that is among them! The women has a protective covering, my Lamb is her cloud and her roof!" (See, Rev. 7:15-17). 

Notice that the "house" is being weighed on the balances located on two of the four wings of the Cherub found at its right and left side. The house is being weighed in the balances, which represents a people. See the Balance Bible Code for details. 



Mississippi Flood?

We appear to be following the pattern of the "Atlanta/Olympic Tornado" and Mississippi flood of 1998, so as to divide in half the seven years from the finding of this picture code. (See "The Olympia Storm, Atlanta Tornado and Mississippi Flood".)  In bible prophecy, seven-years is also divided in half.

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.As we have been saying, all the events over the past two  months are timed by God to coincide with the events pictured and dated in the "river" in the code at right. Notice the letter above the balance handle where the river is gushing out -- at the spot where the top of the axe is. (The flooding of the river in this picture code has already been explained in the 1998 Atlanta Tornado article, written three years ago.) This letter along the river where it floods corresponds to the date of April 13, 2011 (or 30 days before that). (Note: April 13, 2011, may not be exactly when it floods. The code may simply be pointing out that it will flood repeatedly during May, 2011?)

The river itself spans 126 + 126 letters and was discovered about 1260 + 1260 days before May of 2011, and reads:

"He was poured out, gushing forth! They gazed upon that which is (like) wine! You are beyond measurement!"  --  "Be calm!; Be quiet before me! I AM Jesus! Be calm and you will shine/flow (like a river or rainbow)!" 

The word here in the code for, "Be calm", occurs twice and is also used in the biblical flood narrative where it refers to the flood waters "abating", "receding", (Gen. 8:3-5). (As in the code, note the rainbow in the flood narrative that signified that "no more will a flood destroy all men upon the earth," Gen. 9:13-16) Thus, the river-code can also read as the Lord's command for the flooded river to abate just as He commanded the calming of the storm in Mark 4:39.

"And he awoke, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm."

On another similar occasion, Jesus said:

"But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid", (Mat 14:27).


"From April 14–16, the storm system responsible for one of the largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history also produced large amounts of rainfall across the southern and midwestern United States. Two weeks later, from April 25–28, a second, even more extensive and deadly storm system passed through the Mississippi Valley dumping more rainfall resulting in deadly flash floods. This latter storm produced over 250 tornadoes, killing at least 354 people in the deadliest tornado outbreak since 1925. Combined, the storms killed at least 397 people and caused an estimated $5 billion dollars in damage. The unprecedented extensive rainfall from these two storms, combined with springtime snow melt from the Upper Midwest, created the perfect situation for a 500-year flood along the Mississippi."

The two images below show the clouds and storm over the river, and where it floods. As said, these images were put on the internet almost seven years ago. Thus, the encoded dates along the river, (which has a said parallel 30-day margin) happen to correspond to around the timing of the winter-snow melt and horrific storms that created this excessive water, and now, 30 days after that comes the impact of these same waters along the Mississippi river! Thus, the river-bible-code not only encoded the dates of the storms, but also the flooding that resulted about a month later.



(Update {May 14, 2011}: The Sacrificial Flooding! 

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.As it turns out, the decision to open the major flood gate was decided on May 13, but it was actually opened at 3 pm (local time), May 14th. Thus, both of these dates were marked by the encoded image! First, because May 13th, 2011, is represented by the letter, as said, where the flood occurs in the image, and May 14th, 3 pm, is the exact letter where the handle crosses the swollen river. This was pointed out almost a month ago, and I quote myself from April 20th, 2011: 

"I predicted a tornado outbreak and wild fires a few months ago as based upon the Balance Bible Code Pictogram. I said that the outbreaks would last for a week, beginning on three possible dates, each 30 days apart. They were predicted to begin on the late afternoon of April 14, May 14, and June 14. I had said that it seemed to me that the middle date was the most likely, although that all three dates might mark the event."

(Quote from Wikipedia about the flooding.) 

"For the first time in 37 years, the Morganza Spillway has been opened, deliberately flooding 3,000 square miles of rural Louisiana to save most of Baton Rouge and New Orleans but placing ten oil refineries, a nuclear power plant, two pipelines, barge and ship traffic, and petroleum production of 218,000 to 2.4 million barrels per day at risk." 

"...Prior to May 13, 2011, the Corps had studied four flooding scenarios... The analysis showed there will be extensive flooding in the Atchafalaya Basin regardless of what choice the corps makes regarding the Morganza Spillway. On May 13, the Corps of Engineers decided to open the Morganza Spillway to 25% of its capacity, using scenario 1A."

To be exact, this specific letter is dated to both April 14 and May 14, 2011, between the hours of 1:12 to 3:36 pm. As it turns out, the first major storms (with deadly tornadoes) that eventually brought on these floods (combined with the melting snows) began the afternoon of April 14, and now EXACTLY the said 30 days later the flood gates are opened --- exactly between the said hours of 1:12 to 3:36 pm. (While no deadly outbreak of tornadoes again occurred 30 days later, that is, on May 14, yet the effects of these horrific storms from April, combined with the snow melts, is what has led to the opening of these flood gates. Let us watch the next 8 days closely.) 

Moreover, since the bible code is symbolic of the death of Christ at this very letter, it is significant that the flood occurred at 3 pm, the same hour the bible says that Jesus died! 

How does this letter symbolize Jesus death? 

The cherub holding up the crystal sea.As said seven years ago, this exact letter symbolizes the moment when Israel (and Elijah) miraculously crossed the Jordan river. The lower handle of the balance straddles the river like a bridge and means this: Although mankind is found too light in the upper balance (thus it goes up), yet the lower balance represents the "weight" of the glory of Jesus, which causes this (lower) left handle to sink so as to make a bridge for mankind to cross over all the while He dies (drowns) in the flooded river. Jesus holds us above His head, above the waters, sacrificing His life for us in doing it. (In part), this what is being presented in the image of the cherub holding up "the house of Israel" upon His shoulders, while His head is submerged in the "Sea of Judgement", (i.e., the large blue rectangle centered over the head). (Also, note that the lower balance handle in the cherub's hand is the exact same one as found in the above image. The cherub and the tree/lamp/balance overlap each other.) 

Of course Jesus died on the cross in reality, but the bible code is painting an illustration for us. (Besides, death by crucifixion literally means you drown in your own body fluids because the lungs slowly fill up with water and blood.) Having been reconciled to God by the blood of Jesus, all who believe do cross over the river of death by this bridge. They pass from death to life and are made right with God and justified on His balances, as illustrated by the two level balances in the cherub's hands/wings.) There were lesser flooding of the Mississippi that occurred on May 3rd & 5th. Interestingly, these dates correspond to the top of this "Sea of Judgement".  See the other events of the month already discussed for more details about this letter and for other parts of this picture bible code. Remember, the images are explained by what the encoded images themselves read.



Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.May 18, 2011

Update: Slave Lake (Alberta) fire occurs on date predicted. 

I predicted "terrible tornadoes and (forest) fires" for April 14-22 (which happened), or "especially" May 14-22 (and perhaps even on June 14-21). 

The inferno destroyed up to 40% of the buildings of the town of 7000. The forest fire began on the 14th and unexpectedly blew into the town late afternoon on the 15th. (As of the 18th, there is still a massive blaze burning in the Slave Lake area, as well as many fires within the town itself.) It is interesting that the fire was on the 15th because that was Pentecost on the 360 calendar, a day associated with "fire" in the bible. I will not write a lengthy article about this fire like I have done for the other events associated with the Picture Balance Bible Code over the past month.

As explained many times before, there are 1260 days of hurricanes beginning from the discovery of the Balance Bible Code in June 20-27, 2004, and then another 1260 days unto now, etc... (If you read the articles below you can piece the details together for yourself.) Moreover, the date of this fire corresponds to the trunk of the burning lamp/tree/balance (at right), which reads: "And I am the Lamp and my fire shall surely come! My Father, my Father, forgive!" Thankfully, in the case of Slave Lake, no one died. (These two sets of 1260-days relate back to the fall of Jerusalem 1260 + 1335 years ago, {Dan. 12, Rev. 11-12}. See below right chart.)

The "1260 days" is associated with the prophecy of Rev. 11, which also mentions "7000 people" (the number of people in the town), 1260 days, a tree, a lamp, a river, fire, the fall of Jerusalem. (The "balance" in the encoded image symbols justice, and reminds us of "Moses", the Law giver. The "Two Witnesses" of Rev. 11 are patterned after Moses and Elijah. They, in turn, symbolize any and all who speak on behalf of God prophetically.) 

Why Slave Lake? 

A chart that outlines the main dates in the book of Ezkiel.As said before, these things must happen. What would you prefer? A world of random catastrophes or one channeled by a loving God who measures it out with purpose for our good, to instruct those who have ears to hear? Until the new heaven and earth, calamities have been decreed until the end of time (Dan. 9:26), all on God's calendar, all occurring in a way so as to be instructive. Slave Lake residents were no more deserving of judgement than any other. God holds back most calamities but allows some by measure for the good of mankind, without which the natural order would suffer, but more importantly, it stirs people to remember God from whom all blessings flow. And a right relation with God is more important than any temporal blessing. To him who can receive it, "Slave Lake" reminds us of this whole world, wherein the children of God are like the Israelite "slaves" of old, awaiting freedom from Pharaoh and entry into the Promised land. This world, too, will be burned with fire, but the rejected and the lowly of this world will be lifted up, but the proud brought low.

Based upon past patterns, I suspect that tornadoes will begin to occur in the second-half of the week of May 14-22. If not, June 14-21, or both. See earlier article on the tornadoes of April for more about that. As said before, my purpose for predicting these things over the past 12 years or so, was to prove that God has a flexible timetable laid out for all history, to refute those who think that our world is purely random, and to demonstrate that there is no God like the God of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May 19, 2011

The Exquisite Timing of President Obama's Middle-East Speech

Today, President Obama called for a two-state solution for the land of Israel. He called for a return to pre 1967 borders, which could ultimately affect the status of Jerusalem. The speech angered the Prime Minister of Israel. 

"The Israeli prime minister didn't like it. His office issued a furious statement: "Prime Minister Netanyahu expects to hear a reaffirmation from President Obama of US commitments made to Israel in 2004, which were overwhelmingly supported by both houses of Congress." (The BBC

The timing of the speech perfectly coincides with the fall of Jerusalem on the prophetic time frames of 1260 + 1335 years ago, as well as 1260 + 1260 days ago --- as explained repeatedly over the past months, and as I will again attempt to explain now as briefly as possible! Thus, the timing of his speech is a token reminder of what is yet to come. 

The Timing of Obama's Speech:

The timing of his speech was most interesting because just yesterday in my post about the "Slave Lake Fire", there I again briefly explained the numeric that is now occurring, which is occurring in relation to "the fall of Jerusalem 1260 + 1335 years ago", etc. I explained that we are at the end of an important 1260 + 1260-day period to do with the fall of Jerusalem 1260 + 1335 years ago. (It is actually 1260 plus 1335 plus one year from the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC for reasons that would not be expedient to detail again here. But do see chart.) I also explained that the main biblical time-frame that God is using is based upon Rev. 11. It happens that all these things come together perfectly in the timing of Obama's speech given today, May 19, 2001.

A chart that outlines the main dates in the book of Ezkiel.I explained yesterday that this is an important week of time, (May 15-22). (Note: May 14th had to do with the picture bible code only, but May 15-22 has to do with both the bible code and the numeric to do with the fall of Jerusalem.) I predicted back in January "terrible tornadoes and fires" on either the middle of April, May, or June, or all three. (See article on tornadoes for those exact dates.) Anyway, I mentioned that the seven days happening right now (May 15-22) represent the past seven years, "a day for each year". On the 360 calendar, May 15-22 corresponds to the third month and also to the fourth month, the 5th to the 12th, which in turn happens to correspond to Pentecost week and also to the anniversary of the week that Jerusalem fell, (i.e., the 4th month {Tammuz} 5-12, 586 BC, with Tammuz 9th being the actual day of the fall of the city. Tammuz 9th, thus, divides this last week in half. See the chart that I posted yesterday, written about seven years ago: At the very bottom of that chart it reads: "Totals are exact, ending with the last week divided in half.") Thus, the dividing of this week in half by the speech of Obama also corresponds to the past seven years likewise divided in half, "a day for each year", that is, 1260 + 1260 days, Ezek. 4, Rev. 11, Dan. 12). I have explained all this many times before, both here and on the bible numbers website, so enough said here on the numeric! 

Anyway, the prophecy in Rev. 11 mentioned just yesterday, the day before Obama's speech, also happens to point to two calendar days, that is, the third month, 9th day, (because this is 3.5 days after Pentecost, and Rev. 11 speaks of a "wind" like at Pentecost (Acts 2) giving life to the "Two Witnesses" after "1260 days" plus "3.5 days", but also Rev. 11 points to the 4th month, the 9th day, because, as said, this is the anniversary of the fall of Jerusalem, and Rev. 11 tells us that Jerusalem collapses when the "Two Witnesses" rise from the dead when the said spirit/wind enters into them, (Rev. 11:8, 13). It also happens that 1260 days ago was the anniversary of when the siege of Jerusalem began --- (exactly 1260 + 1335 years before that, in Dec. 589 BC, i.e., "the tenth month, the 10th day", Ezek. 24:1). 

Therefore, for Obama's speech about Israel to occur on this very auspicious day and year, which, as said, corresponds to the two days of the prophecy of Rev. 11, is most uncanny! And for it to be 1260 + 1260 days unto his speech cannot be a coincidence. 

Much more could be said about the timing of this speech but hopefully the reader perceives the main point: God continues to time world events according to the time frames predicted by the bible, and as explained repeatedly on this website over the past 16 years. Keep in mind that these things are merely token events. They merely point to a still future fulfillment when the bible says that a covenant with many will be made for seven years/days and in the middle of the week (i.e., middle of the seven days or years), the covenant with Israel will be broken and 3.5 years of great tribulation will then come upon Israel, and with judgments upon the world as well, (Dan. 9:24-27). (Also see, Geneva Peace Treaty" for a far more important example of this peace treaty.) Rainbow around the throne. The Balance Bible Code.This interpretation of the prophecy of Dan. 9:24-27 is well known by students of bible prophecy. But as to when these things will happen one cannot say with certainty. Obama's speech merely points to what is yet to come and is just another reminder that God sits on the throne and rules over the affairs of men. (See refutation of the false prophecy of Jesus return two days from today. See, "Will Jesus return on May 21, 2011?")

"The Israeli prime minister didn't like it. His office issued a furious statement: "Prime Minister Netanyahu expects to hear a reaffirmation from President Obama of US commitments made to Israel in 2004, which were overwhelmingly supported by both houses of Congress." (The BBC

Interesting that the Prime Minister of Israel asked for reaffirmation of the commitments made to Israel seven years ago, in "2004"!



May 22, 2011

As a separate article, please see
2011 Joplin Tornado Predicted


An EF-5 tornado devastates Joplin just as the closing minutes of the predicted week for "terrible tornadoes and fires" was concluding, (May 14/15-22) -- as predicted back in January of this year. (In the bible, a day runs from evening to evening, i.e., 6 pm.)

Like Jerusalem, like Joplin

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.Multiple tornadoes occurred, but worst hit was Joplin, Missouri, which was hit by a single tornado that lasted from 5:41 pm to 5:50 pm, the deadliest single US tornado since 1947. There are at least 155 dead in this tragedy. Over 1150 injured. About 8000 structures damaged or destroyed. Winds in excess of 200 mph. It divided the city in half.

Therefore, the "terrible fires" happened on the first day of the predicted week -- (with the fire at Slave Lake; also see "The Mississippi Flood"), and then seven days later the predicted "terrible tornadoes" occurred on the last day of this same week (at Joplin). The timing of these two tragedies effectively bracketed the entire week, thereby drawing attention to it. 

Moreover, President Obama's anti-Israel speech occurred square in the middle of that week. Compare with Dan. 9:27 -- a shadow of things to come? The tornado divided Joplin in half like they want to divide Jerusalem in half! Tornadoes have been timed to America's attitude toward Israel before. Moreover, on the 360-calendar, Obama's speech occurred on "the 4th month, the fifth day", which is the anniversary of the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon in 586 BC, {Jer. 39:2}.

Concerning tornadoes, the month of May up until the 21st and 22nd had been unusually quite. The following is a quote from my May 18th article about the Slave Lake fire:

"Based upon past patterns, I suspect that tornadoes will begin to occur in the second-half of the week of May 14-22. If not, June 14-21, or both. See earlier article on the tornadoes of April for more about that. As said before, my purpose for predicting these things over the past 12 years or so, was to prove that God has a flexible timetable laid out for all history, to refute those who think that our world is purely random, and to demonstrate that there is no God like the God of our Lord Jesus Christ."

This tornado that wiped out much of Joplin had multiple vortices, and formed unusually fast. "within seven minutes it went from a funnel cloud  Compare this with the "double tornado" on April 14, 2011. Fires also erupted overnight from damaged gas lines.

Importantly, May 22, 2011, when the tornado stuck Joplin, was exactly 1260 + 1260 days (seven years) from when the encoded image of Balance Bible Code was discovered, (June 27, 2004). This is especially significant because of the seven major clusters of picture bible codes discovered, two of these predicted that a specified major event would occur exactly 1260 + 1260 days from their discovery. The first predicted the date for the execution of Saddam Hussein, and now this tornado. Each also had the specific time frame of 1260 + 1260 days encoded within it. (The "river" in the Balance Code spans 126 + 126 letters, and the three coins in the Mene Tekel Peres Code added up to 126 shekels, etc.) 

Interestingly, Slave Lake had a population of 7000, Joplin had 7000 x 7, with their catastrophes occurring 7 days apart and 7 years after the Balance Bible Code. Like the trumpet judgments in the bible, one-third of both Slave Lake and Joplin were destroyed, (Rev. 8:7). (Please see the other articles listed below to find out why the date of this code's discovery is so important. It's the reason why I made this prediction four months ago about these coming tornadoes.)

"Service received its first report of the tornado at 5:34 p.m. local time, from west of the Missouri-Kansas border. Seven minutes later, there were reports of a tornado within Joplin's city limits, about 7 miles east of the first sighting. "Every storm is a little different, but this storm went from what was just a funnel cloud to a very strong, very large and very wide and obviously very damaging tornado in a very short time," in under 10 minutes, said Andy Boxell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield, Mo." (

"It's rare for tornadoes of this force to form at all. It's rarer still for them to find population centers like Tuscaloosa and now Joplin."

Interesting note: The past seven years has been the three worst years for tornadoes since record keeping, 2004, 2008, 2011, which, then, is the beginning, middle, and end of the said seven-year period! (Unusually, other than the end of May, 2004, most of the tornadoes in 2004 occurred late in the year due to hurricanes, and also unusually, early 2008 was unusually active. Thus, this seven-year period is divided by 3.5-years plus 3.5 years, not merely 4 plus 3 years!) Therefore, the past seven years has been a foreshadow of the "seven-year tribulation period" predicted in the bible that is still yet to come! 

Also see notes about Hurricane Ike (and the commencement of the global recession) back 2.5 years ago that pointed to this same week. This very same time period was examined back then, although back then I was just pointing out a pattern, not speculating whether anything would happen. It wasn't until January of this year that I actually made these predictions about tornadoes as based upon the ongoing patterns. May 15-22, 2011, was part of an ongoing "490-day cycle" pattern that will continue into the future as well. Look for 490 x 3 and 490 x 4 days from May 15-22 (and esp. from June/July 14-21), 2011 to be significant as well, just as 490 x 2 days ago was with the start of the recession in Sept 7-14, 2008, and etc.


"Why tornado outbreak continues May 24-27?" 

In brief: 2000 yrs of 360 days from death/resurrection of Christ, plus 7 yrs, and 3500 yrs of 360 days {1260,000} + 1260 + 1260 dys, Rev. 11. Hence, from autumn of 1447 BC, when the plagues of Egypt began, unto Christ are also 1500 yrs of 360 days, hence a type of "Times, time, and half-a-time." These calculations are accurate using both the traditional Jewish calendar and the 360-day calendar of bible prophecy. 

For example, on the regular Jewish calendar: If we allow a half-year for the ten plagues, as commonly believed, ending Passover (week) of the Exodus, Nisan 14/15 to 21, 1446 BC), then the 10 plagues would therefore have commenced on Tabernacles, 1447 BC, Tishri 14/15 to 21. From this week of Tabernacles, plus 1260,000 days, spans unto June 20-27, 2004, when the Balance Bible Code was discovered. To verify, see Cal. Converter and insert Julian day numbers #1193176.5 to 1193183.5, plus 1260,000 days equals Julian #2453176.5 to #2453183.5. This, plus another 1260 + 1260 days to the present, that is, to #2455696.5 to #2455703.5, May 15-22, 2011.) The 360-calendar produces similar results as this, except it also accounts for the extra waves of tornadoes on April 24-27, and May 24-27.

In the bible, "1000 years is as a day", and a day can symbolize a year or a year a day. Thus, with these ratios in mind, 1260 x 1000 days represents an unusually important "1260-day" period, such as the "1260 days" of Rev. 11, which chapter is patterned after the ten plagues of Moses that began Tabernacles, 1447 BC!

Also see notes about Hurricane Ike (and the commencement of the global recession) back 2.5 years ago that pointed to this same week, plus this same extension of "3.5 days" unto May 26. This very same time period was examined back then, although back then I was just pointing out a pattern, not speculating whether anything would happen. It wasn't until January of this year that I actually made these predictions about tornadoes as based upon the ongoing patterns. May 15-22, 2011, was part of an ongoing "490-day cycle" pattern that will continue into the future as well. Look for 490 x 3 and 490 x 4 days from May 15-22 (and esp. from June/July 14-21), 2011 to be significant as well, just as 490 x 2 days ago was with the start of the recession in Sept 7-14, 2008, and etc.


As a separate article, please see
2011 Joplin Tornado Predicted


Below is the National Geographic cover. The tornado outbreak here shown on the front cover (and the pull out within the magazine) occurred June 20, 2011. Hence, all three periods of the last half of the weeks of April 15-22; May 15-22; June 14-21 (each 30 days apart) saw major tornado outbreaks as predicted by the pattern.

Tornado outbreak on June 20, 2011




Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011, witnessed by the whole world, is a shadow of the "Marriage of the Lamb" to come! William married a "commoner", which can be compared to Jesus and his "bride" (the Church), taken from a lost world.

Like all the other signs, the timing of this wedding fits succinctly with the picture code.

In keeping with the dating methodology of the Lamp/Balance Picture Bible Code, "the wedding of the century" between Prince William and Kate Middleton (in the morning, culminating with the actual vows about noon), on April 29, 2011, also corresponds to very appropriate letter(s) in this picture code. (The day after the 3-day tornado outbreak.)

Following the same numeric grid for the tornadoes (and the Japan Tsunami), the date of the wedding of William and Kate corresponds in the image to where one sits on the throne and to the lamp beside it. (See image at right.) To be exact, 11 am on April 29, 2011 corresponds to the "Yod" to the right of the throne and lamp, which is where the actual surface text reads: "I will carry/forgive." However, in Hebrew this word can also mean, "I will marry". (The "I" in "I will marry", in Hebrew, is the said "Yod" that corresponds precisely to the hours of 9-11 am, April 29, 2011, which is the 47127th letter in the book of Isaiah. Etc...)

The two letters located at the throne just above the seat itself simply reads, "them", in Hebrew. (See image at right.)

Together, then, the letters spanned during this royal wedding appears to read, "Them --- I will marry!" 

As said before, in the image, God is carrying the house of Israel, and is also marrying the bride to Yeshua (Jesus). (As said before, everything in the image can be found in the book of Revelation.) Thus, this great wedding (and their royal crest is a lion, Rev. 5) is a type of "the wedding of the lamb" to come. 

And the wedding supper occurs in the evening of April 29, 2011, which therefore corresponds to the letters in the image going across the actual seat of the throne where one sits, which in Hebrew reads, "The burden". It reads this because when God sits on His throne, God carries the "burden" of the government of the world on His shoulders. 

Fittingly, the lamp itself indeed has to do with the wedding of Jesus as king to his bride. He and she together become one flame. 

There is another distinct picture code about the lamp, found in the book of Exodus. The two lamps are meant to compliment one another. (All

First, some appropriate verses from the book of Revelation:

Rev 19:7 Let us rejoice and be exceeding glad, and let us give the glory unto him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.

Rev 19:8 And it was given unto her that she should array herself in fine linen, bright and pure: for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.

Rev 19:9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they that are bidden to the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are true words of God...

Rev 21:1 I saw a new heaven and a new earth. The first heaven and the first earth had disappeared, and so had the sea.

Rev 21:2 Then I saw New Jerusalem, that holy city, coming down from God in heaven. It was like a bride dressed in her wedding gown and ready to meet her husband.

Rev 21:3 I heard a loud voice shout from the throne: God's home is now with his people. He will live with them, and they will be his own. Yes, God will make his home among his people.

Rev 21:4 He will wipe all tears from their eyes, and there will be no more death, suffering, crying, or pain. These things of the past are gone forever.

Rev 21:5 Then the one sitting on the throne said: I am making everything new. Write down what I have said. My words are true and can be trusted.

Rev 21:23 And the city hath no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine upon it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the lamp thereof is the Lamb.


Here is what the lamp in the Balance Bible Code reads, and after that is what the other encoded lamp in the book of Exodus reads:


(Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images."The Song of the Menorah:

Did he sing for joy, O' beam of light?

Behold a Lamp! 

Rise up songs of joy --- and awe!

And in Jehovah,

 --- Jehovah,

 --- they shone and boasted themselves;

 Israel, the upright One of God bent over!")


"The Lord is the gift of God unto mankind, the man hated!

(But) she will shine! He showed favor.

So daughter of mine, for the Lord and for me, shine!

The Lord (too) will shine brightly.

Praise the morning star, the One shining brightly!" (Rev. 22:6)



This picture bible code is that of the menorah winding like a snake into the silhouette of a Lamb carrying a cross: A powerfully symbolic picture. (Jesus says:) "A lamp for her in Him I will be, 

a king for them, Jesus!"

(She replies:) "Let Him weary for me!"

(The Spirit says:) "But for whom is His Lamb a king?

"Behold, for when His flaming Lamp shone, He sang for joy:

(Jesus replies:) "I AM a king for them -- Jesus!"





Baal-stars.jpg (164178 bytes)May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden's Death and Burial at Sea -- timed to this Picture Bible Code!

World events continue to follow the timing of the events encoded within this picture bible code. These events began with the great earthquake in Japan. 

The encoded timing of the "putting to death" of Osama bin Laden corresponds to the letters in the above image at the spot where the eight worshipers of Baal are bowing down at their knees, which reads: "They all bow down together".  To be even more precise, the exact hour of "his being put to death" corresponds to where the worshippers of Baal are bowing beneath the throne, which is also where the code speaks about the "blood" and "lamentation". Moreover, the exact letter is also where to text reads: "Saddam", and so the code puts Saddam and bin Laden in the same camp, --- that is, they were both a type of the antichrist being made to bow down before the one true God. Both were "put to death", just as the Mene-Tekel Bible Code said would happen. (See the series of articles about the predictions about how and when Saddam would die. Both Saddam and Osama were pursued to death on account of 9-11. This does not mean that the USA is innocent either, or that their Presidents are noble in their pursuits, but so that the purposes of God might stand. Thus, unless America repents, how can God hold back her enemies and indeed, nature itself?) 

Interestingly, less than three days ago we pointed out that the marriage of Prince William with Kate was a type of the "wedding supper of the Lamb", which the bible also describes as happening just before the destruction of the antichrist, (Rev. 19). As a matter of fact -- on April 29, 2011, President Obama gave the final order to pursue the operation! (See the update below this update for the April 29th wedding!)


(The Mene Tekel Peres Bible Code also predicted the exact day of Saddam's death, as predicted on the internet long before it happened.) (Please note that the article about the Baal Balance Bible Code that was put out on the internet years ago, explicitly says that Saddam's name is encoded at this spot in the Baal Picture Bible Code. For example, the image at right was put on the internet almost seven years ago, {and should be read in the context of that article}. Compare the location of the upper leaves of the "tree" with the larger composite image below it.) (The dating methodology of this code is consistent with the other events of this past month as it has related to this vast picture bible code. See the earlier entries on this page for the other events of April, 2011.) 

To be precise, the letters as viewed from our left to right where these worshippers are bowing down corresponds to the 47,148th to 47,155th letters of the book of Isaiah, which therefore refers to 4714.8 to 4715.5 symbolic years/days from the Creation at the autumn of 4305 BC, which in turn, therefore, corresponds to noon of May 1 unto the sunrise of May 2, 2011 on the numeric grid. Bin Laden died about 1:15 am, May 2, 2011, Pakistan time, which hour represents the letter #47154 just starting. This hour, to be exact to the minute, corresponds to the start of the letter that represents the worshiper of Baal located second on our left -- that is,  exactly below the middle of the throne where the worshiper is kneeling. Thus, Osama died at the very minute, hour, day, and year suggested by the picture bible code! Make sure you calculate his death according to the time-zone in Pakistan, where he died. You will have to read the article to understand the methodology explaining how these letters correspond to these dates, but know that we are consistent with this process and have been charting it for many years. This year and month has been anticipated for at least seven years since the code was discovered.

Bible Code predictions about contest with false god (Bel)  Baal.Thus, every knee will have to bow down to Jesus Christ, even wicked murderers like Saddam and Bin Laden who foolishly chose to "bow down before the god of darkness" (as the code reads). They brought terror on the earth, but now are themselves terrorized. They were "weighed in the balances and found wanting", just as both codes tell us. (This is why the above and below picture bible codes are also called, "The Balance Bible Code" -- because there is a large balance beside the throne and also below it in the hands of the Cherub. See the article for all the images and previous comments about this.)

Thus, both Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden, who are represented by the two Baal worshipers at the left (below the throne), will one day bow before God's throne by force, having been "put to death" by Him now. Even "Baal", (that is, Satan), will one day be made to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and then will be cast into the lake of fire forever. The actual verse in Isaiah where this encoded image is located begins at these most fitting verses: 


Isaiah 45:23 By myself have I sworn, the word is gone forth from my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. (Cf., Phil 2:10)

Isa 45:24 Only in Jehovah, it is said of me, is righteousness and strength; even to him shall men come; and all they that were incensed against him shall be put to shame.

Bin Laden was buried at sea shortly after he died, perhaps to symbolize this verse:

Rev 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought the signs in his sight, wherewith he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast and them that worshipped his image: they two were cast alive into the lake of fire that burneth with brimstone.


(Note: On May 6th, 2011, about 3 pm, the following was rediscovered within the Baal Bible Code concerning the coin being weighed there. It was "rediscovered" in the sense that I never wrote it down years ago because I could not find a counter balancing coin in the other side of the scales. But now I realize that there is not meant to be an opposite coin there!)

Half-Shekel Coin (upon balance next to Baal at the throne. It depicts Bel {Baal}, found "too light" upon the scales. (See notes at right.)

"It concerns the one bent down, dejected, found too light; a deceiver, a (mere) half-shekel!

(And) it concerns a son of height with an evil heart. Bel awakened confused, a captain at sunset!"

(Or may read, "(And) it concerns a son of height with an evil heart. He awakened confused, A captain of Arabs!"

Sounds a lot like the tall Arab captain, Osama bin Laden, who was suddenly killed at night by his bed! Also see the Mene Tekel Peres Bible Code, which is also about coins being weighed on a balance.)

Mene Tekel Bible Code Prophecy!


The Sea and Tree of Judgement

The cherub holding up the crystal sea.Not only is the letter located where the Baal worshiper is made to bow down (which perfectly describes the fate of Osama, who will bend the knee to Christ), but because that same letter also represents the very top of the tree in this same image. (See two images above.) In this image, the tree is being cut down at the root with an axe. This is significant because the fall of the Twin Towers was associated with a prophecy found in Ezekiel 31 that speaks about the very top of the great tree being cut down for its arrogance by a powerful nation. I wrote three articles about the connection of the fall of the Twin Towers with Ezekiel 31 almost 10 years ago. Thus, for Osama to be represented by this top leaf, the same top leaf that represented the collapse of the Twin Towers (and of Saddam) as examined back 10 years ago, is most amazing. The leaves of the tree, itself, speak of a cry for justice because of the shedding of innocent blood.

Moreover, that same letter is also the middle of three letters, as said, that spell "Saddam", as examined and documented years ago. (Recall that the war against Saddam was sparked by the Twin Tower tragedy. The USA targeted Osama and Saddam as their chief enemies.) 

Moreover, beneath the feet of the figure representing Osama in the image is the Crystal Sea. However, the code itself calls this sea "The Sea of Judgment." Interestingly, Osama was surprisingly buried at sea shortly after he was "put to death". This means that the date of his burial at sea, therefore, corresponds to the letter that represents the beginning (top left corner) of this same Sea of Judgment as seen here in the above image! (The sea begins at letter #47156. Like all these images, they have been on the internet for nearly seven years.) The bible also describes the antichrist (of whom Saddam and Osama are types) as being thrown into the lake of fire! (Because of the residual effect of this picture code due to the low ELS {of 11}, the "Sea of Judgment" begins on the letter just after {to our left} of the Baal worshippers. This letter represents between 6 am and 8:24 am, May 2, 2011 and each letter thereafter represents 2.4 hours of time. He was buried at sea about 10 am, May 2, which thus correspond to the second of the total 105 letters that form the sea, that is, #47157. {Interestingly, the preparation of his body for burial at sea would therefore correspond to the very first letter that forms the sea, #47156.} As said, the sea spans a further 105 letters after this, which thus represents exactly 10.5 days {1.5 weeks} from when he was buried at sea.)



Gaddafi Too!

It is also interesting that Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi's youngest son, Saif al-Arab, was similarly killed two before bin Laden was put to death, just as Saddam had his sons were killed 3.5 years before Saddam himself died -- all this in keeping with the Mene Tekel Bible Code. (It appears that Gaddafi was the intended target of that air strike. Ironically, it is also reported that one of Bin Laden's sons was killed in the same gunfight that bin Laden himself died in.) 

Like Saddam's sons, Gaddafi's son was known for his brutality and arrogance. It was reported that three of Gaddafi's grandchildren were also killed. This is interesting because the letter above the spot where the worshiper is bowing down represents the head of the worshiper, (that is, the letter between the feet of the throne, which is left of the feet of Baal.) It just happens that the distance between the head and the knees of the worshipers represent a little more than one day, and in this case, these encoded two days just "happen" to represent the days of April 30/May 1, 2011 (when Gaddafi's son died) and May 1-2, 2011 (when bin Laden died, along with his son). Either this is the most amazing coincidence, or God is causing history, this spring, to concur with this picture code. This is the sixth such event corresponding to this code. One day, all tyrants will be made to bow down at the feet of Jesus, who sits upon the throne! (Also see, "The Fall of the "King" of Egypt, Mubarak", which event preceded and led to the death of Gaddafi's son.)Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.

The most important event of this April has not even been mentioned yet, which is, the concluding of the fourth seal of history and the commencement of the opening of the 5th seal of history. 

As revealed to me this past month, history, since the creation, is following a complex numeric. About every 1000 years, on a set schedule, one of the seven seals that span the history of the world is opened. And this month has been an important segment in this long process of unsealing the fifth seal of Rev. 4-6, which is also why this numeric pattern was revealed this month, and over the past 20 years. Moreover, it is the main scene represented by the Cherub Bible Code, which, as said, is also dated to this spring of 2011. (Read Rev. 4-5 and compare it to this Cherub/Throne code.) The numeric itself even forms the shape of seven seals wrapped around a scroll. This is difficult to grasp because it appears that time is viewed as cyclical, and even moving forwards and backwards simultaneously. The cyclical time line gives an outline of history for the next 1500 years (and of past history). This revelation is perhaps the most important thing the Lord has ever shown me. This is because it is the culmination and summation of my work in the bible numbers that began in 1991. It combines the hundreds of different biblical numerical patterns into one unifying cohesive pattern. This is a bold claim, one that will be mocked at by most. But time will prove it true, and with that I rest.

I will try to update this entry as soon as I can. 






Tsunami in Japan

The Great Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan also appears to have been timed to this code. The above image is just a part of the larger image put on the internet years ago that begins at the upper "stairway" as seen in blue. (Click image to enlarge.) Notice that there are 28 rows above the point where the handle of the balance crosses the river (as explained above), unto the top of the stairway. Since each row diagonally up the river and stairs is 12 letters apart in the actual text of Isaiah, this means that the code begins 28 x 12 letters before this spot where the handle is, which amounts to 336 letters, which as explained above corresponds to 33.6 days. Thus, 33.6 days before April 14 afternoon, (which is the date that the handle represents), is the sunrise of March 12, 2011. The morning of March 12 was the morning after the great earthquake in Japan, with the Tsunamis that spread around the world for nearly the next day. More is said about this event in a separate article about the Tsunami.

Stairway to Sheol (Hell) Bible Code. Bible Code predictions about contest with Baal.   






A Comet/Scepter:

(Also see main article, "What Does Comet Elenin Mean?")

(Update: See article on Mubarak about this comet predicted here, that is coming in September 2011 instead. I will soon give an update about this comet here in this article on the Hanukah Fire, and why the delay in the coming of the comet. Awesome!)



Scepter picture bible code. "His glittering Scepter!"Moreover, April 28 to May 12, 2011 suggests that a comet may appear in the sky. (But see above note about Mubarak. Perhaps the above is this comet, except half-a-year late according to the same numeric, but from the companion Lion Bible Code rather than the above Balance Bible Code.) This is seven years after when the "12 comets" first began in Passover of 2004. Moreover, the image of the comet/scepter in the Balance Bible Code itself is dated thus.

River-scepter-star-bible-code-prophecy. "My glittering scepter." The comet/scepter is positioned toward the river of judgment in the bible code just as the literal comet was in the sky toward the constellation of Eridanus, (the river of the judge.) This was at the same time that the other comet was positioned toward the constellation of Leo (Lion), just as it was in the lion bible code! Those 12 comets occurred within the first half of this seven-year period. It therefore seems likely that this period of 3.5-years will again be capped off in some way so as to indicate that this 3.5-year period was part of a normal full seven-year span, of which the first 3.5 years was just the first half. (See, "The 2004 Comets". Also, other comet-related events have occurred to do with this code, and also with "Israel's Acrostic Bible Code".) 

(In the image at right, the "scepter/comet" overlaps the "lamp/balance" in the image above it. {An enlarged image of the comet/scepter is seen below. This same word for "scepter" also fittingly runs through the "throne" in the image of the above cherub. All three images at right are part of the same code and overlap.} The seven purple letters at right read: "The glitter of my scepter/comet!" And the scepter/comet itself reads, from bottom to top: "I am Jesus, A blessed Lamp and their king by appointment! Was He made a sin-offering to the Father?" Note that the letters are arranged in groupings of 'seven', including the purple letters. 'Seven' is the number of perfection. The scepter itself spans 12 x 12 letters {144} of biblical text {from Isa. 46:1} and thereby emphasizes the 12 tribes of Israel over which Messiah will rule forever.)



But will there be variations to our neat time-frame? I have presented what makes the most sense to me from my own study, based upon past patterns. 

But still, I ask myself: Will the time frame be 1260 + 1260 days, or 1290 + 1290 days, or perhaps even the 1260 + 1335 days of Daniel 12? 

However, as said, when there are different possibilities, they can usually be narrowed down by other concurring factors from entirely different sources, and in this case, a comet appearance favors 1260 + 1260 days, (or more likely 1260 + 1290 days), from Passover of 2004, and this is also in agreement with the dates encoded within the Balance Bible Code image of the scepter/comet.


We'll see! 

Perhaps nothing will happen, but instead the comet will appear 15 years from then instead, and so fulfill the same pattern in a slightly different way? 

River-scepter-star-bible-code-prophecy. "My glittering scepter." The comet/scepter is positioned toward the river of judgment in the bible code just as the literal comet was in the sky toward the constellation of Eridanus, (the river of the judge.) This was at the same time that the other comet was positioned toward the constellation of Leo (Lion), just as it was in the lion bible code! More often than not, all time frames are used by God in some way to mark the event, and not merely just one or the other. I mention these things only as something to watch for. There can, and likely will be, some unexpected twists to any numeric because God knows all the factors involved, including hidden ones man knows nothing of. Or perhaps nothing at all will happen so as to say to me that He does not want me to guess, but just watch and then ponder. But that proves little to the skeptic, and so I here venture some of these reasonable speculations that are based upon the hundreds of past patterns that have come to pass over the years that I have been observing and recording on my websites since Oct. 22, 1991.

Also see article on what date I think Mubarak will resign from office.

Also see supplemental article about the great Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.


Reads: "I am Jesus, A blessed lamp and their king by appointment. Was He made a sin-offering to the Father?"


Above encoded image discovered seven-years before Tabernacles, 2011

In image below, comet location at the very start of Tabernacles, 2011, 
as predicted by name in the Lion Bible Code Acrostic

Comet Elenin at the eve of Tabernacles, 2011.

(Also see main article, "What Does Comet Elenin Mean?")



See for chart and notes.

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