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Exact Dates of Iraq War Foretold on Net

(Introduction to the first of two parts)


How the timing of various events that fulfill the Mene-Tekel Bible Code
 were recorded on my first website years before they happened!

(Also see the Symbolic Geneva Peace Treaty of Dec. 1, 2003.)



Saddam hangs on day predicted by Bible Code
(Massive bible code put on net nearly 7 years ago, detailing both how and when)



Nov. 27, 2003

In advance of the final prophesied 7-year tribulation period, God continues His awesome end-time demonstration of how bible-prophecy numbers work by using current events as examples and signs! This is meant to prepare us for what is yet future. (Please do not get hung up on the complexities, but rather focus on the basics, and only after that, if you wish, come back to more complex details. The complexities are simply there to prove that these things are not mere chance; do not let them side track you from the main points.)

The symbolism of Bush's secret sudden "as a thief in the night" Thanksgiving visit to Iraq (Babylon), wherein after stepping out from behind the vale he served the faithful soldiers at the Hope Dining Facility, which banquet was exactly one week after his image fell in London (as he prepared to serve the Queen at that banquet)---all this will be elaborated tomorrow, Lord willing. The total eclipse of the sun at the bottom of the earth will also be explained, for it occurred exactly in the middle of this week, which was 1260 days from when the writing on the wall 'hand'-code appeared.

The hand-code appeared on the feast of Pentecost, 2000, so that "Pentecost week" and this said week are both 1260 days apart, etc, (Revelation 11-12). This week represents the wedding 'week' of Jacob (1929-1922 BC/AD, Genesis

Moreover, 3-days after his secret visit will also be exactly 3-years (of the Jewish calendar) from when the 'hand' appeared. Hence, the beginning, middle, and end of the seven is being high-lightened, for we "do not know when the master of the house will return." 

bible code

Jesus said:

"Let your loins be girded about, and your lamps burning; and be ye yourselves like unto men looking for their lord, when he shall return from the marriage feast; that, when he cometh and knocketh, they may straightway open unto him. Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them sit down to meat, and shall come and serve them. And if he shall come in the second watch, and if in the third, and find them so blessed are those servants. But know this, that if the master of the house had known in what hour the thief was coming, he would have watched, and not have left his house to be broken through. Be ye also ready: for in an hour that ye think not the Son of man cometh. And Peter said, Lord, speakest thou this parable unto us, or even unto all? And the Lord said, Who then is the faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall set over his household, to give them their portion of food in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Of a truth I say unto you, that he will set him over all that he hath," (Luke 12:35-44).

Also see the symbolic Geneva Peace Treaty of Dec. 1, 2003. It, too, relates to the hand-code.


Saddam's hiding holeUpdates: See Saddam's capture and the San Francisco blackout 1290 days after when the hand-code appeared, (Daniel 12:11). 

And the announcement to the world (1335 days after when the hand-code appeared) that Saddam's tomb (hole) is to be sealed (Daniel 12:12).



Updated Nov. 18-25, 2003.

The pattern continues as expected! The mene-tekel code was fulfilled following the biblical time-frames of 1150 days (to the Iraq war), 1260 (to the death of Saddam's sons), 1290 (to the New York blackout), and 1335 (to the Rome blackout). Not only does the code indicate these events, but amazingly, the very same sequence of biblical numbers was providentially the theme of our other website called, "The Writing on the Wall," long before it was known that there was a code within the words "mene-tekel-peres," in the writing on Babylon's palace wall! [The 2300 of Daniel 8 as 1150 days is explained here.]

But now, as anticipated, the line of numbers continues, except this time starting from when the 'hand' picture bible code was first seen in Daniel 5. [It was found 126 days after the mene-tekel bible code first began to be deciphered]. As there was 1150, 1260, 1290, and 1335 days from when the mene-code began to be decoded unto the said fulfilled events, so there seems to be a repeating of events as from when the 'hand' appeared in the code. This was anticipated ahead of time because the first time frame of 1150 days from when the hand picture-code first appeared had already been marked out by the Spirit, and so it seemed logical to expect the rest to follow. [This is discussed here, in a document all about President Bush as a type of the 'Ram' of Daniel 5. (Saddam's sons were buried on the 1150th day after the 'hand' appeared, etc.) It also happens that the 1335th day falls on the fourth anniversary of when the mene-code first began to be revealed, i.e. Feb. 4, 2000 to Feb. 4, 2004. As said, the hand appeared 126 days later on Pentecost, 2000.] 

As discussed later in this document, oddly, this time "The Two Witnesses" are represented by President Bush of the USA and Prime Minister Blair of England. (Despite what many think, the imagery of the book of Revelation is exceedingly vast in its application, as modern events race toward their cumulative fulfillment. The imagery becomes increasingly clear and obvious as the grand finale dawns. At present, things still appear as in a mist. But this does not mean that current partial prophetic parallels should be ignored as we await the emergence of the final product. By then it is too late to quickly grasp what is upon us. For one soon-coming day all these things will suddenly come like a trap upon the ignorant and unbelieving; bewildered, they will not escape the hand of antichrist---yet God is gracious; He delivered Lot out of Sodom.)

As I am writing, Bush is to meet Blair today, and stay in England 3 days before returning, a total 3-day trip: (From the time he went up in the plane to the time he returns home on the 21st of November. See bottom of table for exact calculation.) This 3-day trip falls 1260 days after when the hand first appeared! (It appeared about 11:30 pm EST, Pentecost, 2000, [June 8, 2000, which would have been the morning of June 9th in England]. Pentecost is when God breathed life into the Church and she was filled with the Spirit and power, Acts 2. They spoke in tongues, thereby undoing the Babylonian Babel effect thousands of years earlier.)  

Here is a brief excerpt from CNN: 

"The president will hold talks on Iraq with British Prime Minister Tony Blair during the three-day visit. The Bushes will stay at Buckingham Palace, where they will be the guests of Queen Elizabeth II. Bush is the first U.S. president to make a full state visit to Britain, officials say, and the security operation in London is unprecedented."

"Meanwhile, protest organizers raised their estimate for Thursday's march through central London from 60,000 to 100,000."

"Plans call for toppling a [bronze] mesh statue of Bush, Saddam style, in Trafalgar Square on November 20, (it fell after dark)." [Recall Nebachadnezzar's "Image/statue of Gold," (Daniel 3:1).

Here are some points of interest:

1. The visit has become associated with the Iraq war by speech, and by protest;

2. The emblem of ancient Babylon was a lion with eagles wings. The wings were removed and the lion stands upright, (Daniel 7:4). 
The emblem of America is an eagle, and Britain is a lion, the two countries that attacked Iraq (ancient Babylon)

3. These events are occurring in conjunction with renewed Israeli/Palestinian peace efforts between Russia, America, the EC, and the UN. (The UN has just now endorsed the peace plan, Nov. 19, 2003, at Russia's instigation). This continues "the road" to fulfillment of the famous prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27. The plan is called, "The Road Map to Peace."

4. Again, there is the general "Two-Witness" pattern consistently observed beginning from when the "Two Towers" fell, (part of his visit will be to meet "British families who lost loved ones on September 11"). Now we have two statues.

5. And again there are exact biblical time fames used, which tie-in these events into a single unit. Moreover, the actual day of Bush's return is on Nov. 21, which is Cheshvan 26 on the Jewish calendar, which is exactly 3-years from Iyar 26, which is the anniversary of when Jesus rose up to heaven into a cloud. (8 days later was the feast of Pentecost, when God breathed life and power into the Church. And as said, it is the anniversary of when the hand-code appeared. Note: "1260" is also 3-years using the 360-calendar of the prophets. In the Bible, '3' signifies half-of-seven, with seven being the number of perfection.)

Saddam statue about to fall.These dates are very important because, in Revelation 11, (where we have the narrative of the Two Witnesses), the "Two Witnesses" are given "Power" to prophesy 1260 days, (recall "Pentecost"). These two cause fear in the world (Babylon) just as Bush and Blair did in Iraq (ancient literal Babylon); The Two Witnesses are killed, but then 3-days later a "breath" enters them, (recall "Pentecost"), and then they rise up before their enemies and ascend into the sky to be hid by a cloud, (recall the anniversary of the "Ascension of Christ"). In the same way, Bush is scheduled to descend into England amid great hatred, and 3-days later ascend before his enemies back into the sky and return home---all this 1260 days after Pentecost (when the 'hand' appeared); and all this 3-years after the anniversary of when Jesus Himself ascended into the clouds to return home to His Father in like manner. Let Him that has ears to hear, hear!

One last note: In God's sovereign design, the BBC (of Britain) is to have a special on the Bible Codes late, Nov. 20, 2003---the day when the Bush-statue is to topple, which is the day before Bush returns home. I have not seen the broadcast (since this is written, Nov. 18), and I do not endorse 99.9% of the garbage claimed to be 'codes.' (See here for the criteria of a true code.) But the timing is uncanny as it will propel thousands to view this site daily who otherwise would not, so that you should likewise bear witness to the power of God as shown here.

As for what will happen during the next 3-days, we, along with the rest of the world, will have to watch and see. Perhaps the above is all that this sign will entail, or perhaps other events will follow? The point is that, "Jesus is Lord," (as the hand-code itself declares), and He is sovereign over the affairs of every nation. (This meeting was planned over two years ago!) And every knee will bow before Him. If you do not know Him, believe on Jesus as your Lord and Savior---repenting of your sins, and then you will be abundantly pardoned and saved from wrath and judgment.Twin towers light beams bible codes.

(Side note about picture on right: "The Two Witnesses" are also called, "The Two Lamp Stands," [Revelation 11:4]. Thus, the unlikely connection between the blackouts in Iraq, New York, and Rome, [and London, I might add!] The Twin Towers were replaced for a while with two great lamps reaching into the sky half-a-year after they fell.) 


Exact calculations:

The picture bible code of the hand was discovered Pentecost, 2000, (June 8) about 11:30 pm EST, which was 125 days after its counterpart mene-code was discovered that read: "The One putting Him to death."

1260 days later comes to 11:30 pm, Nov., 20, 2003 (or, about 4:30 am, Nov. 21 in England). Bush left about noon for England on Nov. 18 and will return Nov. 21, probably towards evening. This totals slightly less than exactly 3 days, with a half-day in excess of 1260 days, but a near exact 126 + 1260 from when the code first began to be decoded. This also means that the statue of Bush is to be toppled 1260 days (less half-a-day or so), from when the picture hand-code prophecy appeared. (And 1260 days to the BBC Bible Code special. Also on this day, Bush will be hosting "a reciprocal dinner for the queen." Recall that the hand appeared during the dinner feast of the king of Babylon. Please note that this 1260 pattern does not tell us whether Bush is a type of Daniel or Belshazzar, or both. In any case, we are to pray respectfully for our leaders.) bible code

It also means that the 3-day trip occurs up to a day ahead of where I expected to see it, (starting about noon, Nov. 18 rather than the 17th). However, the reason for this is that the dual years from 1999/2000 to 2006/7 appear to be emphasized. (Hence, this puts us currently in the middle of 7-years between AD 2000 and 2007.) That is, there is a one-year overlap represented by this one-day overlap. This is hard to explain without going into great detail, but the next short table is the key to understanding it. It is interesting that the BBC's special apparently refers to 2006 as the year of catastrophe. I am not saying that here, but only that it is noteworthy. What will happen in those years remains to be seen. Perhaps just another sign connected to this one, (my first guess). Perhaps the end of the world! Only God knows! The point is that we be ready by being in right relationship with King Jesus the Messiah.


The following is for those advanced in Bible-numbers study:

The day/year symbolism is occurring here, too. (See the day/year grid and the timing of the exodus.)

Note the prophecy of Daniel 9, and Nehemiah's famous "decree" of Nisan [10], 445 or 444 BC; this, plus 490 x 5 years later, less the "middle of the week," [of Daniel 9:24-27] equals Tishri 10 of 2002 and/or 2003, [490 x 5 is also 50 jubilees, hence the importance of the Day of Atonement, Tishri 10, also called the day of Jubilee, etc]. 


Continue to "Part One" of two parts;
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Saddam hangs on day predicted by Bible Code
(Massive bible code put on net nearly 7 years ago,
detailing both how and when.)



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