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Three naked-eye comets during solar eclipse of April 19/20, 2004. The 4 eclipses of 2004 form a 2-week patterns pointing to a day that signifes 1922 BC/AD,  when Jacob was married.

The Three Comets


(Update: Make that "12 comets" in 3.5 years!)

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Three great signs  on 1st anniversary of 9/11


Note: When I refer to the 12 constellations on my website, I am simply showing that God providentially guided men over the centuries to construct these imaginary images in the sky as they are known today so that He could use them as a back drop for heavenly signs. I am opposed to horoscopes, but open to the general imagery and what the constellations portray when a comet passes by them.



The images shown of the comets in the audio do not necessarily represent their actual brightness in the sky. Those images were from earlier predictions, and in particular they were what my astronomy software hoped for. However, their timing, location, and the direction of their tails remain the same, but their overall brightness was much less--- unless using binoculars or time-lapsed cameras. (See striking photo of 7 degree tail taken at Joshua Tree National Park. There is an 8-degree span between the comet and Leo's mouth. It is uncertain as to what the tail's size with binoculars was by that time as its magnitude was in decline.) 

Comets-small-high resolution under ideal conditions.. In Leo and Erandanus.The two comets as in the two picture bible codes---an impossible coincidence---not to mention Jacob's acrostic prophecy!While I could make the comets look fainter and thus more accurately portray what was visible to the naked eye, however, the comets would then become nearly invisible due to the backdrop of the constellation images. (Click on the left high resolution image to see what the right image of our audio presentation would more accurately look like. Ignore the extra asterisms.) Simply realize that each image should be toned down unless using using binoculars or time-lapsed cameras!





Background blacked like the dark sky. The comet can read, "The comet/scepter will not depart (from Judah)." It is located in same postion to Leo (Lion) as the actual comet that appeared in the sky.River-scepter-star-bible-code-prophecy. "My glittering scepter." The comet/scepter is positioned toward the river of judgment in the bible code just as the literal comet was in the sky toward the constellation of Eridanus, (the river of the judge.) This was at the same time that the other comet was positioned toward the constellation of Leo (Lion), just as it was in the lion bible code! While the first four out of the five comets generally did not attain full stature as expected, yet they were still remarkable due to the timing, location, and the high number that appeared in one year---and they were all in agreement with the picture bible codes of the river and the lion, and with the dreams. Since God could have had the comets appear in full splendor as hoped, it suggests to me that the time for their ultimate fulfillment, though at hand, has not yet come. We must wait a little longer for 'the scepter to pass to the One to whom it rightfully belongs!'


Why does God grant signs?

I believe that God mercifully grants signs everywhere throughout His creation. However, it is clear to me from the Scriptures that when the final great cosmic signs prophesied do begin to unroll that announce His immediate Second Coming, that they will be exceedingly dramatic and inescapable in meaning. His final signs will be unmistakable, "like lightning that flashes across the sky" that cannot be missed! They will be obvious signs, and not subtle like those of 2004. The 5 comets of 2004 were, therefore, just cursory signs--- token events about that which is to come. The comets, storms/tidal waves, and the deaths of Arafat and the Pope are only preliminary signs of what is to come, and nothing more. God grants such signs continuously. These are recorded for us in this website as an example of that. They are meant to encourage us to look up for our redemption draws near! They are not meant to encourage anyone to study bible codes or heavenly signs. They are simply to goad you toward fruitful service for Him in that they should encourage you that God has everything under control, and that Jesus will keep His promise to return again. They are meant to strengthen your faith and hope, which in turn prompt you towards works of love. (To audio.)



Three naked-eye comets during solar eclipse of April 19/20, 2004. The 4 eclipses of 2004 form a 2-week patterns pointing to a day that signifes 1922 BC/AD,  when Jacob was married.Comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR)

"Although the comet passed perihelion on April 23, it passed 0.27 AU from Earth on May 19, which caused it to slowly brighten through most of May. The magnitude was about 4 as May began and appears to have peaked between magnitude 2.5 and 3.0 during the period of May 20 to May 25. At its peak, the comet was at a low altitude for Southern Hemisphere observers and the coma was generally estimated as 10 arc minutes across.

This comet surprised a lot of people shortly after mid-May. First, the brightness curve was not smooth, but contained several unexplained dips and rises, which indicate the comet was fluctuating in brightness. Second, where most observers were reporting a tail length of 1° to 2°, there were indications of a much longer tail. Andrew Pearce (Noble Falls, W. Australia) had consistently reported a tail length of 4° to over 6° since the latter half of April and David Seargent (Cowra, New South Wales, Australia) was able to follow the tail for 13° with 2.5x25 binoculars on May 19.35. Most interesting was the photograph by John Drummond (Gisborne, New Zealand) that he had photographed a tail 43° long with a 24mm lens on May 19.30. Drummond's fellow New Zealander, Ian Cooper, obtained several images from the 16th to the 22nd, which showed a dramatic increase in the tail length to the 19th and then a rapid decline. Although the report of these images initially generated some controversy, Terry Lovejoy immediately offered confirmation when he displayed an image he took on May 20 that showed the tail extending out of the field of his camera, which indicated a tail length of over 25°. Lovejoy further pointed out that at the time of Drummond's observation the "end section of the ion tail ... was probably <0.1 AU from the earth."


Comet shines into Leo's mouth like Bible Prophecy Code! See Picture Bible Code of Lion with comet that reads, "The comet/scepter will not depart (from Judah)." It is located in same postion to Leo (Lion) as the actual comet that appeared in the sky.C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) 

(See striking image taken at Joshua Tree National Park.)

"The comet finally appeared to amateur astronomers of the Northern Hemisphere on the night of May 3/4. Numerous observers in the United States, from Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, southern California, and Hawaii, were able to spot the comet at a very low altitude just below the star Epsilon Canis Majoris. Most observers described the comet as appearing like a globular cluster between 7 and 10 arc minutes across, while a few noted a tail extension. Around this same time, observers in the Southern Hemisphere were giving the magnitude as between 3.2 and 3.6 on that date. The comet passed closest to Earth on May 6 and quickly attained a higher altitude for northern observers during the next week. Naked-eye observations were obtained from dark-sky locations and observers generally noted a magnitude of 2.8 to 3.0, while the coma diameter was generally estimated as 20 to 30 arc minutes. The tail was initially a short stub, but soon became longer and developed a filamentary structure. In addition, many observers noted the sunward side of the coma was abnormally bright, and many specially processed digital images revealed hoods near the nucleus."


Three naked-eye comets during solar eclipse of April 19/20, 2004. The 4 eclipses of 2004 form a 2-week patterns pointing to a day that signifes 1922 BC/AD,  when Jacob was married.C/2004 F4 (Bradfield)

"The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) obtained a nice series of images of this comet during the period of April 15 to 20, as well as observations of the tail well into April 21. This helped firm up the orbital calculations. The first observation of the comet in the morning sky was made by Michael Jäger and Gerald Rhemann, who observed from Stixendorf, Austria on April 22.12. Bright twilight was present and the comet was at a low altitude. No magnitude was estimated, but several German amateur astronomers who failed to locate the comet estimated that it must have been fainter than magnitude 2. Alan Hale (Cloudcroft, New Mexico) spotted the comet on April 22.48 with a 20-cm reflector. He said that in bright twilight the central condensation was visible, as well as a hint of material extending toward the west-northwest. He said the condensation was slightly brighter than the star 84 Piscis, causing him to estimate the comet's magnitude as 4.5. J. Shanklin (England) spotted the comet on April 23.14 while using 20x80 binoculars. He estimated the magnitude as 2.6.

The comet was widely observed and widely photographed in the morning sky during the remainder of April, as the comet faded to magnitude 5.8. The comet was accompanied by a long tail, with visual observers noting a length of up to 10° on April 27 and photographers revealing over 20° around the same date."


See "Why Would God Use the Zodiac for a Sign?"


(Update: Make that "12 comets" in 3.5 years!)

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