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144000 and 666 of the 
English Bible Code

and how these numbers relate to each other

(Sept. 7, 2007)



Someone else wrote: (My response follows)




At 02:58 PM 9/6/2007, you wrote:

Hi Dean,

I have found over 20 layers of code in the Seer code, but before I send it to you, I just need to know that the ELS and its integrity are in tact for the whole picture. I did send an email yesterday please bear in mind I come from the age of slide rulers and sometimes a bit slow in picking up the nimble fingers and quick minds of the computer boffins like yourself. In your paper you state the ELS as being 11982 and further down the page you say it is exactly 12000, so hence I am trying to build a mathematical picture in my mind.




Hello Dean,
You were so quiet, i decided to use Nelsons Electronic Bible, King James version to map your results. Fortunately Wordperfect has reveal codes and global edits to remove numbers and punctuation marks. It took me the whole of Saturday with two errors, that i found late in the afternoon.
It is really awesome the words found, the results are profound, thanks. You  now have someone who has verified what you have found, the ELS for the page is exactly and precisely to the letter 11982.
How many e-mails do you get a day and do you become a punching bag, (keyboard abuse) from time to time?



My response to the above emails...


Thank you for your prophetic poem. I will ponder it!

By the way, I rarely use the computer to find anything. The only thing that the computer has found in the KJV pictographic bible code is the phrase, "I am Yeshua!" That is all.

About the number 12000. When I see numbers, it is the same as reading a language. They read to me as if they were plain English. And the numbers in the bible are a language. I can read this 'language' because I spent about 35,000 hours studying them, most of that before I even heard of Bible Codes. It is this language that I, personally, find the most exciting.

Quite bluntly, unless the numeric is bang on, I consider a picture code spurious, let alone one that does not produce images. And "bang on" means that it must produce unending patterns that agree with the image itself and it must also interconnects with all the other images discovered in the Hebrew Bible. This is an incredibly tall order, but if it is God, then it will do just that. By means of this numeric the images should overlap one another, even those in the Hebrew bible, to tell one long pictorial story. 

And beside that, the pictographic codes will weave into a timeline of past events as recorded in the bible, by dating them, and then in turn reach into our present by linking itself with current news events that, in turn, are a shadow of what is yet to come. A recent example is the sad case of the many fishermen who lost their lives to Hurricane Felix, about a month after the English (KJV) bible code was put out. (Also see Hurricane Dean, etc.) This sort of thing has occurred several dozen times now, each meticulously documented. (See, "20 Proofs that Pictographic Bible Codes are Genuine." And Numeric of Jesus-walking-on-the-water picture bible code.)

So then, what numeric is better for communicating the idea of 'a group being sealed, some for life and some for death?' 

Would it be an even "12000", that is, an 'ELS of 12000 x 12 times,' equaling 144000? Or an 'ELS of 12000 less 18, (i.e., ELS 11982)'?

Why 12000 less "18"?

The number "18" equals "6 + 6 + 6". In the bible, the number 6-6-6 parallels the number 144,000 as its opposite, (Rev. 13-14), Moreover, "18" x 12 = 216, that is, "6 x 6 x 6", for a total of 144000 less 216 (6 x 6 x 6).

And not just that, but it happens that 12000 divided by its own "18" (6 + 6 + 6) equals 666.666, as does 144,000 divided by its own total of 216, (6 x 6 x 6). 

What could be a more obvious connection to all that this passage entails?

Rev 13:16-14:1 "And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty and six. And I saw, and behold, the Lamb standing on the mount Zion, and with him a hundred and forty and four thousand, having his name, and the name of his Father, written on their foreheads."


Picture Bible Code Prophetess -wife of lamb (Seeress)(Recall that the 144,000 is made up of 12 tribes of 12000 each, (Rev. 7), just like the ELS of the bible code. Also note that the image of the prophetess is largely about the sealing of the 144,000 and of the wicked with 6-6-6. Thus, the image fits the numeric.)

And this "18" serves many other purposes. For instance, in the image, the diagonal sail has two ropes either side that also serve as the outline of a river when compared to the Balance Bible Code. At the river there are nets being used to harvest the last-days harvest of "fish". On this angle, the bible code is therefore at 12000 less "17" letters x 9 lines of letters. It happens that 9 x 17 = 153, thus the length of the river is 12000 x 9 (108,000), less 153. "153" is the number of "large fish" caught in the book of John, and that story in the book of John in fact symbolizes the end of the age harvest, when "the nets did not break", although there was so large a catch of fish on that occasion --- after Jesus was risen.

And 108,000 is 300 x 360, but because the code is on a ratio of 100-letters-equals-one-year, therefore, 300 years really equals 3 years, which in turn represents the 3-day resurrection of Christ.

The point is that at first glimpse, it seems better to place the bible code at an even 12000 rather than an ELS of 11982, but upon closer analysis we see that it is better to have it 12000 less 18 letters (11982).

Moreover, the 18, forms other patterns because it evenly divides into 360 exactly 20 times. This means, for instance, that the distance of the three Noah's apart from one another (in an image here seen for the first time), are apart by exactly 12000 x 7 {less 7 x 18} (times two). It happens that 7 x 18 = 126. This makes 12000 x 7 (less 126), times, 12000 x 7 (less 126) for this part of the code, (which is also the length of its mountain).

The 126 + 126 speaks of the 1260 + 1260 of the coming tribulation period spoken of in the book of Revelation, (chapters 11-13). Moreover, the "126 + 126" is centered exactly at the middle of the boat (and mountain) in the picture code, at the very line of letters that represent the year of Noah's flood --- when the Ark/boat rested upon Mount Ararat! Thus, when the bible says that the boat with the 12 disciples in it rowed/sailed in contrary winds --- in the "middle of the lake" --- in the middle of the night, all this symbolizes the middle of the 1260 + 1260-day Great Tribulation period that is to come. (See "1260 days/years Bible Prophecy." Hence, the 126 + 126 letters of the code symbolizes the same thing as 'the middle of the night', and "middle of the lake".)

eng-cypher-noe-144000-mountain-flood.jpg (145589 bytes)Moreover, the length of the boat is 9 lines long, hence 12000 x 8 less 18 x 8 letters. That is, 96,000 less 144 letters. (144 is one-thousands 144000, and 144 is also one of the lengths of the "New Jerusalem, which is the bride coming down from heaven", which is also what this Picture Bible Code is portraying, (Rev. 21). 

But from the boat to the direction that it is heading is the encoded word, "NORTH" positioned directly above the image of the boat, a total span of 12 x 12,000 letters (less the said 216, or, 6 x 6 x 6). Now it happens that Bethsaida, where Jesus told the disciples to go to, was located at the very northern tip of the lake of Galilee. In the code, the shore in the image where the boat is docked at reads, "Bethsaida", and as said, four lines directly above that it reads, "North". What could be more plainer? The boat docked in Bethsaida the northern tip of the lake!

This is especially significant because scholars debate what direction the boat was traveling. The Gospels appear to be giving conflicting information, and yet this code explains that difficulty! 

So, you put all this together, including the numeric, and we have here symbolized 'the redeemed of the Lord ('144,000' redeemed from fallen man, '6-6-6'), saved like a fish snatched up from the sea (world), and heading upward ("NORTH") in the Ark of Jesus,' up and out of this world at the beginning, middle, or end of the coming storm of the tribulation as envisioned by the prophetess, who herself symbolizes the raptured church.'

(The code allows for different possibilities as to the exact timing of the rapture during the seven-years tribulation. And I do not claim to solve this issue, but on the contrariwise, I believe that it is hidden from our eyes.) 




eng-noe-walking-by-prophecy-cross.jpg (139914 bytes)More About the Boat
(Click images to enlarge)

The image of the boat is formed in part by the words, "I AM YESHUA". (Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus, thus putting emphasis on the Hebrew in the phrase, "I AM YESHUA". And this key phase also ties it into the separate Hebrew code of the Balance Bible Code, that reads along the "river/balance/lamp" at ELS of just 12 letters (one one-thousandth of the parallel English Code at about 12000). It reads, "Be still! Be calm before me! I AM YESHUA! {Forever my name is Jah!} Be still and then you will shine/flow like a river!"). This is more or less the same thing that Jesus said to His frightened disciples when he approached the boat in the storm walking on the water, which biblical text is also the very location of the actual surface text where the front of the boat is located, "AT BETHSAIDA".

In Hebrew, "I AM" is "Anee", which is also how one says "boat" in Hebrew. ("I AM" and "BOAT" sound the same in Hebrew.) Hence the reading of the boat means, "I AM (the boat/ark), YESHUA!" (The middle line of code that runs through the boat is encoded as the year of the flood of Noah, 2648-2646 BC), 1200 years before the exodus in 1446 BC, and so forth and so on.

English-Noe-ark.jpg (145075 bytes)Image is of Jesus (as Noah, KJV, "NOE"), "passing by" (as the the Gospel says) on the way "TO".... (Note: "Where to?", is the question the image prompts you to ask!)

In the middle at top, (which four corners form mountain), the flag also reads, "NOE". It is perfectly centered and with the wind blowing in the same direction with all three NOE's. The line of text going through the center of the image (and of the boat) is encoded with date of 2646 BC, the date of Noe's Flood! The mountain, therefore, is Mount Ararat, and the boat is symbolically the Ark. 



Below image is turned on its side
eng-noe-reflection.jpg (161239 bytes)







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