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Hurricane Tornadoes 2004

Eugene W. McCaul, Jr., USRA, Huntsville, AL

The year 2004 will be remembered not only for its large number of significant and damaging land-falling tropical cyclones, but also for the number and destructiveness of the tornadoes they spawned. According to preliminary counts, the six tornado land falling TCs spawned some 312 tornadoes, the most of any year since reliable records have become available. The TC tornadoes were the single biggest reason why both August and September posted record large tornado counts in 2004. To help put the 2004 season in perspective, recall that the number of tornadoes documented in the largest extant TC tornado climatology, which spanned a 39-year period from 1948-1986, was only 626 (McCaul 1991). The count for 2004 alone is almost half that amount! Thus, it appears that the 2004 season yielded some 15 YEARS worth of TC tornadoes, even accounting for the tendency for numbers to be larger in recent years owing to improved detection and reporting.

Of the six landfalling TCs that spawned tornadoes, two produced major outbreaks that rival the reigning champion, Hurricane Beulah of 1967. Frances spawned some 108 tornadoes from 4-8 September, only to be followed by Ivan, with another 108 tornadoes during 15-17 September. Ivan produced at least 4 killer tornadoes, the first TC to accomplish this feat since 1891, according to severe weather historian Tom Grazulis (Grazulis 1993). As of the end of September 2004, landfalling TCs had accounted for six of the 14 killer tornadoes in the United States, and 11 of the 28 deaths. More complete statistics will be presented at the conference in San Diego.

One of the biggest ironies of the 2004 season was the fact that all the TC tornadoes occurred east of a line extending from near Pensacola, Florida, up through the Appalachian Mountains. This was the result of a persistent flow pattern that featured a recurrent long-wave trough over or west of the Appalachians, with the western tip of the Bermuda High lying just east of the Georgia coast. As a consequence, many Atlantic coast states experienced the brunt of a number of major tropical cyclones, and saw either their biggest annual tornado totals or biggest tornado outbreaks of record. States like Virginia and South Carolina now sport larger peak annual tornado totals records than states farther west like Alabama and Mississippi. The TCs of 2004 have truly rewritten the tornado record books!

Although the favored geographical region for TC tornadoes in 2004 was unusually far east, the characteristics of the TCs themselves were well in line with what previous research has shown to be predictive of TC tornado productivity (see, e.g., McCaul 1991). The two biggest tornado producers, Frances and Ivan, were both quite large, and had peak intensity ratings of category 4 and 5 respectively, before interacting with the North American continent. Furthermore these TCs moved at moderate forward speeds, consistent with earlier climatologies which showed that TCs that move either too slowly or too fast tend to have diminished tornado potential. The TC tornado outbreaks were also well-behaved in the sense that nearly all the tornadoes occurred in the right-front or northeast quadrants of the TCs. Furthermore, the weak baroclinic boundaries identified in a recently published study of a 1994 TC tornado outbreak (McCaul {\etal} 2004) were also evident in the major TC tornado events of 2004. The tornadic potentials of Frances, Ivan and Jeanne were duly noted by the Storm Prediction Center, which for the first time issued a number of Moderate Risk outlooks for expected TC tornado activity.


Meanwhile, the Nation's preliminary year-to-date count of tornadoes (466 through April 9) and tornado-related fatalities (48) remained exceptionally high compared to the 1982-2005 annual averages of 1077 tornadoes and 55 deaths. http://www.cattlenetwork.com/content.asp?contentid=29042


Cyclone Monica 

The tropical cyclone Monica that was forecast to strike Darwin was one of the most powerful ever recorded in the whole world! It was more powerful than record breaking hurricane Wilma. Cat 5 Monica had gusts to 350 km an hour a little before it made landfall.

(Here is a handy time-zone converter to convert time to EST --- 
As said, The Balance Bible Code was discovered the morning of June 27, 2004, EST.)

Monica smashes Terrority rainfall records

April 27, 2006

Storms ... a late cyclone season has contributed to the record rainfall / file

A LATE monsoon and Cyclone Monica have combined to produce record rainfall figures for Darwin.

With three days to go until the end of April, there has already been a record amount of rainfall in Darwin since records were first kept 65 years ago, with 383mm recorded since April 1.

The previous April record of 357mm for Darwin was recorded in 1953.

Almost 300mm of rain fell at Goat Island in the 24 hours to 9am yesterday. (Equals 667.5 days or half of said 1335 days.)

Adelaide River east recorded 225mm during the same period, while 187mm fell at the Adelaide River post office.

The daily rainfall record for April in the Territory is 545mm at Roper Valley in 1963.


Weather bureau senior forecaster Sam Cleland said it was unusual for the Territory to be hit with a late monsoon and an intense cyclone in April.

"April is usually the transition month between the Wet and the Dry," he said.

"We started the month with a late burst of monsoonal activity that dumped a substantial amount of rainfall and topped it up with an intense cyclone at the end."

The dry season starts on May 1.

"Now ex-Cyclone Monica is moving away from the Territory the likelihood of rainfall should decrease," Mr Cleland said.

Ex-Cyclone Monica has weakened to a tropical low centered around the Daly River and is expected to move into Western Australia's Kimberley region in the next few days with the potential to reintensify into a cyclone.


Cyclone spares Darwin, but threatens WA

Cyclone Monica has spared Darwin and has weakened to a tropical low, but may intensify again before menacing Western Australia.

Monica was packing winds of up to 350kph near its core when it touched down on Monday night at Maningrida, in the far north of the Northern Territory. (Equals the said 666 days.)

However, the former category five cyclone significantly weakened once it made landfall.

The storm traveled further south and further inland than predicted, sparing Darwin what had been feared would an even more destructive storm than Cyclone Tracy that devastated the city in December 1974.

Darwin received rain and winds of up to 60kph as the cyclone weakened from a category one to a tropical low at about 1pm (CST) on Tuesday.


Monica first made landfall along a peninsula in neighboring Queensland state on April 19, damaging an estimated 15% of the homes in the Lockhart River area before passing over the Gulf of Carpentaria and re-intensifying, Australian weather officials said.

Queensland is still cleaning up from Cyclone Larry, which hit March 20, causing an estimated A$350 million (US$261 million) in insured losses. Insurance Australia Group Ltd. (ASX:IAG) is estimating its losses from Cyclone Larry at between A$100 million and A$135 million (BestWire, April 24, 2006). (Note the 30 days between these two great tropical storms and the 30 days mentioned as from the 390th day of Ezekiel, etc., and the leap month. It works out to 30 + 630.5 days.)


Side note: 

"Brutus" the crocodile (which means, "A stupid crocodile!")

See the crocodile story that made headlines as they cleaned up from cyclone Monica! I understand this as a God-given analogy. The tree meant to be cut at the top represents the evolutionary tree in which it is claimed that man is the top of the tree and that we are descended from the fish/crocodile lower down the evolutionary tree. In the garden of Eden, the dragon (crocodile) (that is Satan) reached to the top of this tree and caused man to fall. However, the lie is that such a tree even exists, for in reality God made man, and man is not the result of brute evolution as claimed by Charles Darwin, after whom the spared city of Darwin was named.

Angry croc in chainsaw massacre

In a bizarre incident near Darwin yesterday, a 4.4m saltwater crocodile named Brutus stood on its tail, reached up a tree and snatched a chainsaw from a handyman...

"It was unbelievable," said the relieved chainsaw operator, mining worker Fred Buckland. "It all happened so quickly."

The drama unfolded at about 9am at Corroboree Park Tavern, 80km southeast of Darwin, where several trees had blown over as a result of wind from Cyclone Monica, which passed through the area early in the week. One had fallen against a crocodile enclosure, where tourists come to see the 800kg beast known as Brutus.

So Mr Buckland, 47, went up the tree to cut the top off with a chainsaw. Before long, the croc was reaching almost 5m up the tree.

"He was moving at a hundred mile an hour," Mr Buckland said. "I wouldn't have thought something so big could move so quick. I sacrificed my chainsaw. It was either that or me, so he got the chainsaw."

(The man jumped out of the tree to get away from the crocodile.)

Compare this to the sign of antichrist that happed half-1290 days from the Balance Bible Code: The Gospel of Judas and The So-Called Missing-Link Fish Fossil Find (Posted April 7, 2006). Cyclone Monica was half-1335 days, or 666 and/or 667.5 days. See '666' and the antichrist connection of above article. (See Daniel 12.)

God spared the city of Darwin because He delights in mercy and because no doubt people were praying. However, God warns that Darwinian theory will one day bite fallen man (like a crocodile), that is, it will bring due punishment like a great storm upon the inhabitants of the earth for replacing the honor of the Creator and giving it to the dragon/crocodile, who claims to be the storm-god. And the punishment will be severe --- like the bite of a chainsaw --- for the haughtiness of man will be cut down, and the top of the evolution-tree with it! 

Hurricanes of 2004-2011 predicted

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