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Arafat the Bull(y)

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"Arafat died on the day he was born and was born on the day he died!!!"
"The chances of this happening on both his birth and death are remote indeed!"


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I find this very interesting: "In the interview, Sharon mentioned by name two West Bank settlements rich in biblical associations -- Shiloh, where the Book of Joshua relates the dividing of land among Israelites, and Beit El, where Jacob dreamed of angels ascending a ladder to heaven."

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but those two places and events have much to do with Jacob's blessings to his 12 sons in Genesis 49, about which I have been studying and writing about for the past month. I wonder if something is up? Read Acrostic

Also, I believe that Arafat's dying on the same days that I was decoding the acrostic to do with Esau as a bull attacking Israel and then being put to death, etc., was not a coincidence. What better figure in all the world is there that depicts vengeful Esau---brother of Jacob/Israel then Arafat? 

I believe that Arafat was just a token and foreshadow of another great enemy of Israel to come---the antichrist.

Every day is symbolizing a year. I have spoken about it throughout my websites. It happens that "The Father of modern terrorism," Yasser Arafat, died twice!---a week apart. At first his death was announced by Israel on Nov. 4, 2004---but it looks like they kept him alive artificially, though likely brain dead, another week until Remembrance Day, Nov. 11, 2004. (Note: Nov. 4, 2001 was 1150 days exactly from the greatest terrorist incident ever to occur, the fall of the Twin Towers! See the 1150 of Daniel 5, "2300 evenings and mornings." This is discussed further in "Arafat Foreshadows Antichrist".) It happens that this week of Nov. 4-11 corresponds to as symbolic day/year of 1929 to 1922 BC. This seven years are the same seven years that Jacob worked for a wife. It is also, therefore, the year that Jacob fled from Esau, the bull ("you will cast his yoke off you..." Genesis ? "Yoke" of a bull or ox, that is)... and thus perfectly fits in with the acrostic that has Esau vengefully seeking the life of his brother. Esau later became the Edomites---the Arabs, more or less. Interestingly, 1929 BC as AD 1929 was the year Arafat was born! He died on a day symbolic of the year he was born! If there was not a continuation of this sort of thing over the past years with all sorts of mayor world events, then I would assume this to be a coincidence. But the fact is that there has been a continuation, and no doubt there will continue to be. God has all world events marked on His calendar. Even the life and days of his enemies are in His hands. 

I have not talked about this openly on my own website because it might cause more people to back away then to believe. Many hold Arafat to be a hero. But by recording it here at least if God wants to do something with what is written herein then He has something to work with, for I wasn't sure if I should bother mentioning anything about Arafat directly. 

Also of note is that the 75 years of his life fits in with the 1260 + 75 = 1335 years of Revelation 12-13 and Daniel 12. Interestingly, he was rushed to the hospital in France on Oct. 29, the 75th anniversary of the Stock Market crash in 1929, about which the acrostic also links Arafat too---believe it or not! It says, "The rich bull became a quick/(weak) bear charging toward her." The bull is Edom, the bear is Russia, the bear will replace the bull as Israel's upcoming enemy---an enemy far worse than Edom (Esau). However, a rich bull market and a poor bear market are also economic terms that point to coming depression, such as the seven years of famine of Joseph when he saw seven fat and thin cows coming up from the Nile, symbolic of seven years of plenty and famine. It happened twice to show that the dream was certain, just as Arafat died twice, 7 days apart, to show that the death of Gog, captain of the coming Russian confederacy, with likewise certainly perish, (Ezek. 38-39). 

The 75 years of Arafat links back to the end of the 390 and 430 days that Ezekiel lay on his side symbolic of the siege upon Jerusalem that fell exactly seven years later. (Ezek. 4). God has consistently been using this point of reference with me in my studies over the years. As said, seven years after Ezekiel began his symbolic siege the real one occurred, and Israel went into captivity to Babylon. And Edom rejoiced!

Ezekiel's symbolic siege ended August of 592 BC, plus 1260 + 1260 years = AD 1929 August, the month and year Arafat (Edom) was born. It may well be to the very day, I have not checked it. (Update: It is to the very day! See below. The following was added to the above a few days later.)


Note, it is uncertain whether he was born August 4 or 24, 1929. It appears that the French death certificate has him born in Jerusalem on August 4. August 24th is the date that we will look at after the following note, but the 24th is even more significant in that it is more obvious in meaning.

"Arafat was the fifth of seven children born to a Palestinian textile merchant. A birth certificate registered in Cairo, Egypt gives August 24, 1929 as his date of birth, as confirmed by Arafat's biographer Alan Hart and Palestinian biographer, Said K. Aburish. Some sources support Arafat's claim to have been born in Jerusalem on August 4, 1929, and still others have given Gaza, Palestine, as his birthplace." (See notes at bottom for sources.)

It appears Arafat had two births as well as two deaths, in the sense that no one can tell which birth-date is the correct one! He also was born in two places! Since the Aug. 4th birth-date corresponds to the symbolic date of 2025 BC (as said), then August 24th (Av 18), therefore, corresponds to 2005 BC---20 days later. (That is, 20 symbolic day/years). Both 2025 and 2005 BC are of interest since 'the day of shattering' was on the symbolic day/year of 2006 BC, as recorded in Ezek. 9, (see balance bible code.) But much more significantly, both Jacob and Esau were literally born on 2006 BC! And Arafat (a type of Esau) died on AD 2004. The symbolic date of AD/BC 2005 is thus in the middle of the two dates of 2004 and 2006. (Also note that in Jewish reckoning, their modern New Year begins in September, thus the death of Arafat on November 11, of 2004 can be taken as belonging to AD 2005. Any Israeli Jew will know this.)

Hence, symbolically speaking, Arafat died on the day he was born and was born on the day he died!!! The chances of this happening numerically on both his birth and death are very remote indeed! Moreover, both his birth and death have two dates about which the world is generally in ignorance as to which one is correct. In the numbers, I have always understood this to mean that both dates are to be taken as is, and are so ordained by God. (The traditional and actual dates of the birth and death of Jesus are a good example. Their are two camps for each side.) For further numerics see, Yasser Arafat, A Foreshadow of Antichrist.


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