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Bible-Code Prophecy

Election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI
 Why was he elected on Triumphal Entry?

And, the timing of Premier Silvio Berlusconi of Italy (Rome)
 handing in his resignation.


Further Details:

There are now numerous documents on this website showing how that there is a numeric grid upon every day wherein each day represents a year of time counting down in consecutive order. The grid is based upon the prophecy-dates of the book of Ezekiel and forwarded to now by the biblical numbers of either 1260 + 1260, 1260 + 1290, 1290 + 1290 years, or, as in this case, by 1260 + 1335 literal years. (See Daniel 12, Revelation 12.) We said that the Pope's death represents as symbolic year 1780 BC, therefore 17 days later (when they elected the new Pope) is thus as symbolic 1763 BC. (1780 less 17 day-years = 1763 BC.) Now it happens that the meaning of this year of 1763 BC is perfectly consistent with the other seven points discussed in the main article! (Also, see note about time-grid in, "Mount Carmel Fire".)

1763 BC less 1150 day-years = 613 BC (The period of the fall of Assyria. Assyria had defeated the northern kingdom of Israel in 722 BC. Assyria was also called Babylon.) (Daniel 8 refers to the 1150/2300 days. Click here for more on that.)

Less another 1150 day-years (a total of 2300) = AD 538---the mirror of 538 BC, which is the year after the fall of Babylon, (that overthrew Jerusalem [Judah] in 586 BC), and 538 BC is itself the year that the decree to allow the Jews to return by king Cyrus was issued, and it is the very year of the great prophecy of Daniel 9---the same bible prophecy that predominates the main article about which we are here detailing! (And note point '4' about the 1150 x 3 years.)

But it is the day after the Pope was elected that is most interesting! The Pope heads the church of Rome, but a premier heads the city of Rome and it's nation of Italy. It happens that this premier resigned today---April 20, 2005---the day after the Pope was elected!

(Associated Press) ROME Apr 20, 2005  "Premier Silvio Berlusconi handed the president his resignation Wednesday and pledged to form a new government to strengthen his coalition, which has been weakened by a sluggish economy and opposition to Italian involvement in Iraq.

The premier's resignation brings to an end to Italy's longest-serving government since World War II. Berlusconi had been under pressure to resign since a stinging defeat in regional elections earlier this month."

Since the Pope was elected on a day the represents 1763 BC, therefore the next day symbolizes as 1762 BC, therefore, less the 1150 day-years = 612 BC, (the year of the fall of Assyria. Assyria had defeated the northern kingdom of Israel in 722 BC).

Less another 1150 day-years (a total of 2300) = AD 539 ---the mirror of 539 BC, the very year of the fall of Babylon. (Babylon had overthrown Jerusalem in 586 BC).


What is God indicating by the timing of these related events?

Rome is Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17-18. Rome is the final empire that ruled the earth and trampled down God's people. Here we have the religious and political heads of Rome either being put in power or resigning. Interesting! It is just another simple sign to remind us of the two beasts of Revelation 13---political and religious. They are simply a sign of what is to come. They are just tokens of what will occur on the earth by two others who will wield similar power in future days. By this we are reminded that God rules all things and He gives power to whom He wills, and puts down whom He wills. Therefore, when God decides, the day of His Son and His righteous rule will surely come upon this earth as the prophets declare. It will come and not delay!


Note about 1446 BC (Passover of Exodus) 
and 516 BC (Passover of Zerubbabel upon completion of the temple.)

1260 days Bible Prophecy

The Pope's Signet Ring

The Popes inaugural mass and passing of the official ring to him occurs on Passover 2005. This is 1150 x 3 years from the Passover of 1446 BC and 1260 x 2 years from the Passover of 516 BC, (Ezra 6:19, 22). Both have much to do with the Temple since the Tabernacle began to be built within half-a-year after the Exodus. Thus the 516 BC temple is the rebuilding of that same humble tabernacle (made magnificent by Solomon 480 years after the Exodus.) The Roman Catholic church makes much of splendid temples and the like, though the New Testament tells us that the only temple God is concerned with now is the human heart. Solomon's temple fell to the Babylonians in 586 BC, 430 x 2 years after the exodus of 1446 BC, (with the period spent in Egypt also 430 years), and this agrees with the 430 day/year prophecy of Ezekiel (Ezek. 4). (Also, 430 x 3 equals the 1290 of Daniel 12.) This leaves exactly 70 years between 586 abd 516 BC, fulfilling the 70-year prophecy of Zechariah, and in part of Jeremiah as well. (The 70 years of Jeremiah chiefly found its fulfillment between the first wave of exile of Judah in 606/605 BC till their return in 538-536 BC, which, in turn, was 430 years after Solomon built the temple. (There is another 430 from when Solomon fished his building program after 20 years---which included his grand palace---until the 516 BC of the rebuilding of the temple by Zerubbabel about which we speak.)

Picture Bible Code of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah bearing His cross, staff, rod, and sword! "His star" shines at top! All pretenders to the throne will be crushed.It happens that the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonians lasted 930 days until the temple was destroyed (in 586 BC). Interestingly, the span of time between 1446 BC (of the exodus) until 516 BC (of the rebuilding of the temple) is also 930 years, the equivalent of the 930 days until it was destroyed 70 years earlier. The 930 days and years is not coincidental since God told Ezekiel to lay on his side 390 + 40 days (430 days total), 'A day for each year for the sins of Israel and Judah.' At that time, Ezekiel was commanded to besiege the city symbolically for this said period of time, using a model of the city. Seven years later, (1260 x 2 days), the city indeed fell---after the 930-day siege as mentioned. Interestingly the 930 is the inverse of the 390 of Ezekiel's symbolic siege. 

The prophecy of Daniel's 70 x 7 days/years combines with Ezekiel's 430 day/siege as well---and with the 1150, 1260, 1290 and 1335 days of Daniel and Revelation. This summarizes the bible numbers quickly, but the point in mentioning all this is to show the connection of the 1446 and 516 BC Passover dates, and hence the 1150  x 3 and the 1260 x 2-year connection to Passover 2005 of the Popes inauguration. These numbers all work within each other as a wheel within a wheel, (which the symbolic meaning of Ezekiel's wheels), and are high and awesome. Days are intersecting years of equal value that in turn intersects all the different bible numbers, which ultimately turn out to be the 'wheels' of God's clock---ticking away! The bible numbers are as amazing as the picture bible codes, and both harmonize, as do earth and heavenly events---though all are passed figuring out, so that foretelling the future is impossible. They are not intended to be used to predict the future, but to know and understand the One who holds the future, and every mans life in His hands. 

What does the numeric mean?

Background blacked like the dark sky. The top of the comet/scepter reads, "His star," and "when the star appeared," each 2x.The numeric identifies the Pope as one that holds 1.1 billion souls in bondage while the temple of the Lord lies in ruins. But the final exodus of the Lord draws nigh---and He shall revive His people---the temple---and shall deliver both houses of Israel, but each in their time. The day is coming when the abomination that causes desolation will be removed and the Lord Himself will sit and take His signet ring---to whom it belongs---and usher in His reign of everlasting peace and righteousness. Seals will be opened by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah---the Passover Lamb! (Revelation 5-6.) (Jesus entered Jerusalem at the Triumphal entry as the lion/king of Judah, on Nisan 10, and Jesus died in Jerusalem on Passover as the Lamb/priest of Levi, on Nisan 14/15. Jesus was from the lineage of Judah and perhaps Levi as well since Mary was related to John the Baptist---a Levite. In any case, Jesus was king and high priest "after the order of Melchizedek," (Heb. 5:10). The picture bible code of the Lion of Judah also brings this out. The Pope is mirroring these things.) 

Jesus said to Peter: "The gates of Hell cannot prevail against the Church." The clock ticks on God's schedule, but the vanity of man must now rule for a little time, but then the Kingdom will be given to the saints of the Most High and they will possess it forever and ever. This is the general meaning of the timing of the Pope's inaugural address landing on Passover 2005.

Three naked-eye comets during solar eclipse of April 19/20, 2004. The 4 eclipses of 2004 form a 2-week patterns pointing to a day that signifes 1922 BC/AD,  when Jacob was married.Jesus said to Peter: "I will make you a fisher of men!" (Recall the ring of the Pope bearing the image of Peter casting his net from a fisherman's boat.) The unusual sign of 3 naked-eye comets appearing about the time of Passover-week last year also declared this same message. Ponder the heavenly sign of the two fish in chains. The Passover Lamb (Aries) will set them free to ride on the wings of the White Horse above them. (I.e., the constellation of "Chief Horse" [Pegasus] is found just to the right of this image, and not visible here.) 


Comet shines into Leo's mouth like Bible Prophecy Code! See Picture Bible Code of Lion with comet that reads, "The comet/scepter will not depart (from Judah)." It is located in same postion to Leo (Lion) as the actual comet that appeared in the sky. The first comet moved along the border between the constellation of Pegasus and Pieces (2004). This happened on the anniversary of the Triumphal Entry one year before the election of the Pope---but the glorious sun hid the comets from view for another week or so. Background blacked like the dark sky. The comet can read, "The comet/scepter will not depart (from Judah)." It is positioned toward the lion as the comet is toward the constellation of Leo (Lion). This is also true of the Balance Bible Code and the constellation of Eridanus, (the river of the judge.) This agrees with the acrostic bible code which begins with the words: "Jesus, you will fly! With you will be a people!" (See Revelation 20.)  (See, Acrostic Bible Code Prophecy.) The bible teaches that Jesus will return blazing like the blinding sun and riding on a white horse with His saints with Him. By the middle of May, the third comet shone into the mouth of Leo as in the picture bible code. 


The Pope's Signet Ring

A Signet and a Staff!

Picture Bible Code of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah bearing His cross, staff, rod, and sword! "His star" shines at top! All pretenders to the throne will be crushed.The following two bible prophecies contrast two kings/leaders of Judah. The first prophecy is from the book of Jeremiah and likens the last legitimate king of Judah unto a signet ring, but who is removed from office for his wickedness at the fall of Judah. 

The prophecy after this, found in the book of Haggai, undoes this curse. The signet ring reverts back to a governor of Judah (Zerubbabel) after they return from exile as they rebuild the temple, (520 and 516 BC, i.e., 1260 x 2 years ago). This is a prophecy about Christ Jesus! Zerubbabel is symbolic of Christ just as "Joshua the High Priest" was symbolic of Christ, (Zechariah 3:8). Jesus will take the power and authority that the signet ring symbolizes, and will sit forever on the throne of His father David. However, those who sit in His seat after the flesh and in the flesh---sitting in a place they aught not---will be forever removed just as Coniah (Jehojachin) was. Just as the Lion-of-Judah picture bible code implies: The scepters will pass from Edom and Moab! The mouth of the Lord has spoken it!

Jer 22:24 As I live, saith Jehovah, though Coniah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah were the signet upon my right hand, yet would I pluck thee thence;

Jer 22:25 and I will give thee into the hand of them that seek thy life, and into the hand of them of whom thou art afraid, even into the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, and into the hand of the Chaldeans...

Jer 22:30 Thus saith Jehovah, Write ye this man childless, a man that shall not prosper in his days; for no more shall a man of his seed prosper, sitting upon the throne of David, and ruling in Judah.


Hag 2:21 Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying, I will shake the heavens and the earth; (See 1260000 days from Passover of Exodus until Tsunami)

Hag 2:22 and I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms; and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the nations; and I will overthrow the chariots, and those that ride in them; and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother. (Note the theme of the Exodus and of Pharaoh's chariots drowned in Red Sea.)

Hag 2:23 In that day, saith Jehovah of hosts, will I take thee, O Zerubbabel, my servant, the son of Shealtiel, saith Jehovah, and will make thee as a signet; for I have chosen thee, saith Jehovah of hosts. (See 1150 x 3 years from Passover of Exodus until the signet ring of Pope. Compare with the above 1260000.)


Revelation 5:4-5 "And I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open the book, or to look thereon: and one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not; behold, the Lion that is of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath overcome to open the book and the seven seals thereof."

Revelation 6:1 "And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, Come."

bible prophecy code, lion judah


News source: "Cardinal Ratzinger served for more than twenty years as head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.  That office enforces the teachings of the church.  Until less than a century ago, it was called the Sacred Congregation of the Universal Inquisition."


The hand-bible code was first seen on Pentecost, 2000, and published, as said, on the Day of Atonement and Tabernacles, 2001. Note Pope Benedicts election and inauguration occurred on these very same two days 3.5 years later exactly [1300 days].

(Note: codes, of course, are not on par with the bible, and I certainly do not claim divine inspiration as bible prophets did. The bible codes simply reinforce the bible, and never the other way around.)

Picture of a hand writing on the wall: "Mene, mene..." (Bible Codes)

"They will be thrust out and made to bow down. 

I will make them slip! Divided they fall!

For I made him bend sufficiently!

His hand (of power) is sufficient, my beloved ones, the hand of the Lord!

Destruction! Jehovah and destruction!

For the Lord will fight the ones attacking her.

When he comes to battle, lo, it comes

---lo, destruction after destruction!

A forearm, and a forearm

to blot out the arrogant one!

He slipped!

I am risen to life, even to abundant life!

For His hand is the hand of the Beloved---Jah!" (i.e., 'the Lord')

The words that make the form/outline of a hand read:

Click to enlarge bible-code-picture.


"The Hand of Jehovah!"

Note: 'mene-tekel-peres' was applied by Daniel to Babylon and her king;
the bible code repeats this application, though with a subtle application to Christ as well.

Babylon, spiritually speaking, is Rome!

 Each line consecutively 
starts from a finger


"Jehovah?  Forms thumb (ELS +14); the remaining four lines below read along the fingers (ELS +1).
Is it the hand of Jehovah? He Himself went to war. He put him to death!  *** Or, to make the before mentioned acrostic, it can leave out the last letter of the first line and read: "Jehovah---Did the hand of Jehovah go to war? Even, I put to death!" (See Deut. 32:39)
Jehovah goes to war against her (i.e., 'Babylon'), and the arrogant one! (or, 'succulent one') Cf., Isaiah 5:17. 
Or, "...and the Suckling Lamb," i.e., Jesus!

(The Passover lamb was chosen on Nisan 10 and eaten on Nisan 15th, the anniversary of the Pope's election and inauguration, etc.)
Jehovah goes to war against her, and the rebellious one!  Or, "...and the rebellious ones," or "...The Rebellion," or "...the Sorrowing One," i.e., Jesus!
Jehovah goes to war against her, and the one being removed!" Or, "...for he shall be removed!" or, "...and the one being shaken." I.e., a play on words: Belshazzar shook for fear when he saw the hand that foretold his removal from being king, and was put to death that same night, see Daniel 5.



(There are two separate pictures of the hand, one is seen when the letters are arrayed at 14 letters per row, and the other at a matrix of 15. The switching from one matrix/hand to the other is what makes the hand 'move.')


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