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The Death of the Pope John Paul 2


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Using the Jewish calendar: (Why he died 9:37 pm?) April 2, 2005

Moreover, since the Pope died 9:37 pm Rome time, but 2:37 pm New York time, therefore the middle of the 7-hour time zone difference fell on 6 pm (plus 7 minutes)---the idealistic 'evening' point. ("Evening" is the start of a new day in Jewish and biblical thought. The sun actually set 6:21 pm in New York.) Thus, not only is the seven-year period divided in half as 3-years, but also the hours are arranged so as to divide the 7-hour time zone in half as well, so as to underscore the dividing of the seven years while at the same time being both 2Adar 22 in New York, but the next day in Rome! It is also interesting that exactly 7 days later the Biblical New Year begins, (Ex. 12:2)! Thus we have 7 years, 7 days, 7 hours, and 7 minutes!

Using the 360 calendar:

About a dozen articles and its numeric have already been put out on Arafat. For many years now I have been saying that the Lord opened to me the numbers in the bible. One of the most amazing discoveries was that there is a grid that falls upon every day of time that gives each and every day a symbolic consecutive year-count. The grid is forwarded from other epoch events in Israel's history. The grid is chiefly revealed in the book of Ezekiel, and also the dates in the book of Exodus. The grid is then being forwarded by biblical numbers into our present time. 

For instance, the numeric grid in the time of Ezekiel is being forwarded from then to now by 1260 + 1335 years---the numbers in Daniel 12 and Revelation 12. You will have to go back and study those articles in order to understand where these numbers are coming from. We said that Arafat happened to have died on Nov. 4 or 11 (some say he was already brain dead on the 4th). And, 150 days later the pope died, (149 solar days.) We said that Nov. 4 and 12 symbolized the dates of 1929 and 1922 BC---which was the 7 years that Jacob worked for a wife in the bible, (and also the mirror of Arafat's birth date---AD 1929!) (There is another grid that overlaps this one, which is 11 years, [4020 days on the 360 calendar] ahead of this one. It too is being used and is creating a mirroring effect in the events of 2004.) 

Therefore, if Arafat died Nov. 4, 2004, which symbolized the year 1929 BC (1150 days after the Twin Towers fell, and also see the "7 days of lights" of Hanukah of the prophecy of Daniel 8---agreeing with the 7 days to Nov. 11 as well), therefore since the Pope died 149 days later, this makes his death to fall on the symbolic year of 1780 BC. (1929 BC less 149 day-years to literal evening of April 2, 2005 = symbolic year of the autumn of 1780 BC. (Or, plus 4020 days = AD 2241). (See note about time-grid in, "Mount Carmel Fire".)

It happens that the autumn of 1780 BC, + 1260 years = aut. 520 BC, (when Zerubbabel began to rebuild Solomon's temple), + 1260 x 2 more years = aut. of 2000, (when the Twin Towers fell--- plus 3.5 years more till the Pope's death in 2005). Moreover, 1780 BC is also 2300 days (1150 x 2) to AD 521 (mirror of 520 BC)! Since the temple took 3.5 years to build, hence we have 1260 years + 3.5 years---the same pattern of Revelation 11 of 1260 days + 3.5 days. This means that the 6 days to the Pope's funeral (and total solar eclipse over the ocean) and/or 7 days to Prince Charles wedding (the connection explained in the audio), creates a 7 years/days before and after 520 BC/AD dividing each week in the middle. (Note also that 2300 days is 6.5 years.)

The alternative calendar for 1780 BC, as said, is AD 2241, which is 430 x 4 back to AD 521 (mirror of Zerubabbel's temple.) But since most of these numbers are aligning with the crucial 430-year cycles of Ezekiel (and 215---which is half 430), and since there is a possible less-one-month all on the 360 calendar due to there being two types of leap-month methodologies, Arafat's date and the Pope's are 4300 day-years to each other in the mirror, ---among a great man other things. Also note that the lion picture bible codes are 215 and 216 letters long. I cannot take the time to explain all these wonders in detail now since that would be both time consuming and very few are interested anyway, but it is recorded here to show the consistency of the bible numbers, and of the numeric grid that I so often speak of. And I record it for my own records to jar my memory for later, if needs be. As you can see, the numbers and bible codes have a simplistic side, but also an impenetrable depth. But this is true of all scripture as well.

If I just give the simplistic side then men would say, "It is too simplistic, and thus it is mere random chance!" But if I include the complexity others protest, "It is too hard to understand---and God is simple!!!" My advice to you is to just skim over the complex side and take in the simple pictures that speak a thousand words---even to a child, and leave the complexity to others! "Here is a mind that calls for wisdom---let him calculate..." (Revelation 13). If you are not gifted with such a mind of wisdom then leave it alone, but at least do not criticize the wisdom of God that put it there, nor His servants who are gifted with that wisdom---for no man can receive anything unless it is given from above.

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