Why the 2300 of Daniel 8:14 can be viewed as half-that,
 that is, 1150 days

(This following was written is response to the above question in a letter.)


The dividing of the 2300 as 1150 days is, I would say, the more common interpretation of this time frame. But others take it to be 2300 full days. I believe it to be both. It is simply a condensed way of saying what is expressly stated concerning its parent time frame---namely, "the 7-year period" as divided in half as, 1260 and 1260/1290 days.
One translation even translates the 2300 of Daniel as simply "1150 days"---with a footnote beneath that, (i.e., the Good News Bible). The reason for this is that when the initial prophecy was fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanies in 168 to 165 BC, there was an exact 3 years of desecration that then occurred. The remaining 70 days (360 x 3 + 70 = 1150) is conjectured to be the time that the sacrifices were abolished to the time of the desecration by swine offered to Zeus upon the altar of the Lord. Today, this cleansing of the altar is commemorated as 'Hanukah'.
The numbers work in this way:

The 1150 is contained within the 1260 just as the 2300 is contained within the 1260 x 2 days.

There are examples of this in the bible, with the most notable being the 1150 days to the only mention of Hanukah in the Bible---which is when Jesus was there during the Festival of Lights/Hanukah (also called, the Feast of Dedication),  as recorded in the book of John---the same Apostle to whom the revelation of the 1260 came.


We calculate as follows:


Jesus ministry lasts 1260 days (3.5 years). It ended Passover, the day of His death.
1260 days before this (on the 360 calendar), comes to Tishri 15, (start of the feast of Tabernacles). (Jesus either just began or ended His 40 day wilderness fast, after the similitude of the children of Israel 40 years in the wilderness, of which Tabernacles commemorated.) And it happens that 1150 days after this Tabernacles (when Jesus begins His ministry) is the first day of Hanukah, with the 7 days of Tabernacles, Hanukah, and Passover therefore all forwarded together.


AD 26, Tisri 14-21, plus 1150 days = the 7 days of lights of Hanukah, (AD 29, Kislev 24-Tibet 1[2]), plus the remaining 110 days that make AD 30, Passover (Nisan 14-21). (The special 8th day celebrations are also forwarded et all. This forms a three tired witness to this pattern).


The '3.5 years' is made to be 1260 or 1290 days, by the way, so that the final 1335th day lands of Pentecost, "Blessed is he that waits and reaches to the 1335th day, (Daniel 12. The '1290' hence lands on Jesus' death, that is, to the abomination of His own brethren, the Jews, killing Jesus as if unclean swine ---a worse sin then that of Antiochus--- a type of the Antichrist to come. All this in fulfillment of Daniel 9:24-27). But Jesus cried out on the cross, "Forgive them," hence, His brethren will turn to Him altogether one soon day, and weep for Him as for an only Son.
As you know, the 3.5 years of Christ's ministry will parallel is opposite form the 3.5 years of antichrist's ministry. Hence, it figures that antichrists 3.5 years will follow the similar patterns as did Christ's, so as to include the 1150 with the 1260, 1290 and 1335---not to mention the internal 483/490 and 777/770 days that also make 1260, and the 430 x 3 that make 1290, and the 666 x 2 add 3.5 days that make 1335, and the "time, times, and half-time," that will greatly complicate things. But, the major outline is what which we wisely focus on, with the other details confirming this basic structure. We have the greater light and the lesser lights to guide us, (Genesis 1), but in that order. Moreover, God simultaneously uses the Hebrew, Solar, and 360 calendars as a threefold witness---each complimenting one another. Each should be studied independently, then bound as one. The best example of this is when seen as symbolic years. From the 7 year-famine of Joseph to the first of three stages of the fall of Jerusalem are 1270, 1278, and 1290 days to 605, 597, and 586 BC---the lunar, solar, and 360 calendars respectively, (as symbolic day/years). The 1150 years lands on the fall of Samaria (Israel) in 725-721 BC!
I love talking about these things, as I am far more strengthened in faith than by the bible codes---which take a great stretching of faith. The dates I have used are the commonly excepted dates, all of which are found in the NIV Study Bible---and many other such standard scholarly works. I say this lest one supposes that I naively first find a numeric pattern and then invent a date to fit it!
The 1150 is also divided as 430 + 720, so that it works in unison with the "times" (720), and the "430" of Ezekiel, and the 430 x 3 of 1290, (with is also a time (390),  times (360 x 2), and half time (180), or some like variation inclusive of the leap month of 30 days.


The point of these details is to show that the 1150 is suited to the 1260 as the 2300 is to the 7-years, thus showing that the "1150 evenings and mornings" is not without solid collateral support.

The reason for the combining of the 1150 with the 1260 is to increase the evidence of divine sovereign design that glorifies Him before men and angels, and to remind us that the "beast" that will emerge will be the combination of all the beasts that preceded it, just as Christ is the fulfillment of all the law and the prophets.

The bible is resplendent with similar examples, both on a literal days level, and on a days as years level---both of which can be shown to intersect as days of years with literal days of equal value. So it will be at the end of time, when all the current build up we see in the world today will peak and align with the final event, yet all be connected with the past numerically.

As with so many things, scholars fight over this and that when the truth is either in between or both. As was the confusion at His first coming, so it will be at His second coming. Thankfully, neither God nor His holy angels are confused---but all things are running on schedule---man's free will notwithstanding---but, He, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

More info on this can be found at my bible numbers site, which, I know, is in need of a major face lift.

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