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Pluto and Apophis

These series of signs/warnings happened
 between July 13 to Oct. 2, 2006.

(Dates are based upon the 360 bible prophecy calendar)

Detailed Notes


Pluto Falls

3. ---10 days later (in agreement with the "10 days + 10 days" of the ancient myth about the fall of Pluto {see articles and compare to book of Revelation}) .... Pluto is dropped ("falls") as a planet.  (Aug 24, 2006, which is the possible early minus-one-month date for the Day of Atonement on the 360 calendar.) ---This 'fall' occurs while Pluto in constellation of "The tail of the serpent," (cf., "1/3 of stars", etc., Rev. 12.) (as 1271 BC) (God spoke to me about the meaning of Pluto as representing the fall of Satan {or a demon} before I researched and found out who Pluto was. (See also NASA's current 10-year journey to Pluto.)

(My dream occurs the next morning about the pitiless sentencing and hangings of a Jew and a Gentile and the astronomy book given to me to preach from and the need to warn others of the coming persecution of Jews in Europe by Islam and the refusal of the nations to help. This dream sums up the meaning of the fall of "the king of hell" and of his wrath that follows, and of the judgments to come, and of the Great White Throne Judgment.)


----10 days later ... Kathy's dream "of Satan falling like lightning," (Kathy knew nothing of the sign of Pluto.) (This is the day before the New Years on 360 calendar; Sept 3, 2006) (as 1261 BC) (I explain to our assembly this sign about Pluto, the dream, and the 10 days not knowing what would happen again in 10 days! (See next...)

-----10 days later ... Dwarf planet Eris is named and Pluto is again demoted in that it was given a catalogue number as a dwarf planet. Eris would have become the 10th planet if Pluto had remained. (See articles about Eris. Eris is the goddess of lawlessness and sister of Ares, the god of war.) (Sept 13, 2006, Day of Atonement.) Eris was in the constellation of "The dragon," when named (and when discovered). (Compare this to the dragon of Rev. 12 who casts 1/3 of the stars to ground with his tail, etc. Planets were known as stars to the ancients. Ironically, Eris was formerly known as UB313, discovered Oct. 31, 2003 on Halloween in the constellation of the Dragon, which was during those record-shattering huge solar flares!) (as 1251 BC) (There was talk of there being 12 planets, however in the end only 8 remained, meaning that "one-third" fell. See Rev. 12. All the planets are named after Greek and Roman gods.)


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