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Why I Believe that the Mene-Tekel Bible Code is Genuine.

The Mene-Tekel Bible Code

Complex riddles in pictures formed from bible-code words.


Twenty Compelling Marks of Genuineness


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The above image is part of a more recent discovery within the Mene Tekel Peres Bible Code that was written upon the wall in Babylon (Dan. 5) in 2018/2019.

The above image is part of a more recent discovery within the Mene Tekel Peres Bible Code that was written upon the wall in Babylon (Dan. 5) in 2018/2019. It is advisable to read what is found on this site first before reading the more recent discoveries. Click here for this update. Also, see the sign of the eruption of Anak Krakatoa.




  1. The appropriateness of where the bible code is embedded: It is found in a text that is in-and-of-itself a mysterious encryption, i.e., "The Writing on the Wall"! (Daniel.) 
    • This demonstrates that God does indeed reveal Himself, at times, in code;
    • and that if there are codes in the bible, this is the logical place to look.
    • Moreover, some obvious inferences from those words "mene," "tekel," and "parsin" 
      were left without interpretation; this strongly implies that there is still more 
      to this writing than what Daniel revealed. (See next for examples.)
  2. The code answers what scholars have so long puzzled (concerning 'the writing on the wall'); namely,
    • why 3 'coins' (i.e., mene, tekel, peres), but no mention of 'coins' in Daniel's own interpretation?
    • why was "mene" repeated twice on the wall, but interpreted as if written once?
    • why is Persia implied in the word "Peres", but not specifically identified in Daniel's interpretation? 
    • Amazingly, the code itself asks, then answers, the first two riddles for us, 
      and expands on the third thereby answering it too!

  3. The code of itself explains:
    • Why it was encoded
    • How it is to be decoded
    • What the general reaction to the code would be! 
    • And specifically, the name and reaction of the one who discovered it!


  4. The bible code itself emphatically claims to be a divinely encrypted message, ("truly, truly"). In other words, the code speaks in the same style and manner as the actual surface text, when it records God's direct words.

  5. Each line of code forms an acrostic summarizing what its parent code says! This models the main acrostic, formed from the original words: "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uparsin," which in Hebrew spells, "The-One-putting-him-to-death." Amazingly, this phrase capsules Daniel's own interpretation of these same four words!
    • The missing two (but allowable) 'mother-vowel' letters in the said acrostic 
      spell, "Jah,"  which means, "The Lord"---and thereby identifies 
      it is that is "putting him to death," and/or, 
      is being put to death! This holds the key to the thorny problem
      of the textual insertions that occurred up until around the time of Christ.

  6. The bible code contains numerous word-plays, adding a depth deeper than what mere imagination could induce! Two examples are:
    • the Hebrew word for "banner" intends all four of its possible meanings---ultimately implying
      the composite meaning of, "the banner of the cross!"
    • The strange phrase, "I will be divided/broken in half," becomes a prophetic word-play for,
      "30 shekels of silver" (a divided-mina)---the very price of Jesus' betrayal! 
      The context further implies, 'the breaking of the bread/manna of His body'!

  7. 666---riddles about money!The code forms a picture of what it proclaims---and labels each picture accordingly!

  8. Each pictogram reads at the proper location that is suitable to what it is saying. For example, if the code speaks about being 'exalted to the right hand'---then it reads thusly at the right hand side of the matrix!

  9. Bible-code-picture of a hand writing on wall!There are other pictograms within the surrounding verses of Daniel 5:26-28 that agrees with, and enlarges upon, this mene-tekel code. 

  10. The bible code is a logical interpretation of the actual surface text in which it is embedded! It is not fanciful, but in accord with how the New Testament might also apply this text of Daniel 5 in the light of Christ, (Revelation 17-18).

  11. The interpretation is both an accurate and deep revelation about Jesus Christ, (Revelation 1:1), consistent with the rest of the bible.

  12. The message throughout the code finds many striking parallels to what God has said elsewhere in the plain Scriptures---especially as concerning Babylon! (Isaiah 13-14; Jer. 50-51; Revelation
    • Note the mysterious cryptograms in the actual plain text of Jer. 25:26; 51:1,
      which again proves that at times God speaks in codes.
      Moreover, here, again, the theme is 'Babylon's fall'.

  13. "The One concealing the words of the scroll is also the One who put (Belshazzar) to death."The book of Daniel itself speaks about a sealed message (Daniel 8:26; 9:20-27), sealed numbers (Daniel 12), and a mysterious "Son of Man" who unseals them (7:10-14)---all of which the mene-code addresses specifically!
    • The code uses the same Hebrew word for "concealed," 
      as found in the above references, three times. 
    • One such example occurs plainly in the code, 
      as seen in the picture here. The top line reads:
      "The one concealing them," (i.e., the words of the scroll.) 
      Backward, it reads: "The One putting him to death," Hence, together it means: 
      "The One concealing the words of the scroll is also the One who put Belshazzar to death."

  14. This 'sealed message' was prophesied to be fulfilled after "1290" and "1335 days" (Daniel 12:11-12), which, as years, ended AD 2000---the year this code began to be opened, (Feb 4, 2000):
    • I.e., the Babylonian empire (626 BC), + 1290 + 1335 years = AD 2000, etc. 
    • Moreover, from the actual Writing on the Wall (and Babylon's fall) in the Autumn of 
      539 BC, until when this mene-tekel-code was published (i.e., 52 days before the fall
      of the Twin Towers), there are seven years of years of the lunar calendar, (2539 years).
      Recall that the previous chapter saw Nebachadnezzar driven mad for 7 years (2539 days),
      then Daniel recounts that very incident to Belshazzar in chapter five of our code,
      (Daniel 5:21). (See #17 for further fulfillment of this code!)

  15. This 'sealed message' was to be opened "at the time of the end," (Daniel 8:17, 26; 12:9-12), when "knowledge and travel will be increased," such as we have today, (Daniel 12:4).

  16. The bible code identifies modern "China" as,
    • an eastern land, 
    • known for its relegation of Christ's resurrection as myth,
    • all this, 2500 years before the rise of communism!
  17. This code was accompanied by great and fearful signs:
    • Personal signs, such as the gift to speak in the Aramaic tongue---
      the original language of Daniel 5---though never having learned it, 
      (1Cor. 12:10, cf., Isaiah 28:9-13).
    • The Towers fell exactly 720,000 days (2000 years of 360 days) after
      Pentecost AD 30, when the Spirit was poured out and they spoke in
      unlearned tongues (Acts 2)---thereby reversing the Tower of Babel
      effect (of Genesis 11).
    • (UPDATE: Long after this document was written,
      the mene-tekel code was fulfilled clearly, explicitly, and numerically,
      rather than obscurely, as in the case of the Twin Towers.
      Nevertheless, its fulfillment in the Babylon/Iraq war was
      only a prototype of that great battle of Armageddon to come.
      Hence, the code has yet future application of which
      Saddam was just a token sign.)

  18. The code foretells the name, circumstances, and unbelief of him who discovered it---while at the same time also correctly applying to the historical (doubting) "Thomas" of the New Testament.
    • The word "Thomas" means "Twin;" hence, it hints at another beside the first "Thomas."
      • This is mentioned only for the sake of grasping the validity of the code. 
        The code was discovered out of weakness, not strength; 
        nor did he set out to find himself in the codes---it just happened to be there.
    • The word "Thomas" also hints at the "Twin Tower" tragedy that came less than 
      two months after the release of this code. 
      This would be coincidental, if it were not for the many other parallels.

  19. The internal numeric of the bible code is so powerful that this alone stands as sufficient proof, in my mind, of its divine origin. The numeric work in five independent ways: 
    • ELS skips (e.g., 6-6-6---i.e., the mark of the beast of Babylon.)
    • Total value of the coins (e.g. 1260 x 2 gerahs---
      i.e., the length of the kingdom of the beast.)
    • The number of coins (e.g., "[two] coins, coin, and half-a-coin"---
      i.e., the length of the kingdom of the beast, "time, [two] times, and half-a-time.") 
    • Gematria, i.e., letter value (e.g., equals 390, 430, 960---
      i.e., the siege-lengths against Jerusalem, which foreshadowed Babylon's own demise.)
    • UPDATE: It was fulfilled following the biblical 1150 days (to Iraq war), 1260 
      (to Saddam's sons death), 1290 (to New York blackout), and 1335 (to Rome blackout), etc. Not only does the code indicate these events, but amazingly, this very same sequenceof biblical numbers was providentially the theme of our other website called, "The Writing on the Wall," before I even knew that there was a numerical code within the words"mene-tekel-peres," in the writing on Babylon's palace wall! Also, the exact day when the war began was also encoded! (And the death date of Saddam?)

      (Update: This article, including the above in red, was written several years ago.
      See update on Saddam's death. As it turned out, Saddam died exactly 1260 + 1260 days after the code as suggested in the above! Note the above "value of the coins"!)

  20. Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?The mene-tekel code thematically ties-in with the other codes declared at this site. And these were found in other books of the Bible, yet by the same individual. How is it, then, that the same consistent theme of "the revealing of Jesus Christ" keeps popping up? These pictograms also numerically overlap one another into one composite message.

    Note that all the picture-bible-codes at this site are common biblical symbols for 'revelation'---and specifically for "a revelation of Jesus Christ," as depicted in the book of Revelation. Therefore, the bible codes, properly understood, are simply interpreting this Book, which, in turn, is simply interpreting the rest of Scripture. And the theme of the book of Revelation is stated clearly at its opening verse: "The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him/Him to show His servants the things which must soon take place," (Revelation 1:1).


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  1. Saddam, and the

  2. MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom...,(flash)

  3. TEKEL; thou art weighed in the balances...,

  4. PERES; thy kingdom is divided.

  5. "The Lamp," and the great blackouts of 2003
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