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Procedure of decipherment 
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Notes about the Hebrew:


1. Final Hebrew letters are left unchanged for the sake of those unfamiliar with Hebrew.

2. Vowel pointing has only been added where ambiguity was present.

3. Hebrew/Aramaic mix: The words for 'mina,' 'tekel' and 'half-mina' in the bible code intentionally uses either Aramaic or Hebrew, and in the acrostic, a mixture of both. There are many examples in the bible where these languages borrow from one another, substituting final 'he' for 'aleph,' or vice versa. (cf., Neh. 12:44). Therefore, in this respect, only the acrostic is extraordinary. I believe this instance of mixture is for theological reasons; the three coins signify the fact that Christ is the Savior of all men---for the Jew first, but also of the Gentiles. All other words in the bible code are in Hebrew. (The original surface text, of course, is in Aramaic).

4. I am just a student of Hebrew of four years. However, I have gone over every word painstakingly, devoting hundreds of hours to the task. Corrections are welcomed, provided that the bible code is treated according to the rules of Hebrew grammar generously afforded any other ancient cryptic text of this, or similar nature, (i.e., such as the seals of Ahaz and Hezekiah, examined below). Remember, this is not simple prose, but bible codes that are positioned to form pictures! As such, a small measure of awkwardness in the reading is justified. 

5. Recent findings such as the seals of 'Ahaz'  and 'Hezekiah', reveals the following:
1) The seal of Ahaz split words in half without hyphens (just as in the mene-tekel-peres matrixes). "[Belonging] to 'Ahaz [son of] Yehotam, King of Judah."
2) Defective lettering was common at, (and especially before), the time of Daniel 
(Defective writing is very common in the bible itself.)
3) The seal of Hezekiah has words running together without word-dividers (like the bible codes do). "Judah / [Belonging] to Hezekiah, [son of] Ahaz, King!"
4) Seals were often written in a circular fashion (clockwise). (As were coins at this time, or not long thereafter.) Likewise, this particular bible code reads in circles too.



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(And, the ' 3 coins' within the confines of just the 15 letters
 of "mene, mene, tekel, uparsin.")


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Procedure of decipherment and the Hebrew

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There is another aspect to this code that agrees with and reinforces it, using the very same letters. See "Addition to the Mene-Tekel Bible Code".


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