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Bible Prophecy Codes

Addition to the Mene-Tekel Bible Code

The Riddle of the Letter Nun, Atbash of Tet

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The following is a unique code. It takes certain Hebrew letters and interprets the mystic meaning of them using the biblical method of codifying found in the book of Jeremiah called Atbash. This is totally foreign to most Christians, but is common among Jews and is therefore "a sign to them".

Belshazzar by Rembrandt as a Bible Code. Bible Prophecy.

"Not one jot or one tittle"

(Also see 20 Compelling Marks of Genuineness)



Hebrew letters are very powerful to Jewish mystics.  And as uncomfortable as it is to some Christian scholars, even Yeshua (Jesus) said, "Amen, I say to you, Till heaven and earth come to an end, not the smallest letter or part of a letter will in any way be taken from the law, till all things are done," (Matt. 5:18). Therefore, the following "sign/letter" is mainly "a sign given to them", not to Gentiles. It is a "sign" that Yeshua (Jesus) is THE revelation of God, --- i.e., He is the 'a to z' --- stretched out on a pole for all to see! This is a sign intended for a Jewish mind.

Hebrew letters are important in and of themselves and were once hieroglyphics that depicted different images. (For example, the ancient letter nun depicted a snake and the ancient tet ancient way of writing the letter tet depicted a wheel. In more modern times the letter tet has also come to represent a snake.) The fact that we have a total of seven written-out Hebrew letters within this code clearly stresses the importance of the very letters themselves. The following code is a vivid example and confirmation of what Yeshua literally meant when He said:

"Truly I say to you, Till heaven and earth come to an end, not the smallest letter or part of a letter will in any way be taken from the law, till all things are done," (BBE, Matt. 5:18). (See endnote on "Jot and tittle.")



"I Will Give Them a Sign/Flag!"


Belshazzar. Daniel and the writing on the wall bible prophecy.This code forms a flag of a 'coin' (circle) with a cross in it. But it is also signifies the ancient letter 'tet' (teth') ancient way of writing the letter tet, which originally was a glyph of a wheel. Over time the wheel shape changed into and has now come to represent a coiled snake instead, as reinterpreted by Cabalistic thought. However, the rest of the code makes it crystal clear that the circle does indeed signify a (coiled) snake on a cross ancient way of writing the letter tet. This does not mean that God endorses the Cabala, but rather that God is reaching out to Jewish Cabalists by using imagery that He in His foreknowledge knew would exist at the end of the age. Is anything too hard for God? (Even the idea of a 'wheel' [circle] with a 'cross' in it ancient way of writing the letter tet agrees with the code since it reads, "We will encircle the flag/pole along with His innocent One [being put to death on it].")

Thus we have a flag with the emblem of a snake on a cross, but which also symbolizes a coin with a cross in it. It was revealed the same day that the Red Cross concluded it's 50-year process to allow Israel its own emblem to represent their own efforts in the Red Cross, (though by another name). After about 36 hours it was voted in favor to allow this red diamond symbol (at left) to represent the Red Cross for Israel. I was unaware of all this until it was brought to my attention July 2, 2006, 12 days later. Therefore, during the two or three days that the main elements of the flag-code were being deciphered that form the two images of the one flag (seen at right), ---during this same time in Geneva, Switzerland, they were fiercely debating what flag Israel would use to represent their flag for healing among the nations in their humanitarian efforts. I was totally unaware of all this even though it was already being discussed on our forum by others on July 1, 2006 without my knowledge. I state these things so that Israel may hear and believe this sign.

Consider the following:

Bible Prophecy Code. Mene,Mene,Tekel,Uparsin.1.) The bible code itself declares (as I had repeated affirmed in this document) that the bible code is a "sign" and a "flag" for "the Jew". Part of it reads: "Amen! You are faithful! I will give them (Israel) a sign!" As it turned out, God was giving a number of signs while these very words were being deciphered on the flag!

2.) I chose the color red for the cross and the circle. The cross reminded me of the Swiss flag, which happens to be the Red Cross symbol with its colors inverted. As said, I was unaware of what was going on in Switzerland at the time.

3.) The snake-on-the-pole is the most prominent aspect of this third part of the mene-tekel flag bible code, and the healing of His people that it brings. Fittingly, a snake on a pole is also the symbol used for healing in medical circles, though adapted from pagan myth rather than the bible. The encoded flag at left reads: "The flag for healing (with a snake on it), you numbered!" (The code is based upon the "mene-tekel-uparsin" of Daniel 5, and "mene" means "to number." This is what is alluded to here by "numbering.")

The snake on the pole in Numbers 21:5-9 is called a seraph and this is the same word used in the code (above right). It happens that a seraph can also refer to a winged angel in the bible. And thus, as seen in the medical symbol at left, a snake with wings on a pole very appropriately can symbolize a seraph on a pole for healing since a seraph can refer to both a serpent or a winged angel. Furthermore, the two written-out Hebrew-letter 'tets' (as we later explain) also symbolize two snakes in Jewish tradition, just as we have here in the medical symbol. (See illustration at right.)


4.) The encoded flag itself declares under solemn oath that this symbolic flag produced in the code is the true emblem that brings Israel healing. Thus, the cross with the snake ('tet') hung upon it is the true emblem of healing. The cross is the banner for healing, not the meaningless square chosen by Israel in vain. Those in the wilderness that refused to look upon the snake on the pole died of their snake bite. There is no other authorized emblem whereby we can be saved! God is rebuking Israel for her continued rejection of the cross. Part of the full code with the three coins on it reads:

Snake on pole.
"MENE": (meaning, "to number")

"They numbered me, a bronze serpent!"

Truly, truly, this is the banner (flag) that heals them! 

Our oracle is a banner/flag that brings healing!


"They numbered me, the One being rejected!"

Turn/repent here on account of our oracle (prophecy)! 

We will instruct you here!

Because of His faithfulness we will instruct you here;

because of the Faithful One and the banner/flag that heals them.

Our oracle (prophecy) is a banner/flag that brings healing!" ...


"...He perished, he refused the banner/flag!
(Israel 'perishes' by continuing to "refuse the flag" of the snake on the cross, which symbolizes the Messiah who suffered the 'curse' in their stead, )

O' accursed day! The day that He was inflicted with curses, having been numbered.

They put God to the test!..."


5.) The prophecy recorded in this flag-code mainly concerns the purchase made for mankind by the death of Messiah, a purchase not made with money (coins), but instead by substitutionary sacrifice. Man was bought with the precious blood of Jesus, and thus the Red Cross is truly a fitting emblem, not just because it represents the giving of blood in the Red Cross organization, but rather because it represents the giving of the blood of Yeshua (Jesus) on the pole/cross for the sins of the world. The flag-bible-code with the coin on it, paraphrased, reads: "You have redeemed them by means of the execution of their innocent One upon a cross/pole that they, in turn, may be set free from punishment."

"...knowing that ye were redeemed, not with corruptible things, with silver or gold (i.e., money, "coins"), from your vain manner of life handed down from your fathers; but with precious blood, as of a lamb without spot, even the blood of Christ," (1Peter 1:18-19).

6.) The first flag reads: "We will besiege a banner/flag and their innocent One!" And while this refers to the besiegement of Messiah at the cross just like Babylon was surrounded by the Medes and the Persians the night this code was written on the palace wall and the king slain, it seems to me that in light of this sign about the Red Cross perhaps this is also a prophecy of an upcoming besiegement of Jerusalem by her enemies.

Yeshua (Jesus) said:

"And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up; that whosoever believeth may in him have eternal life. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life." (John 3:14-16).

Update to the above. The Israeli conflict in Lebanon 10 days after this was written answers to this prophecy (in above #6). See article put on the Bible-Prophecy Forum July 14, 2006 for a very interesting read about this.
(Or, click here for this same article put on the forum, but copied to this website.)



The following was discovered 6 years after the rest of the Mene-Tekel bible code was discovered. (Discovered, June 20, 2006, 8 am.) The bible code forms an image of a banner/flag of the cross within a coin made up of five fully spelt Hebrew letters. (The 'coin' is symbolic of "purchasing/redeeming" something and the 'pole' represents the cross.) As we shall see, it is also an image of the ancient way of writing the letter tet ancient way of writing the letter tet. Belshazzar. Daniel and the writing on the wall bible prophecy.

This code is deciphered in much the same way as the rest of the mene code. It, too, tells us to read 'around' (the letters) while also being a play on words for "to-besiege". (Babylon was being besieged at the time the writing was written on the wall with the finger of God, Dan. 5.) The only difference now is that we read around 4 fully written-out Hebrew letters, mem, tav, qoph, and nun (rather than simply 'm', 't', 'q', and 'n'). They are perfectly arranged so that their four letters form in the center both a circle (coin) and a cross (within the circle) ancient way of writing the letter tet. (The lower-right letters here not used simply supply an orderly background for the flags. See "An Orderly Background.")



Supplementary Article

"An Orderly Background"

This amazing riddle has other riddles encoded within! Mene-tekel bible prophecy code.The matrix is arrayed evenly. The 15 letters in "mene-mene-tekel-uparsin" Hebrew of mene-mene-tekel-uparsin are either laid out at 5 rows of 3 letters each or 3 rows of 5 letters each. Thus it is evenly arrayed after the manner of all bible-code matrixes by computers. (Also see, What are Bible Codes?) I believe that "mene-mene-tekel-uparsin" Hebrew of mene-mene-tekel-uparsin is the archetype of all bible codes and this is why it resembles a miniature modern computer matrix.

Moreover, most methods for deciphering bible codes are used in this one, including Atbash, ELS, circles, numeric, Gematria, internal instructions, acrostics, images, Christocentricity, and similar parallel codes. Remember that Hebrew of mene-mene-tekel-uparsin was itself a code that had to first be deciphered and then interpreted by Daniel. What better choice to use for the archetype of all bible codes than mene-mene-tekel-uparsin? It is the mother of all bible-code matrixes, or "the mother of prophecy," as the code itself calls it. And thus it is logical to conclude that the whole bible-codes phenomena over the past two decades is itself a warning of the immanent fall of Babylon, that is, the fall of the kingdoms of this world. I believe that true bible codes are the promised unsealing of the prophecy in Daniel 12, and the mene-tekel-peres bible code (of Daniel 5) claims as much. It is a sign of the end of the age.


A mina, a mina, a tekel, and half-a-mina.

The entire mene-tekel-bible code, therefore, begins with one coin, expands to three, and then finally enlarges to 5 coins, all the while forming the same image of a flag on a pole, only increasingly large and complex. This is a total of 6 minas (mene), 6 shekels (tekel), and 6 peres (parsin, half-minas), or 6-6-6! (Mene, tekel, and parsin were three different ancient coins. See above illustration.) The code itself tells us to count the coins! And the prophecy in Revelation 13 about "6-6-6" also has to do with money (coins). "And no man can buy or sell except they have the mark...6-6-6." (Other elements of this code, such as the length of the flags, and of the pole, and the Gematria of the letter 'tet' tet', also have to do with 6-6-6.) (A mina was worth 60 shekels.)

All six flags contain the same letters, arrayed either vertically or horizontally. The one-coined flags (at lower left) are displayed according to the layout of the letters as found in Rembrandts painting, "Belshazzar," and then again except vertically. However, the rest of the code (i.e., the 3 and 5-coined flags) array the 15 letters the same as would a computer program. Whereas arraying the letters vertically in contrast to horizontally does affect its reading, keep in mind that arraying the letters in the manner that Rembrandt did does not affect its meaning, it only affects the stance of the image. Therefore there are really only two readings in this long code --- the vertical and the horizontal. The other differences are only due to the expanding length of the code (flag). Thus, there is very little difference in the reading between the 3 and 5-coined flags.

The flag with 5 coins occur when the mene-mene-tekel-uparsin code expands slightly into the rest of the surrounding biblical text itself where "mene, mene. tekel, uparsin" is recorded in Dan. 5:25.

(The entire code makes full use of mother vowels or the lack thereof.
See endnote for why the 'Samekh' for 'Sin.')


"And this is the writing that was inscribed:


This is the interpretation of the thing:" (Daniel 5:25-26a)



1 coin, vertical flag 3 coins, vertical flag
(long flag-pole visible at right)
5 coins, vertical flag
(flag-pole not visible here)
The pictures in the bible codes are discovered by what they say.And on account of its height the Manna, a Lion, and a Mina shall measure it! And because of my rejection, now he is being rejected! More than a piece (or, 'a pole'), he cut off; she was severed in two! Concerning her, wrath is pent-up from God!
1 coin, horizontal flag 3 coins, horizontal flag
(flag-pole not visible here)
5 coins, horizontal flag
(flag-pole not visible)
Belshazzar. Daniel and the writing on the wall bible prophecy. Mene-tekel bible prophecy code.


Atbash Code

There are several well-recognized Atbash codes written by the prophet Jeremiah where the names "Babylon" and "Chaldea" (i.e., Babylonia) are converted into Atbash. That portion of Jeremiah also talks about a banner being lifted up to beckon others to attack Babylon. See the Bel-Qoph Atbash Bible Code for more about Atbash. Importantly, the Bel-Qoph code directly relates to this bible code and greatly reinforces it and aids in interpreting it. It is interesting that Atbash codes appear to always have to do with the fall of Babylon.

The first letter of the alphabet is substituted for the last letter, and the second for the second last letter, etc. An Atbash code using our English letters would look like this:

An Atbash code using our English letters would look like this:

Normal: a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p-q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y-z
Atbash:  z-y-x-w-v-u-t-s-r-q-p-o-n-m-l-k-j-i-h-g-f-e-d-c-b-a


Ancient and Post Exilic (modern) Hebrew

Ancient and more modern Hebrew.




Belshazzar Bible Code. Bible Prophecy.The last letter being drawn by Rembrandt in his painting is the last letter in uparsin, and is a final nun. It happens that the Atbash of a 'nun' is a 'tet,' which in ancient Babylon was a circle with a cross in it exactly as in the flag! ancient way of writing the letter tet Could this also be what was meant in the last line of this code, "I will give them a sign/letter!"

The nun and tet both symbolize snakes:

Moreover, a 'nun' was originally a hieroglyph of a snake (and "nun" means snake in Aramaic, the same language that mene-tekel-peres was written in). And the Atbash of nun, the letter 'tet', because of its more modern shape , has likewise come to symbolize a snake in Jewish tradition. And if there remained any doubt that the code intends the letters to indicate snakes, it happens that the full code explicitly declares the letter nun to represent the bronze snake on the pole! Hence, the glyphs and what the bible code reads concur. It reads:

"An oracle: My snake (or, "My nun") is a bronze/fiery serpent!

Amen! Amen! ('tet' 'tet', [snake], backward in Atbash) this is the pole/flag that heals them! 

Our oracle is a banner that brings healing!"


This amazing riddle has other riddles encoded within! Mene-tekel bible prophecy code.Curiously, Rembrandt unwittingly painted this image 2300 years after 666 BC in the year c. AD 1635. Both 2300 and 666 are associated with Babylon and the antichrist in the bible, (Dan. 8; Rev. 13). Perhaps another coincidence, perhaps not.

Isaiah 13:1-2 reads:

"The burden of Babylon that Isaiah son of Amoz hath seen: On a high mountain lift ye up an ensign ('nas' [banner]), Raise the voice to them, wave the hand (i.e., with the banner in it) that they may go into the gates of the nobles."



Belshazzar. Daniel and the writing on the wall bible prophecy.How the circle and the cross in it are formed:  The bible code tells us to go around (the letters) and this forms the circle/'coin,' and the four written-out letters within the 'flag' (4x2 letters) form the cross within the circle. Fittingly, the pole is formed by the Hebrew word for 'pole' (or 'flag').

A cross within a circle is also the ancient Babylonian way of writing the letter tet .  Rembrandt (left image) happens to have the hand writing a final nun in the image, the Atbash of the tet. The flag, of course, is the result of the code, not Rembrandt!



Timing of Code with Saddam Hussein, King of Babylon:

It is interesting that the prosecution for Saddam Hussein wrapped up their case calling for his execution a couple of days before this newest aspect of the mene bible code was found. Also, 12 hours after this bible code was discovered on the morning of June 20, 2006, EST, one of Saddam's lawyers was kidnapped and executed. As we have seen over the past 6 years, Saddam, who fancied himself as the king of Babylon, is consistently being used in the code in contrast to Yeshua. A contrast of the "innocent" with the guilty. Already Saddam's son has been slain, like Nebuchadnezzar and his son Belshazzar, who were named after the Babylonian gods Nebu and Bel. Iraq is ancient Babylon, and Saddam rebuilt Babylon and the palace where the writing on the wall originally occurred, and he is also an avowed enemy of Israel. For more read, The Mene Tekel Bible Code.

Note that the writing on the wall occurred on the night that Babylon was besieged and its king was executed. The bible code contrast Belshazzar with Yeshua (Jesus).


To summarize then, the encoded images are of flags/poles with the emblem of a (coiled) snake on a cross (a 'tet' ), but which also symbolizes a coin with a cross in it in keeping with the rest of the mene-tekel bible code.


First flag (horizontal):

His Execution!

The title of the flag is located in the top line within the flag.
This is also the Hebrew acrostic of mene, mene, tekel, uparsin. This is also the Hebrew acrostic of mene, mene, tekel, uparsin.

Belshazzar. Daniel and the writing on the wall bible prophecy.The title reads:

  His execution!

  (Or, "The One putting Him to death!")

The pole with its flag of a cross within a coin, reads:

(The pole backward reads, "parsin," meaning, divided in two! The opening sentence is intentionally awkward, for it first reads up the pole as it talks about the pole thereby drawing attention to it! The image and its reading together communicate its prediction.)

"A banner (or, flag/wonder/pole) and their innocent One will we besiege!"
(or, '...we will go around.')


Reading around the 'coin' in both directions:

"A dieing man redeemed them!

You (sg.) will purchase them!

You (sg.) have declared them exempt from punishment!"

(Or as Piel-inf., "You have redeemed them in order to exempt them from punishment.")



Bible Prophecy Code. Mene,Mene,Tekel,Uparsin.  Second flag (vertical):

(The second flag uses the same words "mene-mene-tekel-peres" Hebrew of mene-mene-tekel-uparsin, except now they are arrayed vertically. The pole has the words "pole" and "snake" written on it, divided in the middle. The pole backward reads, "parsin," meaning, divided in two! The actual word "bronze-snake" is written at the top of the word "pole" along the pole! See endnote concerning letter 'samekh' for 'sin'.)


Reading up the pole and around the whole flag:
("Mene" means "numbered".)

"The pole (flag/wonder/banner) for healing (with a snake on it), you (sg.) numbered!"


Reading around the coin in both directions:


"Amen! You (sg.) are faithful!
(or, "You counted the Amen! You are faithful!")

I will give them a sign/letter!"

Its Atbash:

"A 'tet' will I stretch out!

He will stretch out a letter!"



"... A 'tet' will I stretch out!

He will stretch out a letter!"

Stretching letters:

Belshazzar. Daniel and the writing on the wall bible prophecy."Amen" backward in Atbash spells the Hebrew letter 'tet' ancient way of writing the letter tet. What the circle with a cross in it ancient way of writing the letter tet reads can be converted into Atbash. And when we do convert it, the code literally does what it says: the letter 'tet' literally "stretches out" into a 'final nun' by twice spelling 'tet' in the shape of a nun! (See below diagrams.) Moreover, when all the letters of the entire mene-mene-tekel-uparsin are converted into Atbash (rather than just the 4 letters forming the flag), not just the image of a tet ancient way of writing the letter tet, but also the actual word 'nun' "stretches out" into the shape of a 'final nun'! This is significant because the Atbash of tet is a nun! Moreover, both tet and nun signify a snake in Hebrew glyphs, and hence it is inferred that snakes are also being "stretched out". (Also see the Rembrandt painting [right] of the hand writing the 'final nun', etc.)


A tet is the number 'nine' in Hebrew:

The flag can read, "You counted the Amen! ... I will give them a letter/sign!" (Also recall that "mene" means to number or count.)

How do you count an "Amen"?

One way is to count the Atbash of "Amen! Amen!", which (backward) is "tet, tet". The letter tet in Hebrew is also the number nine. So two 'tets' make 18, which is 6 + 6 + 6, a fitting number since a tet is traditionally understood to symbolize a snake and both 666 and snakes are associated with the curse in biblical imagery! Both its image and its numeric therefore symbolize the curse. (Recall the other 6-6-6's of this code. They reinforce our assertion that the "6 + 6 + 6 = 18" of the total of the two tet's are not likely by chance.)


To repeat, the two tets (snakes), therefore, form the image of the Atbash of a tet, that is, a (final) nun , and the sum of two tets are 18 (6 + 6 + 6), the number of the curse. And moreover, the nun was itself originally a glyph of a snake, but in more modern times the letter has "straightened out" into a staff-like image when it is written at the end of a Hebrew word as a "final nun" (as in "Uparsin"). And this is what we have here, as seen in the image of Rembrandt taking hold of the final nun in uparsin, (meaning "snake" in Aramaic), by the tail of the letter! Does this remind you of anything from the bible? And the code itself states explicitly concerning the letter nun that, "My nun (or, 'my snake') is a bronze serpent!" A very interesting play on words indeed! For 'nun' is Aramaic for snake, the original language of this code!

Could the code be any more certain as to its meaning?

Belshazzar Bible Code. Bible Prophecy.Two snakes (tets) swallowed by one snake (nun) so that it forms a nun (snake) that in turn straightens back into a 'final nun' that looks like a staff. Sounds like Moses and the two Egyptian magicians to me, when Moses' staff swallowed up their two staffs/snakes! (Ex. 7:12.) The Amen of Truth (a trustworthy staff), changes into the likeness of a tet (a lying snake), then back into the Amen (staff) by means of Atbash! This is a clear presentation of Yeshua, who was "stretched out" on a "pole" for us as a curse, to exchange the lie for His truth, His death that we might go free, "redeemed, exempt from punishment," the "innocent" for the guilty! And this is why I don't believe that the image by Rembrandt that we began using on our bible numbers website 10 years ago --- before we ever heard of bible codes --- is a coincidence, but rather a sign that God controls the destinies of men, even when and how Rembrandt painted his painting.



Bible Prophecy Code. Mene,Mene,Tekel,Uparsin.

[To repeat!]

(Summary of the Second Flag)


Second flag (vertical): {We repeat part of the code here for further analysis.}

Bible Prophecy Code. Mene,Mene,Tekel,Uparsin.

Reading up the pole and around the whole flag:
("Mene" means "numbered".)

"The pole (or, flag/wonder/cross/banner) for healing (with a snake on it), you (sg.) numbered!"



Reading around the coin in both directions:


"Amen! You (sg.) are faithful!
(or, "You counted the Amen! You are faithful!")

I will give them a sign/letter!"

Its Atbash:

"A 'tet' will I stretch out!

He will stretch out a letter!"


"I will give them a sign/letter!" This is 'a sign to the Jew'. Yeshua became a 'tet' for us! God is faithful! Yeshua, "the Amen", was "stretched out" to die on the cross like the snake on the pole to reverse the curse! Whosoever looks to Yeshua for salvation will be saved, just as the Israelites of old were saved from the cursed snake bites when they looked to the bronze serpent on the pole for healing.

The Hebrew word for "letter," here, is spelt (defectively) as Aleph-Tav, and is the equivalent of Alpha-Omega in Greek, a name of Jesus (Yeshua).

"And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega," (Rev. 21:5b-6a).


Snake on pole.

Please also see the Balance Bible Code concerning the signs of the six named record-breaking storms/hurricanes of the 2005 Atlantic season that were named after the first letters of the Greek alphabet, each 490 days (Daniel 9) after the Balance Bible Code. The Balance Bible Code talks about these letters and about the calming of the storm, etc. These two documents compliment one another in numerous ways, too many and too wonderful to numerate here.

Summary of hurricanes of notoriety

Axe to Root   Storm Alpha

Alpha-Beta Code

Gamma    Delta & Epsilon

Storm Zeta!    (River) Ape-Atbash  





Comparing this "shekel" to the other shekels
reveals internal harmony

The single coin that we have been decoding is a shekel ('tekel' in Aramaic). It is most interesting that when we compare it to what the other shekels reads we see that they agree in meaning. (We will only compare it with the pertinent part of what the other Shekel[s] read.) Note that the word for "paying," found two times (and once more in the one-coined flag), uses three completely different Hebrew words that mean "to pay." ('Tekel', 'selah', and 'qanah'.)

"Tekel: ("To Pay") (meaning "to weigh" or "to pay".)

As a warning sign! (or, "as a letter")

You will most certainly be weighed/paid, O' enemy/rebel!"
(Or, "And for a sign He was weighed (in the balances)."

Compare this with:

Bible Prophecy Code. Mene,Mene,Tekel,Uparsin."A dieing man redeemed them!

You will purchase them!

You have declared them exempt from punishment!

Amen! You  are faithful!

I will give them a sign/letter!"



Visual Explanation
 of the Mene-Tekel Bible Code



1.) About the letter 'samekh' for 'sin':

This amazing riddle has other riddles encoded within! Mene-tekel bible prophecy code.The Hebrew words for "pole" and "fiery/bronze serpent" actually form a snake on the pole of the flag! Moreover, the snake on the pole is divided in half and is formed by utilizing the word "Divided-in-half" ("parsin") to make these two words! The meaning and the image could not be more clear or striking. The complexity is astounding! The Hebrew letter 'samekh' is used rather than a 'sin' [as expected] on purpose. This is clearly evident from the fact that reading down from the 'samekh' it fully reads the letter "sin" [but spelt with a 'samekh' rather than the proper letter of 'sin,'] and reading up, the word for "bronze serpent" also uses the same 'samekh' rather then the 'sin'. [There are a number of examples in Hebrew of different words substituting a 'samekh' for a 'sin' because they make the exact same sound --- the sound of a snake hissing! See Amos 6:10 for an example where this is also true of the word "seraph" (fiery [snake]).] Moreover, the Aramaic (Babylonian) word for "snake" ("nun," thought to be the original hieroglyph for the letter by that name) runs into the word "seraph" (fiery-serpent) at the lower part of the image. Thus, instead of the mene-tekel code reading as:Bible Prophecy Code. Mene,Mene,Tekel,Uparsin.

"MENE": They numbered me, a bronze serpent!

It may rather read:

An oracle: My snake ("nun") is a bronze/fiery serpent!

Truly, truly, this is the pole/flag that heals them! 

Our oracle is a banner that brings healing!

2.) "Jot or one tittle."

Quote from Adam Clark in his "Commentary on the Bible" on the "jot and tittle" of Matthew 5:18:

"One jot or one tittle - One yod, (י), the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

One tittle or point, κεραια, either meaning those points which serve for vowels in this language, if they then existed; or the seraphs, or points of certain letters, such as ר resh, or ד daleth, ה he, or ח cheth (as the change of any of these into the other would make a most essential alteration in the sense, or, as the rabbins say, destroy the world). Or our Lord may refer to the little ornaments which certain letters assume on their tops, which cause them to appear like small branches. The following letters only can assume coronal apices, ץ tsaddi - ג gimel - ז zain - נ nun - ט teth - ע ayin - ש shin. These, with the coronal apices, often appear in MSS."

What did Jesus mean when he said the following?

"Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass away from the law, till all things be accomplished, (Matt 5:17-18).

In "The People's New Testament" it says:

...Jot and tittle "Till all be fulfilled." "Till," says Dr. Schaff, "implies that after the great events of Christ's life, and the establishment of his kingdom, the old dispensation, as a dispensation of the letter and yoke of bondage, as a system of types and shadows, will pass away, and has passed away (Eph_2:15; Col_2:14; Heb_8:13); while the spirit and substance of the law, i. e., love to God and man, will last forever."'"

Some commentators (as above) say that Jesus was referring to the passing of the letter of the law when He died. Others, that He was simply saying that, like heaven and earth, it will never pass away. I personally believe that He was referring to both. There is a sense in which the kingdom of Messiah has already come (when He died and rose again), and there is a sense that it will yet come (when He comes to earth the second time to reign). It seems to me (and I am just speculating) that the code brings out both ideas. The letter "passes away" by changing from a tet to a nun with the letter figurative of Christ Himself. This, in a theological sense, was the end of the world. But then the nun changes (back) into a final nun like a staff (a type of resurrection of Christ) and thus signifies that Yeshua, the Word of God, cannot be destroyed, but remains forever, as implied in these words by Jesus: "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away," (Matt. 24:35). His words will never pass away because He will never pass away. The fact that the final nun in the image is actually the length of and looks like a vav, to me, is also significant. Perhaps the nun (snake) becomes a vav (nail) (a vav is a hieroglyph of a "nail") that impales Yeshua to the pole? This would imply that our sins (with its curse) nailed Jesus to the cross. But this is only a minor point, and as said, I am only conjecturing.



Supplementary Article

Just a Test!

A rough-equivalent as an example in our English

The image on the left is a kind of conversion of the Hebrew/Aramaic letters of the bible code into English just to better illustrate what we mean for those who do not know any Hebrew. Since English is read in the opposite direction of Hebrew we have reversed the direction of the flag as seen below in the painting by Rembrandt. In the English 'flag' notice that the middle letters m,t,n,c are also spelt out fully as em, te, en, ce, with the flag pole as ess for the letter 's'. (By the way, it seems that Hebrew spells out their letters more often than we do in English.) Thus, the four letters in the middle of the circle are also spelt out in full (2 letters x 4) ---just as in the actual Hebrew code.

Hebrew can, more or less, be written with or without letters for vowels, and without connecting parts of speech such as 'of' and 'an'. (The Hebrew language is more complex than in this illustration, but I have simplified things to make a point.) Reading around the four letters in the English flag (m-n-c-t and then repeated if needed, etc.,) one can read: "Maniac Tom (had) a nice time! No! (He) cut a man --- A cat (of) mine!" And then we would read the same 4 letters in reverse direction, "Tic (is a) name (of a) tac!" Then going up the flag pole and around the whole flag one can read: "So see Tom! (An) ee (is) nice! Eat me!"

The above illustration is about the best I can make it read! (Why don't you give it a try!) As one can see from this illustration in English, one can find long 'codes' this way, but in actuality they are mere random gibberish. The internet is full of these so-called 'codes'. Even on my own website gibberish may at times be slightly mixed in with true codes not knowing for sure where the true ends off and gibberish begins! (Random chance can play tricks on you. See my article on this issue for further discussion.)

How can you tell gibberish from true codes? (See Bible Code Criterion.)

Like any language, the meaning of a sentence or paragraph must make sense and be worthy of an utterance from God. Even then it must be acknowledged that only the bible will ever be with certainty His words. This is why a potential code must be judged by the the plain bible, and never the reverse.


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