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What about, "Consistency, scribal mother-vowels,
 and the importance of the Bible numeric?"

All see, "Answering Objections."


(Written in response to a letter sent me...)

There must indeed be a consistency, however, we must not force our logic onto the code, but rather let the code unravel itself. For instance, the mene code tells us to read around the letters in order to decipher, and then when to turn and read it in the opposite direction by means of a play on words, "Repent now" or "turn here." Both are meant. However, I take this to simply mean that I was to read in the opposite direction, not that I had to begin at the very letter that I left off at. This was true of the lamp code, true, but to force this principle upon all codes is unnecessary. The mene-tekel code uses a forward then backward then forward then backward approach some 23 times for the hand and 16 times for the mene code. This is ridged enough without imposing upon it artificial restrictions. Nevertheless, your concern for regularity is very good. Most all codes by people like Drosin are nothing but a bunch of scattered phrases at meaningless numerical skips. I could do the same at will with any secular Hebrew text. Its bunk! 

Speaking of the numbers, don't underestimate the importance of the numeric in the code to validate and guide. I spent 7 years and about 40 to 60 hours a week studying the numbers before I came to the codes. For instance, the Yeshua code is 120 x 3 x 120 x 3 (360 x 2) skips (ELS) (this is the same length of time in years as from the birth of Abraham, who is a type of the birth of Messiah, till the birth of the nation of Israel, who is also a type of the birth of Messiah, as it is written, "Out of Egypt I called my son"---and hence agrees with the meaning of the code itself---Jehovah God becoming a man and a Savior, "I AM" become Salvation.); and the lamp is similar, and it intersects with the Yeshua code perfectly, with that, in turn, intersecting the whole mountain code at 120 x 10 (1200)---with all this 1290 (Daniel 12) letters to the next cluster of picture codes, that is, the bush code, etc. Also, remember the context of the code---it is found in the very place where the Israelites are crying out to God for salvation from Egypt. They had just rejected Moses as "ruler" and judge over them 40 years earlier. (Moses lived 120 years.) The word for "cried for help" in the surface text even runs through the code where it reads, "They cried for help---Jesus will become a man, etc." 

The numbers are even more staggering in the mene-tekel code.

Moreover, even the position of the letters in the text are positioned to represent the appropriate dates. I do not claim that the codes on my site are accurate to every word, but I do think that they are generally correct. I have found in the past that almost every time I have found a mistake that I have made in the decipherment of a code that it later made the code read even better in the end. 

I have also found that the acrostic method often serves as a type of word divider, that aids us in telling where the letters separate. I believe the codes are like snow flakes; each is distinct from the rest. And the method of decoding each of them are slightly different. For instance, the Genesis code reads from the very first letter in the bible first at one letter skips, then two, then three, etc. Other codes simply read in a straight line---all are pictorial, though this may not be apparent at first since one may only be studying a small part of the whole picture. For instance,  I later found out that the 99 letter Lamb code that runs is in a traditional straight line turned out to me a part of a subterranean geyser beneath the garden of Eden. (This is the theme of this code, by the way.) I only discovered this when I discovered the Garden of Eden code years later.) Moreover, the pictures are really pictographs. They are only symbolic basic images. We are not talking about a 'Rembrandt', though it is conceivable that such detail may well be encoded there. It is enough that the pictographs all interact by theme and numeric with one another as they interpret their individual surface texts in accordance with the message of Jesus Christ---using the symbolism of the book of Revelation.

No code can be found without the sovereign direction of the Holy Spirit. It is not by human wisdom at all. But they come by faith. The Spirit quickens me as I go. It is all logical as I proceed, but still led by Him. They are sealed, and no computer can unseal them. The mene-code does not require a computer, yet it has been unseen for 2500 years. 

Also, the vowel points were not in the original Hebrew. There is very strong evidence that there were not even spaces between words, or dots, or anything. I show some ancient seals from the 8th century to demonstrate that even basic place names and personal names sometimes lacked the Hebrew consonantal-vowels (such as vov and yod). The Hebrew bible itself has thousands of examples. The text was only intact as we know it today by the time of Jesus. He is the vocal point of all things. Scribes were adding vowel letters for years before Christ. It did not change the meaning of the bible, but it did add letters. The MT compared with the Dead Sea scrolls will illustrate this. The text we have today is the one ordained to be opened to us as far as codes are concerned. It differs very little from the time of Jesus, but quite different then from the time of Moses or king David. But the meaning was always the same. These extra letters added by scribes just helped in the sounding of the words so that they would not be lost phonetically as the divine name was. But this was all God's plan. He willed that the codes be hidden till the last days. "The foolishness of God is wiser than men, and His weakness is stronger than men's," (as it says in the bible). Only Jesus is worthy to reveal anything about Himself, (Revelation 5). It does not and cannot come by mere human intellect. But rather, He instructs a quickened mind led by the Spirit, which is by faith.

I will post this letter because many who enquire about the codes also wonder about some of these points. The Jews have a tradition that the divine name of Jehovah (Yahweh) is the key that unlocks the codes---a 1000-year tradition! This, I have found, is true. This is why the Spirit began by revealing to me the Jesus/I AM, Jesus/Jehovah code, etc. The mother vowels (consonantal vowels) that I was speaking about before are four letters, vov, yod, he, and aleph. You will notice that the three covenantal names of God, Jah, Yahweh, and I AM, are also all made up of these same letters. Hence, as the mother vowels were added by the scribes over the years until the time of Jesus, (when this process basically ceased), then the divine name was also continuously declared in a sub-code, made up of these four letters. "I AM Jah, Jehovah" would have been declared in code over and over again until the main code was completed at around the time of Jesus---who is "I AM Jah-Jehovah--Jesus!" Far from the insertion of the mother vowels by scribes being problematic to the codes, they were its glory! The scribes unwittingly sealed the book/code from men all the while unknowingly declaring His awesome Name, until the fullness of time came when the human name of God's son, 'Jesus,' ('Yeshua', meaning "salvation") would be revealed to the world.

All see, "Answering Objections."

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