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Tekel/Moth Bible Code
and the Death of Saddam Hussein

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SARS/Moth Bible Code
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Moth Tekel Bible prophecy code.

(DRB) Hosea 5:12 
"And I will be like a moth to Ephraim: 
and like rottenness to the house of Judah."



This article was added about a week after Saddam was hung. However, the code itself as seen above was discovered years earlier. The other documents in this series were also written years ago and they likewise contained the above image just as you see it here. The three circles have always been understood as depicting and representing the Mene-Tekel-Peres Bible Code.

I went back and looked at the three circles of the moth bible code more carefully today (the time of this writing) and the following is what I found. So the picture bible code itself was discovered years ago, but the precise reading of the tekel aspect of the moth code was only fully resolved now --- that is, after the death of Saddam. The other articles in this series are unchanged from the time that they were written:

SARS/Moth Bible Code
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Mene tekel Bible Code Prophecy.The above blue rectangle with the three white circles in it that is positioned along the green branch (of the moth code) is simply a representation and depiction of the main Mene-Tekel-Peres Bible Code (as seen at right). In other words, the above is just a picture code about the other picture code at right! Both of these codes are found in the book of Daniel, and in both cases a secret message was being deciphered by Daniel, (Dan. 2 and 5). Moreover, both texts (Dan. 2 and 5) are written in Aramaic, one of the few places in the Old Testament bible that is not in Hebrew.

(The image of the moth and the tekel speaks of the law and the prophets. Recall that the moth's wings are formed by the repeated name of Moses, the one who gave the law. And the tekel reminds us of Daniel who is the greatest of the prophets when it comes to bible prophecy. Moreover, both halves of the branches span 1260 letters each and therefore agree with prophecy of the 1260's of Rev. 11. Hence, the branch that the moth and the tekel are connected to each represent two staffs {or rods} that are joined together in the middle as one. {The two halves of the branch are clearly distinct because they face in opposite directions.} The rods are measuring the tabernacle as explained elsewhere. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law and the prophets.)

A "tekel" is a Babylonian coin and also means "to weigh". With that in mind, the three circles in the Moth/Tekel bible code read:

"When will we put to death (the) despised light-weight tekel? 
We will weigh (the) one being snapped in two or crushed
(like a moth)!"

This is a prophecy about Saddam Hussein whose neck was snapped in two when he was hung to death and thereby symbolically crushed like the hanging moth in our code. "Snapped in two" also reminds us of "uparsin", which means, "to divide in two". Thus the Hebrew word "the-one-being-snapped-in-two" is a play on words for uparsin and for what happens when one is hung.

Saddam died exactly 1260 + 1260 days after the actual mene-tekel-uparsin code was discovered, which is also the length of this moth/tekel code! Hence, the moth-bible code itself answered its own question of, "When will we put to death the tekel?" Answer: "He will be put to death 1260 + 1260 days after the original mene-tekel bible code was discovered." (This interpretation is in accord with the massive mene-tekel-peres (uparsin) bible code in every way.)

The mene-tekel-uparsin bible code contrasts the death of Jesus with that of Saddam. (The bible code is not primarily about Saddam, but is about the death of Jesus.) The line of code that speaks about the "tekel being weighed" is in Aramaic, as is the actual text of Daniel in which this part of the moth-code is encrypted. A tekel is simply Aramaic for shekel. "Shekel" means "to weigh" in both Hebrew and Aramaic. Saddam ruled Iraq, which is ancient Babylon, and thus comparing him to a lowly Babylonian coin is most fitting! The code is implying that Saddam is worth a mere half-a-shekel (parsin) as contrasted to Jesus who is called "the Mina". (The mina {"mene"} is heaviest of the three coins and was worth 60 tekels. See mene-tekel bible code for further details about the mene-tekel-uparsin bible code. As in all codes found within circles, they are read from right to left in alternating directions like a wheel within a wheel --- the same as in the original mene-tekel-uparsin code.)

Mene tekel Bible Code Prophecy.All this agrees with the main line of code previously discussed as found along the lower part of the branch, which is 1260 + 1260 letters long:

"...Grace stirred! Suddenly, the hand of God worked a miracle sufficient for them/him (to believe)!"

The timing of Saddam's death is a miracle in that the mene-tekel bible code predicted both how and when Saddam would die precisely seven years in advance. The moth code also made similar predictions. The "sudden" appearance of "the hand of God" (that this moth/tekel code refers to) reminds us of the original writing on the wall. At that time, a hand suddenly appeared and wrote on the palace wall, "mene, mene, tekel, uparsin". This "miracle", put on the internet years in advance, is given so that men might believe that God rules over the affairs of men and puts in power whomever He wills.

It is interesting to compare the original mene-tekel-peres code with the moth/tekel code. Compare the "tekel" coin/circle in the middle of each of the three circles. They say much the same thing and use the very same letters.

Moth Tekel Bible Prophecy Code.

SARS/Moth Bible Code
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