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SARS/Moth Bible Code

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SARS/Moth Bible Code
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About the three circles

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(DRB) Hosea 5:12 
"And I will be like a moth to Ephraim: 
and like rottenness to the house of Judah."



A Sign:

(Please be sure to read the page through to the 'good news' that the bible code reveals. It will balance what you are about to read.) 

I went to this particular church about a week after I found this bible code. It was the first time I had ever been there. To this day I consider it to be a "good' church. The minister had a 10 point sermon, and on the "tenth" point a lady by the name of "Grace" "trembled" and near fainted. The minister called out: "Call 911," and then they opened a window. (The women sat a few rows in front of me. I had been outside of this denomination, and the institutional church, for 15 years, so it was unusual for me to be there at all). Then I remembered the bible code, how that that very day and year was encrypted in this code. All these 'coincidences' compelled me to recall the basic elements of the moth-tekel-code: "Ten sermon points;" "911," (i.e., "9/11" had come to mean in my mind, "the World Trade Disaster" and "mene-tekel-uparsin"); "Grace"--"trembling," and all this on the very day and year encoded in the moth code! This unnerved me, and I burned my hundreds of pages of notes! But the Lord was patient. I sensed Him softly say, "My word shall still fly! What I have spoken, I will do. Your doubts and fears cannot stop this."

The bible declares that judgment must first begin at His temple and with His people, and then it spreads out to the world. (See 1Peter 4:17; Ezek. 8-10.) Doctrines of devils that sap the life from God's people are going forth. But for those who are awake, more light will be given them. The SARS judgment upon the world comes as the physical counterpart of this spiritual judgment upon sleeping Christians; that is, just as the life or breath of God is squeezed from the lungs of a SARS victim ("Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome"), even so, SARS, figuratively speaking, will replace the life of God from within sleeping Christians by replacing truth with error, unless they repent. Yet, for both the world and these sleeping Christians, not every case of SARS ends in death. Like a butterfly, some will wake up when they sense what is happening to them, and fly free.


 The Sign of the SARAH'S

The part of the code that read, "Grace trembled," reminded me of Grace Hospital in Toronto where my two children were born. (This is where the SARS outbreak occurred here in Canada. I lived in that area most of my life.). The Spirit spoke to me, then, 15 years ago, that my children were for signs and symbols. The next day after Sarah my daughter was born, the only other grandchild in the family was born to my wife's sister-in-law. They named their baby, Sarah, too! But she was born at Mount Sinai Hospital. (This was where I was born as well, and where SARS spread next.) Thus, symbolically speaking, the first Sarah was born under grace, but the other under law! Jerusalem above and Jerusalem below! (See Gal. 4 for the same analogy.) In the same way then, whereas the moth on the one hand symbolized the law of God (since it is formed by the name of Moses, the lawgiver), yet on the other hand, words of compassion and the grace of God are written along the 'branch'. 

Click to enlarge.Amazingly, this very same moth-code brings out this truth further by forming yet another image, that of the heavenly and earthly tabernacles according to their exact detailed dimensions! *Click to enlarge. 



Here are the similarities of SARS with the moth/waster picture-bible-code.


1. Grace Hospital is where the SARS outbreak first occurred here in Canada, (one of the worst places for it outside of China.) A women visited China for "10 days" and contracted the disease, and then flew back with it, (i.e., Feb. 13-23, see 'Time' magazine, May 5, 2003). She died '10 days' later. The whole hospital was shut down. Recall the code, "waters of SALVATION," "GRACE TREMBLED." Salvation Army Grace Hospital trembled indeed, when the whole building was yellow-taped off by the police! ---Wouldn't you tremble if you were inside? 

2. SARS next spread to Mount Sinai Hospital, where 70 hospital workers were sent home under 10-day quarantine. (Note the sign of the SARAH'S---the first was born at Grace Hospital, and the second at Sinai Hospital: names phonetically similar to SARS. Plays on words and sounds are common in the bible, especially names. Example: Sarai became Sarah, Genesis 17:15.)

3. The authorities called upon all that had visited the hospital since March 16th (2003) to shut themselves in their home "10 days" to see if they had SARS. (See the "10 days" of the bible code; "test us ten days," with the code was ten letter long, etc. See point #1.) As I am writing this, a tenth person has died in Canada of SARS, and the world death count is now 100 (10 x 10), (April 7). (See point #6; one Babylonian 'SAR' equals "10 symbolic days." And see Footnote.)

4. Clothing ruined by moths were problematic in ancient days: A wasting-moth/disease that finds its way into any household, is the meaning of the imagery of the flying moth; (cf., Zechariah 5, "the flying scroll.") 

5. The phrase, "Concerning SARS" is encoded at 240-letter skips paralleling the branch, (upon which the moth hangs. See red circles on the right.) "Concerning SARS" begins at the 430th letter in the book of Daniel and ends on the 1150th letter, with 360 x 2 letters in between---all biblical numbers. (SARS came to Canada "suddenly" 1150 days after Y2K. We leave off explaining the significance of this for now. 3-years after this Babylonian world-wide party on Y2K was the death of Saddam's sons in fulfillment of the mene-tekel bible code, which code also works in unison with this moth code.) 

Adjacent to "Concerning SARS" is the phrase (blue circles) "the roaring sound," (such as great wings would make, or the roar of a lion): Hence, it reads: "The roaring sound concerns SARS!" (Backwards, reading in a circular motion: "The Prince roared, O' Shiloh!" cf., Genesis 49:9-10 KJV.) (The word prince, is SAR in Hebrew. Sarah is the feminine gender of this same Hebrew word.)

Notice the striking symmetry of circles as seen below right. 12 circles surrounding 6, surrounding one! This forms the outline of an ancient circular seal---with 360 vertical letters to the middle. Compare with King Hezekiah's actual seal (left) of a flying insect. Some ancient seals had four wings as with this bible-code seal.] 

[When I put out the above moth-code with the addition of these 8 middle circles that read, "The roaring sound concerns SARS!" I sensed that something was to happen in the natural that represented a great wind (i.e., from its 'wings'), or an earthquake. Both happened! This part of the code was put out on the Net late April 29, 2003, and about one day later a record 412 tornadoes swept through America for 10 days, doubling the old 10-day record for the same period, (May 1st to 10th inclusive. From the 4th to the 10th was a record week, with almost 400 in that week alone!) This same 10 days spanned 5 days before and 5 days after the day when the "Quartet" of world nations [including the U.S.A.] met in Israel to discuss plans to divide Israel into two nations, so as to include within it a Palestine state, (May 5, 2003). Clearly, God is opposed!]

6. The Babylonian astrologers used the term SAR to denote 3600 years. (Since a year can signify a day, thus 3600 years can equal "10 days"! [An ancient 360-day year.]) Thus, "SARS" are a repeated 3600-year cycles. It happens that the entire code is also based on this 360-letter model. (I have two other web sites devoted to the subject of the 360 calendar, much of which was on the net before this site existed.) The picture-bible-code of the moth is 120 x 10 letters long, or one-third of 3600 in total. The encoded word SARS is 360 x 2 (720) letters long (i.e., 240 x 3 = 720).

7. President Bush gave Saddam and His sons two days to get out of Iraq, and then the war began. (Iraq is ancient Babylon, and Saddam fancies himself as the king of Babylon.) This was on the 17th of March---the day after the SARS outbreak at Grace Hospital. And these 3 days were the very same 3-day anniversary of 'Purim,' (counting the 13th of Adar when Haman tried to destroy all Jews, but instead this worm-of-a-man was hung on a tree, along with his 10 sons. However, the godly Mordecai rose to new heights! See the Book of Esther.) SARS began in China mid-November, at the same time that the UN (and the USA) gave Saddam one week to decide what to do. (Nov. 7-14, 2002, which was also 430 days from '911,' and 1290 + 1335 years of 360 days from the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians, Daniel 12:12-13). (Update: See part 5 for more about Saddam as it relates to this code.)

What does SARS and the war in Babylon have to do with each other?

The bible code connects the two events: The moth-bible code is in Hebrew and spans 1260 letters and connects to the tekel-bible code that is in the Babylonian tongue, and also spans 1260 letters. (Note: I am not saying we are in the 4th seal!)




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SARS/Moth Bible Code
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About the three circles

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