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Tabernacle Aspect of the Moth Bible Code

SARS Bible Code Series

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(DRB) Hosea 5:12 
"And I will be like a moth to Ephraim: 
and like rottenness to the house of Judah."



Tabernacle bible prophecy code.Notice that when the moth bible code is arrayed at every 30-letter skips (instead of the 120 as in the moth image), that it creates the exact dimensions of the tabernacle coverings! The curtain was made up of 5 sections of 30 x 4 cubits of material, and this was attached to another 5 sections of 30 x 4 cubits of material (goats skin); plus, there was one section (30 x 4) folded back at the entrance to make 2 x 30 cubits. The total material equaled 600 + 600 + 60 = 1260 square cubits , (Ex. 26:7-15). (Or, 4 x 30 [120] x 10.5 sections.) 

The blue triangle at center represents the tabernacle. The 10-sections across the center blue triangle is the area of the draping that would be used in the tabernacle and is shown as it would look if laid out flat on the ground. Thus this bible code contains the correct dimensions of the area of the tabernacle and its drapes.

Each line of code is 30-letters across, and symbolizes one month of 30 days. Thus, there are a total of 42 months, or 1260 days, (cf., Revelation 11:1-3). In a sense the moth is upon the tabernacle and its covering. The moth seems to have both a good and bad meaning. Positively speaking, Jesus, the "moth", is shedding His blood on the tabernacle in order to cleanse it. But negatively speaking, the moth is eating ("wasting") away at the material for the covering. The goat skin covering of the tabernacle symbolizes Jesus' flesh, which, then, is being consumed. Judgment is "flying forth" out from His temple.

Moth code.

Just as the above moth code (at 120-skips) mirrors each other (that is, the tekel-code is mirroring the moth), in the same way the tabernacle-picture-code seen below, (except now at 30-letter skips), is mirroring a second tabernacle in the mirror! 

(Note: The letters located in tiny white squares on the perimeter of the below image are the actual letters of the "branch" in the above moth image. They occur every 4th letter across on the sides of the tabernacle because 30 x 4 equals the original 120-letter skips. The moth bible code and the tabernacle bible code are therefore one and the same bible code, except that they are laid out at two difference skip sequences, i.e., 120 and 30.)

Tabernacle bible prophecy code.

The above represents the true verses the false pagan temple/tabernacle, as inferred from Daniel 1:2. (This verse is found just letters before this code.) "...the articles of the temple of God. These he carried off to the temple of his god in Babylonia..." Perhaps this bible code is also a prophecy that the temple will soon be rebuilt in Jerusalem even with the Muslim Dome of the Rock standing next to it?


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"My Moth is Jesus" 


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