Yeshua Bible Code

found at the Burning-Bush Passage


Picture bible code of "The Scroll of the Lamb" with its seven seals opened, and the Scroll now being read.

Part 1

The First Four Names of this Picture Bible Code

(Part 5, answers:
 'Why this Scroll is on a spindle')




At the burning bush, what did God mean when He told Moses that His Name was: "I AM that I AM"

The answer to this question has set in motion many pens. However, the bible code answers it for us!


Moses at the burning bush.In the following presentation, I assume that the reader is already familiar with the subject of Bible codes. (Click here if you are not familiar.) Increasingly complex bible codes will be displayed, all directly related to this one, "Yeshua–Yeshua" Bible-code. ("Jesus", in Hebrew, is "Yeshua".) Analysis is simplified to maintain a quick and digestible presentation.

My appreciation to Jacob Rambsel for his initial discovery of the "Yeshua-Yeshua," alongside "Elijah," component of this bible code.

(Remember: Hebrew reads from right to left!)


Since all four words in this bible code are four letters long, therefore, they all join at the same place in the middle, and in the very same directions too!

Vertically speaking:

The bible code below shows the top Yeshua joined with the bottom Yeshua, by sharing the same last letters (at 120-letter skip intervals),. (The extremely important reasons why this Bible code is at 120-letter skips has already been examined in great detail.)

"Yeshua–Yeshua," in turn, runs alongside in-parallel-with the name of God as revealed at the burning bush, (i.e., "I AM," ) at top; and also with the name of "Elijah," at bottom. (For the significance of "Elijah," here, see Lesson 1b.) Therefore, the name of "I AM" is also joined vertically to "Elijah," in just the same manner as "Yeshua" is joined vertically to the bottom "Yeshua."

Hence, since all four words are four letters long, they all join at the same place in the middle, and in the very same directions too! Consequently, the letters in the middle are shared in overlap, and therefore used twice.


Horizontally speaking:

Therefore, horizontally, the top "Yeshua" is beside "I AM," and the bottom, "Yeshua" is beside "Elijah."





The green arrows demonstrate how the four vertical words are joined together in the bible code (at 120-letter skips). Hence, each name is 360 letters long, (120 x 3 = 360), with the whole bible code, therefore, 360 x 2 letters long, spanning from top to bottom.




Ye 120 sh 120 u 120  a 120 u 120 hs 120 eY

ELS start's at Exodus 2:18, + 120 x 3, = 360 letters to Ex. 3:1, 
+ 120 x 3 more letters = 720 total letters, which ends at Ex. 3:7


The full bible-codes matrix.(Also, alongside "Yeshua--Yeshua," 
are "I AM" with "Elijah," 
in exactly the same directions)



Within these same letters, zigzagging, it says:

"Jehovah," "He will be joined (to mankind)!"



To "Part 2, Bible-Code Slide" to see how!




Menorah at Mount (in seven parts)
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    lamp codeSeemountain code also the Menorah (Lamp) at the burning Mountain that continues and compliments the above code. In the bible, all three pictures---the scroll, the mountain, and the menorah, are used as symbols of divine revelation. They are the 'what' (scroll), 'where' (mountain), and 'how' (light of the Lamp), of divine revelation.  

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