Yeshua Bible Code 

found at the Burning-Bush Passage


Picture bible code of "The Scroll of the Lamb" with its seven seals opened, and the Scroll now being read.

Part 2


The four names zippered by two more!

(This article contains an important update at the end concerning
 the 'DNA of Messiah' as symbolically portrayed by the code. Awesome!)


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The top word, "Yeshua," is beside the word "I AM,"  (the name of God as revealed at  the burning bush). (See the first part in this series.). These two names, in turn, are zippered together by the name of the Lord: "Jehovah." The joining together of Yeshua and I AM by the name "Jehovah" is thereby expressing the divinity of Yeshua). (Note arrows of bible-codes matrix on right.) 


At the bottom in exact mirror opposite (and sharing the same middle letters with the top portion), it reads "Elijah" (i.e., who foreshadowed John the Baptist), and is next to "Yeshua," (who was the prophet to come "likened unto Moses"), joined together by the word: "He-will-be-joined," (i.e., to the human race:), thereby expressing the humanity of Yeshua. Therefore, the zippering together of "I AM" (i.e.., the name of God) with "Yeshua" by the name "Jehovah," at the top of the code, signifies divinity, whereas the zippering together by the word, "He-will-be-joined," of "Yeshua" and "Elijah" (meaning, "My God is Jehovah"), at the bottom, signifies humanity. Six names in all, spelt or implied, all intersecting at the middle in exactly the same way, each name in their own fitting location of being either up or down in relationship to one another within the bible code!



Moreover, zigzagging the opposite way of where it reads, "Jehovah" and "He will be joined", it also reads both forward and backward, "I will save, He will forgive". (Note that Jesus name means, "Jehovah will save".) For more on the two zigzagging aspects of this bible code see, DNA-Code: "The Book/Scroll of Life!"



Leah's third child born to Jacob was named "Levi," the same root word that means, "he will be joined." Leah said: "Now I know that my husband will be joined to me seeing I have given him three children," [Genesis 29:34]. The bible emphasizes that Moses [a type of Messiah] was himself descended from Levi, [Ex. 6:13-27, cf., 4:14].  As said, Moses and Elijah, in part, are the two candlesticks [menorahs] of Revelation 11, and historically signified 'Yeshua and 'John the Baptist'

The four letters that spell "Elijah," may also read, "(in)to her." In the story of Leah and Jacob, the Hebrew expression "into her" is used for marital union. The bible says that Yeshua is the husband of the bride---His church, and that He will unite to her (spiritually) as Adam did (physically) to Eve, [Eph. 5:31-33]. 

Thus, the top three words of the code together declare His divinity, "I AM Jehovah Yeshua." And the lower words declare His humanity, "Yeshua will be joined to her," agreeing with what Leah said when she bore Levi (the ancestor of Moses), "... my husband will be joined to me.

Remarkably, the next child Leah bears to Jacob is Judah, from which Yeshua, "the lion of the tribe of Judah," is descended. Judah was born exactly 3 years (half way) into Jacobs' 7-year marriage contract! This is very similar numerically to the Moses and Elijah pattern of Revelation 11, as previous said; but, it agrees even more with the next chapter of Revelation [Revelation 12] that speaks of the birth of Yeshua and yet another 3-year period! 

Thus, the Hebrew for "Elijah" [or, "into her"] speaks of two separate, yet harmonious things. They speak of the two witnesses, but also of Messiah and His bride, with both identifications being harmonious numerically.



DNA of Yeshua -The Book of Life!In summary: The fact that the bible code is joined (zippered together) right and left, as said, brings out the truth that Yeshua is both one with God, and one with humanity. The fact that the bible code is joined in the middle (top to bottom) brings out the fact that Yeshua is perfectly God and perfectly man, and that without confusion. 

This bible code, too, is part of a cluster of picture bible codes with the same theme; but, I cannot go into that now. This is how I interpreted (and published on the Net) this bible code before I even knew that the word "I-AM" was there, let alone this zigzag pattern! But, who could have even imagined that my interpretation of this bible code was actually spelt out here in plain Hebrew --- and that an image was encoded of it!




Going around these same 14 letters in a circle, counter clock-wise, then clock wise, the bible code reads as follows:



They cried out for help in the direction of a mountain top. 

"Let Him be changed into a man!"

Lo, They cried out for help! 

The Gift of God will become that man!



Click here to continue to Part 3, and examine what the bible code says when reading around the 14 letters in a circle in both directions!






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