June 15, 2011

 Another Sign: 

"Moon into Blood"



The sign of a star falling
 into the abyss of a Black Hole


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Passover-Tabernacle Blood-Moon Tetrads
and the Menorah of Time


Did you know that Passover-Tabernacles lunar-eclipse tetrads first began around Noah's Flood? And that they also occurred the exact day when Israel entered Egypt, and again when Jacob died (and prophesied about our future); then again with Saul, David, Solomon, etc. ...plus those more well-known recent events?

Click Blood-Moon-Tetrad chart to enlarge.

First 8 cycles of Passover-to-Tabernacles blood-lunar tetrads, which span from the Flood to now.

All Passover/Tabernacles tetrads, including distant future. Click to enlarge.

All Passover-Tabernacle Blood-Moon lunar eclipse tetrads, spanning distant past and future. 



Blood eclipse. Bible Codes.In keeping with on-going patterns over the past several months, (see previous articles), God opened my mind today to notice that the blood-lunar eclipse that occurred in Europe (including Jerusalem) fell on "the 5th month, the seventh day" on the 360 calendar, (not the regular Jewish calendar). (Note: in the bible, a new day begins at evening).  

This is the anniversary of an important biblical event:

"Now in the fifth month, on the seventh day of the month, which was the nineteenth year of king Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, came Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard, a servant of the king of Babylon, unto Jerusalem. And he burnt the house of Jehovah, and the king's house; and all the houses of Jerusalem, even every great house, burnt he with fire." 2Kings 25:8-9 

I did not even know that there was an eclipse occurring today until, while searching the internet about solar panels, I noticed that Google depicted an eclipse on their home page. So I clicked on it only to notice that the minute that I clicked on it was the exact moment of the middle (peak) of the eclipse that lasted nearly six hours. Moreover, "this was a relatively rare central lunar eclipse, in which the center point of Earth's shadow passes across the Moon." 

And so, I watched the eclipse via a live Goggle feed for a while, and also checked the view from Jerusalem on my software on my laptop, and, sure enough, the full eclipse was visible there too! Then I remembered the word that my wife told me just yesterday. She said that the moon looked blood-red as it lay low toward the earth by her feet, during the predawn on the 14th. (We knew nothing of the coming eclipse the next day.) She had quoted this scripture to me: 

Joel 2:30 "And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth: blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

Joel 2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of Jehovah cometh.

Joel 2:32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of Jehovah shall be delivered; for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those that escape, as Jehovah hath said, and among the remnant those whom Jehovah doth call."

The timing of this eclipse, therefore, speaks of the start and/or end of the "tribulation period". But do keep in mind that all these things are mere shadows of what's to come, perhaps many years in the future. (See earlier documents for the numeric of the past seven years, and seven years of years, back to the discovery of the Balance Bible Code in June of 2004, and on to the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC -- symbolic of the "last-days" seven-year "tribulation period".)

Mat. 24:29 "But immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light..."


Personal Signs: "Whirlwind of dust" (June 15)

Four hours later, I paced a Walmart shopping plaza and pondered the eclipse. It occurred to me that the eclipse had occurred on the anniversary of the fall of the temple in Jerusalem, (586 BC). (See Obama's speech a month ago, which was on the anniversary of the fall of Jerusalem itself. The fall of Jerusalem preceded the fall of the temple by one month, 2Kings 25:3.) As I pondered this, I asked the Lord: 

"It makes sense that this special week would begin with another token sign of the end days, specifically the start (and end, Matt. 24:29) of a "week" of days, and years, and years of years, (see previous articles about what I mean by this), but what about the tornadoes and the fires? Will they happen again this week as they did, as predicted, 30 and 60 days ago? 

As I was praying this, I noticed a very tall swirl of dust --- called a "dust devil" --- about 60 feet high at the other end of the Walmart parking lot. It lasted only about 5 seconds. It was the largest that I have ever seen. (I live in a cold-climate here in Canada, where such phenomena are rare.) It was not windy, nor hot, so I thought it unusual, especially since I was asking the Lord about it at the very time it happened. And so, I took this as another sign that God is saying that this week, (as were the previous said weeks), symbolizes the "week of years" (Daniel 9:24-27) of trial that is to come upon the earth in years to come, and that I should be bold to speak whatever He shows me. (Image at right is from Wikipedia. It is similar to what I saw.)

Although this week (June 14-21/22) does not have to see more severe tornadoes to fulfill the prediction made back in January, I suspect that there will be. 

Moreover, I am also keeping an eye on this years Atlantic season for the timing of the hurricanes. I am watching to see if these named storms will continue to occur on the revealed numeric grid as they have these past seven years, as meticulously documented and often predicted ahead of time. Also, I think that this year may be similar to the one seven years ago. (In 2004, hurricanes spawned an usual number of tornadoes.) God is predicting these things in this manner to prove that He is God, and that the revelation about the workings of biblical time frames, and the picture bible codes, are a sign from Him. 

I am considering putting out regular YouTube videos briefly explaining events in the news that serve as signs to men about the last days. Watch for it.

(Update: See Hurricane Beatriz)

Also, tornado outbreak on May 19-21 (evening to evening). 
Not unusual, but was the most robust event so far this month, and it occurred at the end of the said week.


Interesting quote from weather.com, June 17, 2011

According to the new drought monitor, 9% of the continental U.S. is in exceptional drought which is the worst drought level possible. This is the largest area of exceptional drought on record!

"This is part of a remarkable meteorological 'haves and have-nots' story," says The Weather Channel Expert Stu Ostro. "(You have) record flooding and exceptional drought, and those two opposites occurring in close proximity to each other."

The above quote is interesting because when I predicted "terrible tornadoes and (forest) fires" for this spring, back then I thought to myself that these two opposites might be incompatible. Yet, storms, often bearing severe tornadoes, produced these floods (and from snow melt), and drought produced most of the forest fires. And they occurred side by side!

Moreover, the Balance Bible Code (discovered seven years ago) pointed generally to great storms, hurricanes, floods and forest fires over the past seven years as documented during that time, however, April/May of 2011 were the months uniquely and specifically encoded within the Balance Bible Code! (See earlier articles for more on how.)

"Spring 2011 may well go down in the weather history books as the most extreme on record. From the massive April tornado swarm, to record Mississippi river levels, to extreme drought and wildfires in the Southwest, weather extremes were both violent and relentless, taking a terrible toll on human life and the economy." (Washington Post)

Weather-spring 2011, timing predicted by Balance Bible Code.
(NOAA National Climatic Data Center)




The Sign of a Star Falling
 Into the Abyss of a Black Hole



Bible Code predictions about contest with the serpent Baal.June 16, 2011

 Yet another heavenly sign on the same day as the blood-lunar eclipse

The dragon --- the fallen star ---  cast into the abyss of a black hole  -- -- symbolically speaking that is!


I will try to keep this very short. Please read the earlier articles (below) for elaboration on what I am about to say. I simply do not have time to detail this now. (I apologize for any grammar errors. It was written quickly.)

Blood eclipse. Bible Codes.1. Reported in Journal Science on June 16, 2011 (the anniversary of the fall of Jerusalem according to the 360 calendar), that is, on the very same day in Jerusalem that the lunar eclipse occurred: the report is about a very rare and unusual celestial blast that occurred on March 28, 2011. A star in the constellation of the dragon ("Draco"), 3.8 billion light years away, was drawn into the center of a massive black hole and slowly stretched and ripped apart. This rare event is said to occur only once per galaxy per every million years! And the only reason why earth even noticed it was that this narrow emission of extremely intense energy "happened" to face directly at us, like starring down the barrel of a gun. (See images found after the text.)

2. March 28, 2011, when this occurred (lasting for several weeks), was Nisan 17th on the 360 calendar. This is the anniversary of the resurrection of Christ. This was an appropriate day for this sign to occur because this event symbolizes the "dragon" (the serpent, that is, the devil), being cast into the abyss as per Rev. 12. Why? Because the dragon is cast into the abyss for a thousand years between the "first" and "second" resurrection of men, Jesus being the "first fruits" of the resurrection! (Rev. 20; 1Cor. 15:20).

3. This occurs at the end of the seven-year tribulation period, and it just happens that the past seven years have indeed been a shadow of this very thing, as repeatedly explained over the past seven years. Thus, the timing of this heavenly sign is perfect.

Baal-stars.jpg (164178 bytes)4. In the picture bible codes seen at right, the serpent overlaps the image of Baal, who is trying to usurp the crown from God's throne and cast down a third of the stars from above the throne, etc. However, the serpent, that is, the dragon, the devil, is cast down into Sheol -- into the pit -- the black hole. It happens that March 28 (and April 27), 2011, in the numeric matrix corresponds to the 12 stars seen here in the image above the throne. In other words, the location of these 12 stars in this encoded image also represents a specifically encoded year and day, and that happens to have been March 28, 2011. This is no small "coincidence"! (See other articles about numerous other events that have followed the timing of this image, such as the death of Osama Ben Laden, a type of antichrist, whose body was cast into the sea.) 

5. Passing through these stars, stretching far down in this code is the encoded image of the "bottomless pit", (see below right image). This is where the bible says that the dragon will be cast. (For more, see document about "The Sheol Bible Code", put on the internet seven years ago.)

In this same article, I quote the following verse:

"How art thou fallen from heaven, O day-star, son of the morning (i.e, Lucifer)! how art thou cut down to the ground, that didst lay low the nations! And thou saidst in thy heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; and I will sit upon the mount of congregation, in the uttermost parts of the north; {"Draco" is a northern constellation} I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to Sheol, to the uttermost parts of the pit," (Isaiah 14:12-15.)

6. In the "Sheol Bible Code", I explain that what the line of code reads, which represents the bottomless pit, is obscure. I will not quote from that article in detail here. You may read it for yourself. But it describes the dragon being bound and cast into a pit where he is "narrowed" and time is distorted, so that for onlookers the time seems very long, but for the one cast into the pit, it is much shorter. This made little sense back then when I decoded it, but now I see that a black hole causes both of these things. And thus, the black hole is a type of bottomless pit into which the dragon will be cast, here, figuratively speaking, but perhaps one day literally? This might even describe the effects of hell itself?

bible code-hell sheol grave7. The day before Journal Science released its findings, God gave me a revelation. I excitedly shared it with my wife. It was the result of reading a book on the nature of time. It described what would happen if a person were to be drawn into a black hole. They would be stretched out and dismembered eventually, but a spiritual being might well survive. Moreover, one would appear to onlookers as if frozen still in time, or almost. For every hour passing for one entering a black hole, hundreds, thousands, even millions of years would pass to the observer as they are stretched out into the hole. I told her that this is likely what the Bible means when it says that Satan will be cast into the bottomless pit. 

Here is what the strange words of the long line representing "hell" (Sheol) reads. (Remember, this was written seven years ago.) I wrote:

"After the initial phrase, the Hebrew for the following line of code is much more cryptic, and the Hebrew spurious at points. Therefore, the following line of code is in doubt. However, it makes sense numerically and pictorially and the reading, therefore, was retained --- just in case!

"There is for you a chain for him... 

"to repeat an 'Aleph' of time (i.e., one, or, one-thousand years), so as to hasten it (and constrain/narrow him), but according to man (or, 'according to fire' it will be repeated as if stretched out in length, being crushed within it." 


I almost fell off my seat when I went back to review what this aspect of the Balance Bible Code read, especially the last part:  "...it will be repeated as if stretched out in length." 

I had forgotten what I wrote, after all, it was seven years ago. (If we include the next four letters in the line of code, it goes on to say, "...being crushed within it, (i.e., the pit)". Note: this last phrase was included now only after going back to the code and reexamining it in light of this sign. I left it out before, mainly for numerical considerations.) This strange enigmatic line of code that depicted the bottomless pit fit perfectly what actually happens if a spiritual being were to be cast into a black hole! And it also fit perfectly numerically too, in every way, as to the timing of when the star was seen drawn into this black hole in the constellation of the Dragon! And this exact timing was encoded within the image itself!

There are many more similarities, numerically and otherwise. But enough said!


Constellation draco (dragon) Sheol Bible Code    The constellation of the dragon attempting to take the crown, just like in the bible code.

Constellation of Draco (Dragon). 
Note (right image) that the dragon reaches for the constellation of the "crown" as seen in lower left corner of image.

Black Hole    

A black hole

An artist's impression of the star about to be ripped apart
Image Credit: University of Warwick/Mark A Garlick.

Artist's impression of formation of two jets of energy at Swift 1644+57
Image Credit: University of Warwick/Mark A Garlick. Earth happened to be in the bull's-eye of this rare blast!




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Why signs?




The Near-Earth Asteroid, Nov. 8, 2011,
and two dreams given the same night that interpret its meaning, and 1269/1270 days in the mirror back to Dec. 16th, etc., (which is a three-and-a-half year period on the regular Jewish calendar!)

Two towers between court of justice symbolize law and grace in my dream. 


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