How the SARS/Moth Bible Code
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How Picture-Codes Overlap
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Our discussion would be incomplete without mentioning the fact that all the picture bible codes work together similarly. And also that the numeric in each code is endless. 

For instance, recall that the moth has a wing span of 486-letters across (Daniel 9:24), and that this code is mirrored by another branch---a total of 1260 x 2 letters, and that the "SARS" encryption is 430 + 360360 = 1150 letters (all biblical numbers), and that the wings are 240 and 480 letters long, which, as years, would accumulate 1260 and 1260 x 2 days in leap months, (see, that is 3 + 3 years in leap months), and that the wings are 3 + 3 letters apart inclusive; and that the very dates encoded along the 1260 x 2 letters of the branch are also recorded in the very dates in the book of Ezekiel (a fascinating study), and that the 490 x 3 letters that separate the moth and the mountain code also represent a 4 year period, (360 x 4, plus the leap month of 30 days, a total of 1470 days, see, and that this 4 years interacts with the 7 years (1260 x 2) of the full branch. Also, the 1260 x 2 is further broken down by a 483 + 777 (= 1260) + 483 + 777- letter pattern, and also the 600 + 600 + 60 + 60 + 600 + 600 tabernacle pattern; and also the familiar "time, times, and half-a-time;" etc, etc.



The Menorah Bible Code with the Moth Code


Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?

The menorah code is also found at the burning bush passage, also at 120 letter skips, and overlaps the burning mountain picture so that the flames form a cross at center. (See lower left. The bible says that Mount Sinai burned on top.) 





Two pictures shown as is in overlap.The flames of the menorah, therefore, have the same focal point as the moth code, and of the veil to the Holy of Holies, which point signified the sacrifice of Isaac. (Note: the menorah was located in the Holy Place of the tabernacle.) The base of the menorah is 240 letters after the base of the mountain. (Above image, left-side.) The menorah, too, is symmetrically placed, not just in relationship to the mountain, but to the moth code as well, (when, with the mountain, it is placed 490 x 3 letters back.) Please find the overlap position of the menorah to that of the moth code by comparing the two left images.



The letter at the base of the menorah represents 1207 BC, and therefore the middle branch of the menorah runs between the branch of the moth and the base of the mount. Thus, from the base of the menorah unto where the mount begins are 1200 + 240 letters, which is 1440 letters, which is 4 x 360. Thus, the base of the menorah is 390 letters after the end of the 1260 x 2 branch of the moth, or 8 x 360 plus a leap moth from its start. (360 + 30 = 390, + 1260 x 2 = 8 years, the number of the new creation.)


In the same way the "Scroll of the Lamb" can be located in its overlap with the "seal" of the Moth code.


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