How the SARS/Moth Bible Code
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How Picture-Codes Overlap
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But what does a moth have to do with a mountain? 


We have shown already that the moth represents a contrast between Moses and Jesus---Law and grace. (And thus the connection to mount Zion and mount Sinai). Yet we are missing a very important piece of information here. The moth is actually cocooned upon a branch (a Messianic term, by the way), and the branch is actually a beam in the tabernacle! The moth is upon the beam with the curtain/covering overtop the tabernacle. We know this because the many measurements of the moth code match precisely the tabernacle curtain measurements. 



(See I realized that the dimensions of the moth and the tabernacle curtain were the same a week after I put out the tabernacle web site! This was a sign to me since I had found the moth-code (on Tishri 10, 2002) 6 months before putting out the tabernacles web site! Virtually the entire site is devoted to the measurements of this very curtain---a curtain that I had already found as a code but did not realize it at the time. Moreover, it was around the start of the SARS outbreak here in Toronto when God opened my mind to the tabernacle curtains, and with unusual speed it was up and running the 25th of March, 2003---8 days after SARS began here in Toronto.) 

Remember, Moses received the instructions for the tabernacle upon mount Sinai. It was to be a model of the heavenly one. The dimensions of the curtains in the code are exact! Hence, the symbol of a wasting moth upon the fabric of the curtains of the tabernacle takes on foreboding symbolism. Judgment is clearly being portrayed. First on Christ--the sin bearing substitute, and then against all that reject His perfect sacrifice. Thus there is indeed a connection between the moth and the mountain from whence the tabernacle dimensions were revealed to Moses. Moreover, the name of Moses repeated a number of times is what forms the wings of the moth.

Moreover, the midpoint of the code---600 letters to center of the moth (and sacrifice of Isaac) also marks the spot where the veil that hung between the Holy and the Holy of Holies was. (There was 600 square cubits of goat's-hair material used for the Most Holy Place, and 600 for the Holy Place, (etc.). The bible says that when Jesus died (Passover), the veil was rent in two, (Matt. 27:51). The book of Hebrew says that this veil was symbolic of Jesus body being torn on the cross, (Heb. 10:20). (Click here for the full discussion on the tabernacle aspect of the moth code.) 

Whoever believes on Jesus for salvation enters freely right into the heavenly Most Holy Place in the spirit. Full fellowship with God is restored---the dividing curtain is removed for those who are washed in His blood, and who thereby personally partake in His death and resurrection by faith in His blood. They are saved, not by the works of the Law, for by the Law comes the knowledge of sin. The Law is good, but its purpose was to expose our sin, whereby we know we need a Savior---who is Jesus the Lord. "For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son, that whosever believes on him should no perish, but have eternal life," (John 3:16). Jesus said, "You must be born again," (John 3). We are lowly like the worm, but if we will believe on Jesus, in Him and by Him we are transformed into a new creation. Free as a butterfly, if you are willing.



"My Moth is Jesus" 

Next to part 3. There are other picture bible codes that overlap the moth code even more dramatically. This includes the burning-bush code precisely 3600-letters later. (3600 signifies 10 years of 360, which in turn represents the 10 days of the SARS code. Moreover, an ancient Babylonian 'SAR' was a unit of time 3600 years long!)


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