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When will the next event occur? 


(Correspondence between Oct. 7-16, 2007)



Reply email to me...
(Sent about a month after the previous article -- emailed Oct. 7)


I was surprised by how much posting you just did about the date fulfillments. I hope you had a restful vacation.

I think the next date is the 12th of October and then the 19th. I thought I had a hand on how the dates get more frequent like the birth pangs. The intersection of the various timelines imply that it could happen sorta like intersecting harmonic frequencies but I'm still scratching my head over it. 

When do the watch dates start getting more frequent?


 Dean's response...


The next dates are 40 days after Sept. 13-20, which is Oct. 23-30/31. However, Sept. 13-20/21 (starting the evening prior) is possible too, but I do not mention it in the long list of dates. 

Remember the story of the shattering weapons in Ezekiel 8? 

That event occurred 30 days after the end of the 390 days that Ezekiel laid on his side, or 10 days before the full 430 days that he laid on his side. Hence the above dates. In this case, the earlier date is the more important, that is, Oct. 13, because the day of shattering occurred on "the 6th month, the 5th day" (592 BC). This date, plus 1260 + 1335 years, plus the said 1150 days (Dan. 8) lands on Sept. 13 or Oct. 13, 2007. (Recall Hurricane Hubert on Sept. 13, the first hurricane in two years to hit the US.) 

There are two dates (Sept. 13 or Oct. 13) because of the 30-day difference in the two calendars on the 360-day calendar of bible prophecy.

The birth pangs that I mentioned especially begin December and into the winter. However, keep in mind that this pattern is only a shadow of the period of tribulation to come. It is only a picture of it for those to whom God wills to show it, for it is not even obvious. 

But of special interest to watch is the upcoming peace talks in the middle east that are to begin late November or early December. This would align well with the 1260 days from the end of Ezekiel's 390-day siege. And we know that according to most bible prophecy experts that final middle east peace treaty that is signed by the antichrist and Israel and many other nations, will occur in the middle of the seven years tribulation period, that is, after 1260 days!

But this would not be the first time that God has given a sign about the upcoming peace treaty. See Dec. of 4 years ago as an amazing example. I will be watching this one too, and learning about what the final actual one in the still future will be like as patterned after all these smaller attempts at peace. As a matter of fact, this one may be linked numerically to the one 4 years ago, which I will explain in due time. (It has to do with the 490 x 5 years from the decree to Nehemiah {445/444 BC}, as per the prophecy of Daniel 9.)

As you may be aware, it has been well documented (as a search on the internet will show), that great storms against the U.S. have often occurred in conjunction with such peace talks in the past. For instance, when I put out the moth bible code image, I record what happened on another article

"{When I put out the above moth-code with the addition of these 8 middle circles that read, "The roaring sound concerns SARS!" I sensed that something was to happen in the natural that represented a great wind (i.e., from its 'wings'), or an earthquake. Both happened! This part of the code was put out on the Net late April 29, 2003, and about one day later a record 412 tornadoes swept through America for 10 days, doubling the old 10-day record for the same period, (May 1st to 10th inclusive. From the 4th to the 10th was a record week, with almost 400 in that week alone!) This same 10 days spanned 5 days before and 5 days after the day when the "Quartet" of world nations [including the U.S.A.] met in Israel to discuss plans to divide Israel into two nations, so as to include within it a Palestine state, (May 5, 2003). Clearly, God is opposed!}"

Reply email to me...
( emailed Oct. 16)

Looks like ts 15 was it. Kinda subtle. But like ts 10 still something and I bet somehow connected to ts 10. The 19th looms!

Dean's response...

Actually, I thought about it after I wrote to you, that, the pattern in the past did not work with that date (the date recorded in Ezekiel 8), and thus there is no reason for it to be part of the pattern now. Hence, I should have stuck with the original dates that were listed before, namely Oct. 23-30/31, and so on. 

And I can see the rational for that: If God were to include a third date (that is, from the 390th and 430th and then also from the 420th day, which is the number of days from Ezekiel's calling to the event recorded in Ezekiel 8, then we have too many dates to work with and therefore harder to prove that the events really did happen at the time God said. So we should not include it here, or anywhere in the future either, just as it was not used in the past. 

I was too quick to include it a couple of weeks ago.

My last correspondence was my own mistake, pure and simple! Oct. 23-30/31 is the next date that I should have stuck with and should not have added Oct. 13-20/21 to it, and then 40 days after Oct. 23-30/31, (which would be 1260 days from the 390th day that Ezekiel laid on his side), and then 30 days after that, and then 10, and then another 30, as already laid out in one of our first emails.

However, remember, this is just an experiment to see if God will hold to the pattern of two and three years ago. There is no guarantee that God intends to. I only think that He likely will, and am watching to see, that is all. And this is based upon a past pattern. But all patterns have an end, and I am not sure when that end will be. It's kind of like flipping heads on a coin 10 times in a row, and we are waiting to see how long it will last.

Actually, there has been a surprising dearth of named storms since the last series that was in agreement with the on going pattern. Will they pick up again on the last week of October? We will have to wait and see. 



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