"The Jubilee Year of 2025, 
with plus and minus seven years"

What does it all mean?


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In answer to an email: Here is a quote from the email:

"But can you help me understand how you can say something like this and then claim to be any better than the people who say the rapture is tomorrow? (The mailer is referring to May 21, 2011). Something a little more specific than God gave me signs? I'm not trying to jump down your throat and I want to hear you out before I say anything else."


Thank you for your email.

I have repeatedly tried to make it clear that there is a 15-year delay, BUT that God has made it known to me that He reserves the right to continually delay again and again by 15-year increments, and I have implied that He might well do so. He delays for the sake of salvation. I have tried to explain the math, but I fear I loose 99% of the people when I get into that. So, I try to keep the math short. Signs are easier for the mind to absorb, but I spend little time telling of personally signs and most on the math anyway --- for interested people like yourself.

Do I think that 2025 will be the year of the Lord's return? 

It might be, but candidly, after delaying so may years one begins to think that He will likely delay again --- but I am just passing along His word to me. If He says "15 more years with the right to delay that period repeatedly", then that is what I tell others. And He has confirmed this word three powerful times to me over the past year, and not one of these occasions was I even looking for further confirmation. The day I start saying just what I want to say is the day I pray the Lord takes me away. But this I do know with certainty, that at the very least, the seven years leading to or from 2025/2026 will most certainly be accompany by many stupendous signs of His eventual coming, all timed on His clock in such a way as to cause men to say, "No more signs, Lord, but the real thing!"

Maybe 2025 will be the real thing? 

(I also mention 2026 in this article and elsewhere because, for reasons too technical to address here, in many ways that date fits more succinctly given all the facts. As the time approaches, the Lord willing, I will explain why. This would make in 2026-3033.) 

My natural mind tells me that it will likely be more delays, but just with remarkable signs timed to get out attention. But on the other hand? Who knows. It could be it. I don't know, and am glad that I don't! But as I said, and will say it again, that the said seven-year period will be accompanied by remarkable events of some sort, mighty token events of the final seven years that raps up this age, if not the final actual climax itself. And they won't be just empty signs, but will directly and tangibly effect that final period politically, religiously, socially, geographically, and so forth. In other words, the signs will have real purpose to set the stage of the final act in God's plan. Or, it could be the final act!

I have repeated myself twice here, and I am very glad for our correspondence. For if you thought that I was predicting 2025 as the final act, with curtains closing, then others may have missed my point as well, although I can't see how since I thought it was plain enough. For instance, in my rebuke of the May 21, 2011 false prophecy by that person, I wrote:

"Last year, God made known to me that He was delaying "the end" by 15 years, and that He reserves the right to delay it another 15 years after that, and so on."

Moreover, I went back to the original main article about 2012, put out on the forum back on April 15, 2010, to make sure it is clear, and it was. The following is the first paragraphs of that article --- unchanged from the top of the article. (Italics and bold are unchanged from the original quote from the forum, and show that I was trying to avoid this very misunderstanding from the beginning!)


"The Lord has given me a message accompanied by many signs over the past three weeks to the effect that God is going to spare America, Israel and the world from "Armageddon" for another 15 more years, (Isaiah 38:4-6), (AD 2025-2032). This will soon be explained in detail and added to the 2012 article.

Thus, instead of AD 2010, it is now 2025, along with the seven years.

Moreover, God has made known to me that He has already delayed 15 years (from 1995) and reserves the right to delay another 15-years more even after 2025. It depends on His people and on His purposes.

I know that many would take this as a 'cop-out'. But I speak what I hear. The day that I start speaking my own thoughts is the day I cease to be a voice for Him. Who am I to speak a message of judgment, but not mercy?

There have been many signs the past few weeks, beginning Nisan 10th, and I am very sure of what He is saying. Moreover, the word came to me without my inquiring about the matter. God willed to make known the '15-years more grace', not because I asked, but so that others who have read the 2012 message may know, and that all may know, what are His future intentions concerning the very near future.

It has been a very interesting month!

Precisely, spring of 2025 is the date that He is delaying up to; specifically, Nisan 10th of that year, and also Passover. But, God has also made it clear to me that He reserves the right to delay another 15 years, or 2040, thus implying an indefinite pattern of delay according to His will and mercy.

Nevertheless, we should still expect some very interesting events over the next seven years, just as there were the past seven years. There will still be God-sent signs these next seven years, and they will be precisely timed and follow a definite pattern, even predictable to a limited extent -- once things begin to unfold, whatever that be -- but these will mainly be signs of what is ultimately to come 15 years from now."

And so, I have said such things repeatedly, so I cannot understand the confusion. I do not want to understate the significance of 2025 either, lest I rob 2025 of any significance whatsoever. That would be a mistake because God wants us watching and on our tipsy-toes. When we get closer to 2025/2026 (for it can be either, although 2025 is the 70th jubilee from the entry into Canaan in 1406 BC ), I will explain further details about the numeric to do with that time period, and perhaps make some specific predictions. But for now I have generalized it as simply, "The jubilee year of 2025, with plus and minus seven years". But this is just a generalization. 

As you can see, based upon these increments of 15-year delays, Christ can come back anytime, especially if you believe in a mid-tribulation rapture. (As said many times before, and as reiterated to me by the Holy Spirit literally hundreds of times over the past 20 years, I believe that Jesus will come back at such a time so as to be pre, mid, and post-tribulation, depending on how you look at it. It will not be this or that, but all three at once! It will be two seven-year periods intersecting a third seven-year period in the middle. If you look close, every numeric sign that I have written about has this pattern to it, and I have written dozens of such articles.)

Once again, thank you for your email. If a man of your learning was wondering what I meant, then surely many others were too. Thank you and God bless!


{Update: The very next morning, 3.5 hours before the so-called "end", God unexpectedly opened my mind to notice again one of these patterns of "two weeks intersected by a third", that I just finished talking about, and it had to do with the original question concerning the false prophecy on May 21, 2011. I briefly describe that pattern after the following background information.

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.Update: (May 21, 2011, 2:30pm). What God graciously should me today to encourage the disillusioned, those who did not listen to the clear warning in the bible not to try to predict the date of the coming of the Lord:

Ironically, this man bases his prediction by calculating that Jesus would return '850 times 850 days' (722500) from Jesus' death on Nisan 14, (April 1), AD 33. Ironically, the predictions I am making for this same week of May 15-22, 2011, are partly based upon the fact that this is 1260 + 1260 days back to when God revealed to me the Balance Bible Code image. Well, it happens that from Nisan 1-7, AD 33 (the first week of the New Year of his death with one more week until his death), plus 720,000 days equals the same week exactly of the Balance Bible Code, which dates I have written about dozens of times over the past seven years. (Nisan 1-7th is also the anniversary of the setting up of the tabernacle in the wilderness in 1445 BC, and for this reason some feel it is also the day of Jesus birth 360  x 4 years later, with His circumcision on the 8th day, inclusive.) 

It happens that, "720000 days" is 2000 years exactly, without leap-month adjustments. This, "week" (seven days) represents the next seven years, that is, 360 x 7 years, which is the same as the said, 1260 + 1260 days. Moreover, this 720000 days intersects the larger 1260,000 days from Sept. of 1447 BC, when the plagues of Egypt began by the hand of Moses. (For more about the relationship between 2 x 360 {x 1000 days} and 3.5 x 360 {x 1000 days}, see "1260,000 days to the Great Tsunami". And note the "time, times, and half-a-time" of biblical prophecy.) Thus, this man's failed prophecy is in itself time by God as warning to Christians not to try to predict when the Lord will return, but to the world that this could have been the day of His return. Thus, even in man's failure, God is glorified! So, the day had significance, just not in the way that this man thought!

For full article, see, "Will Jesus return on May 21, 2011?"


"The Two Seven-Year Periods Intersected By a Third".

First of all, let me say that Jesus died in either AD 30 or AD 33, and we do not know which. But where there is ambiguity, the right approach is to except both as having intended meaning. AD 30 fits the early (correct) birth date of Jesus around 5 BC: however, AD 33 is the traditional date as from his conception in 1 BC, spring, with his birth on Dec. 25th, 1 BC.

I will explain the two-week pattern as briefly as possible:

The following is brief, and so without taking time to pull out your calculator and look at past articles about the significance of "1260 + 1260 days" from the Balance Bible Code, I will likely loose you. I simply don't want to write another major article trying to explain what I have already said, in other examples, a hundred times!

Dan. 9 prophecy of "seventy weeks" (of days and/or years) as from the decree given to Ezra in 458 BC in fulfillment of that prophecy (note: this was one of four decrees, all are used in the prophecy), 458 BC, plus "seventy times seven years" equals AD 33, less the last seven years of the prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27, equals AD 26. The prophecy also divides that last "week" of years in half, and thus, AD 29 autumn, which is when Jesus began His seven-year ministry, but He was "cut-off" in the middle so that He died AD 33, without completing the last 3.5 years, (that would have ended, AD 36, fall. 

From His death (Nisan 1-7-14th, AD 33) forwarded by 720,000 days (2000 years of 360 days) equals June 20-27-July 4, 2004, the dates of the Balance Bible Code. From the Balance Bible Code are 1260 days of storms (plus a lot more, see back to the sieges of Ezekiel and Jerusalem 1260 + 1335 years earlier), then another 1260 days until now, the time of this writing. 

A chart that outlines the main dates in the book of Ezkiel.If you examine this, forwarding the seven-year timeframes from AD 26 29, 33, 36 by the 720000 days so as to overlap the present past seven years, the said pattern emerges, not just in years, but also in days. (See June 20-27-Aug. 4, 2004, with June 23-30 intersecting these two weeks, which is Tam. 5-12 on the regular Jewish calendar, which is what June 20-27th is on the 360 calendar --- the basis of all my calculations the past 1260 + 1260 days! (These dates, Tam. 5-12, are significant because they are aligned back to the dates of the two sieges-of-Jerusalem recorded by Ezekiel, his symbolic one that lasted for a year (390 days) that he began seven years before Jerusalem fell, and the actual fall of Jerusalem by the Babylonian, whose siege lasted exactly 2.5 years.

Thus, the date of Jesus death in AD 33, (up the said 720000 days to June of 2004), if that were the "rapture", could be viewed at once as a post, pre, or mid tribulation-rapture, depending on where within the two-weeks, and two-seven-years, once chooses to look! (This gets even more interesting when once realizes that Jesus died on Passover, with Passover week just commencing.)

The "two-weeks intersected by the third" also shows up in other ways here, too, but enough said. God confirms this pattern to me on average, about once a week for the past 20 years -- I get the point! I hope others will too. It must be important to Him to repeat Himself so much!



Also see, "Year 2012?"

(Important update about the article that concerns the years 2010-2017, especially 2012. God is granting 15-more years according the prophecy of Isaiah 38.)

(April 15, 2010, published on forum.)

And about May 21, 2011.

2025, Year of Jubilee

More notes about 2025 and the 15-year delays.



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