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Is it wrong to look for ones name
 in the Bible Codes?


The following is written in response to the many that ask me this question in one way or another.



I do not feel comfortable with looking for ones own name in the bible. Basically, I only look for Christ Jesus in the bible codes as He leads me. When I look for codes, I do not just get on the computer and look for just anything. On average I use the computer program to do a search only about once or twice a year.

And God confirms what He has shown me with dramatic signs and wonders. Not that signs and wonders prove anything in and of themselves, for devils can do as much (though to a limited degree), but if there were no signs and wonders following the word then there would be something wrong. For when God does something new and important it is always with signs and wonders following. 


Wrongly, I myself have looked for my own name once or twice and did not feel right about doing it. I do not recommend doing that to anyone. It is a wrong focus, and gives space for the enemy to deceive us. Even the whole matter of the bible codes is really only for a temporary sign (it seems to me), and chiefly to the Jew. It really does not and cannot give us brand new information, but only proves existing things (and perhaps interprets them). Essentially, then, the codes are given as a sign to prove that Jesus is the Christ --- the Messiah --- and that the Bible is trustworthy to put ones faith in. I personally believe that there will come a day when the Lord will mercifully have me remove the codes website because it will have served its function as a sign to the Jews and Gentiles, and I will have completed my wearisome task. Surely no sign is meant to last forever except the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus Himself.


Let me end by saying that there are very few sites on the bible codes that are being led by the Spirit in their search ---very few indeed! As a result they do not meet the criterion of being genuine codes ---  at least as far as I am concerned. (See "20 proofs that this code is genuine".)


All the best!

Dean Coombs


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