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The Terms, "Scrolling" and "Generation"




The forward and backward movement ("scrolling") is seen in other ways here as well. For example: The middle of the code also lands at the middle or axis of the change in the narrative of the story. After forty years Moses fled Egypt in a failed attempt to rescue the nation (Acts 7:23). He fled to Midian where he immediately finds himself delivering the seven daughters of Reuel who then became Moses Father in-law. This account of Moses delivering the seven daughters is where our bible code begins. Notice therefore, that the bible code begins and ends on the same theme of deliverance and uses the very same Hebrew word, ("said").

Furthermore, notice that we have reference here to Reuel "their father" at the start of the 720 letter bible code, and then at the end of the 720 letters it says "I am the God of your father, The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob" (3:7). (Also, the middle of the code in verse 1, mentions Reuel ("Jethro") the "father -in-law of Moses.") I mention this is to demonstrate that "Reuel," Moses' father-in-law, is a type of Father Abraham even as God said to Moses "...your Father Abraham." (Vs. 7) Furthermore, Abraham is called "the Friend of God" in James 2:23 (Isaiah 41:8). "Reuel" (Moses father-in-law) also means "Friend of God" in Hebrew. This forwards and backward movement, theologically and numerically, is an important key to understanding the whole of the revelation in the numbers. More than theologically or literarily, this "scrolling" effect is especially evident numerically.(1)

Therefore, the 720 letters back to the narrative of Moses' Father in law ("the Friend of God"), represents the span of time back to the birth of Father Abraham, and, or visa versa. He that "calls that which is not as if it were," is the timeless "I AM that I AM." Yes; "I AM" is forwards and backwards! ("I AM" is the name God calls Himself at the burning bush. Furthermore, so are the first words to Moses from the burning bush. In Hebrew it reads, "(God)… said, Moses, Moses, said…"(3:4) Also, the key word "Bush," mentioned four times, also has a gematria value of 120 and is clustered around the fourth 120 letter skip of the "YeshuauhseY code! No wonder Yeshua said, "Before Abraham was, I AM." (John 8:53) For this statement men tried to stone Yeshua for blasphemy.)



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