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Picture Bible Code Prophecy

The clue that decodes the mysteries of
this 220-Hebrew-word secret prophecy

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Saddam hangs on day predicted by this code


The writing on the wall---on that fateful day when Babylon fell---was a complex word-puzzle: It was a secret riddle that had to be first decoded before it could be interpreted, (Daniel 5:7).

There are scholars (especially in the past before the advent of the bible code movement) who say that the writing on the wall riddle was written in a style that looks very much like a modern-day bible-codes matrix! bible code prophecy mene tekel uparsin

The above painting called, "Belshazzar," was painted by Rembrandt in 1635. (Click on the painting to enlarge.) The letters below are the blowup of the letters on the wall in this painting. The painting demonstrates how the words on the wall were thought to have been written at the time of Rembrandt. They conjectured that the writing must have been written in some sort of matrix format, and that this, therefore, was why the astrologers could not as much as read the riddle. However, Daniel not only read the words, but interpreted them also. The four words announced the doom of Babylon and her king.

Though we cannot know for sure whether or not this was how the words actually appeared on the wall, yet certainly this is how they appear in a modern day 'bible-code' matrix. The 15 letters that spell "mene, mene, tekel, uparsin" can be arrayed evenly at an ELS of either 3 or 5-letter skips, with the result that they appear very similar to Rembrandts famous painting.  

Bible codes matrix in "Belshazzar" painting by Rembrandt---1635.


  • The clue that solves this word-puzzle:

The 3 middle letters (as circled) contain a clue that unravels this riddle far beyond what Daniel himself would have been aware of at the time. The message does not contradict Daniel's interpretation, but greatly expands it. Moreover, the bible code mainly applies "mene, tekel, uparsin" to another besides king Belshazzar. The bible code is applied to none other than the One whose hand it was that wrote on the wall in the first place. As with all of the bible---the message has its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ! 


The three middle letters (circled above) read:bible code prophecy "besiege", which means: "To go around.' As it turns out, this bible code unravels like strings of coiled DNA when read in circles! As said before, the 15 letters of the writing on the wall can be arrayed in an even matrix of either 5 x 3 letters, or 3 x 5 letters. The bible code utilizes both matrixes. (See the two matrixes below with the coins superimposed over the letters). The middle letters of the one matrix, as said, means: "to go around" or, "besiege;" however, the three middle letters of the other matrix is Aramaic for "a shekel." (Chapter 5 of Daniel was written in Aramaic. It appears that there is a separate Aramaic code here as well, but I have little familiarity with the Aramaic.). When we put these two central words together, we have the key that unlocks this code: The encoded prophecy is read by reading in circles, especially by reading "around the shekel," (i.e., 'around the coins').


But what coins?

Mene, tekel, and peres were in fact Babylonian coins! (This can be verified by most bible footnotes or bible commentaries).


The totality of the following bible code contains about 200 Hebrew words, translated into about 1000 English words, all derived by the logical sequential of mainly just these four words, (which were 4 coins): mene, mene, tekel, uparsin

Though Daniel interpreted these words according to their root meaning, however, these four words, as said, were also Babylonian coins. It would be like saying: "A dollar (coin), a dollar (coin), a penny, and two-half-dollars," except their actual value would be much larger. The mene-tekel code uses all the various meanings possible for these four simple words and applies them with all the drama of how Daniel himself interpreted them.



An image emerges within the mene-tekel bible code after reading the four words in various, but systematic, circles. It is that of a banner with three coins.


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"The expanded full bible code of '5' coins"

bible code prophecy mene tekel uparsin




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  bible code prophecy mene tekel uparsin


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  1. Saddam, and the appearance of "the hand"!

  2. MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom...,(flash)

  3. TEKEL; thou art weighed in the balances...,

  4. PERES; thy kingdom is divided.

  5. "The Lamp," and the great blackouts of 2003
    bible code prophecy mene tekel uparsin (North America and Italy)


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