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Comparison of Ezek. 31 
with the Mene-Tekel Bible Code

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Even though most people who visit this web site want to see the Bible Code on the World Trade Center, however in my opinion the prophecy of Ezek. 31 not only supports the Bible code, but is strikingly similar to it. The Bible code is admittedly ambiguous in that its primary application is not the Trade Center, but about Christ's victory over the king of Babylon. However, as students of the bible know---the theme of 'Egypt and her king' (of Ezek. 31) and that of 'Babylon and her king' (of the bible code) are virtually one in meaning. As a matter of fact, the prophecy of Ezk. 31 can be applied remarkably well to Daniel 4 where the king of Babylon is likened unto a tall tree wherein the birds nest, but who is cut down for his pride (ch. 4). The next chapter is the 'writing on the wall' and "mene-tekel-peres"---the chapter where the bible code is also found (ch. 5). Moreover, Daniel refers to the events of chapter 4 in chapter 5 in his rebuke of the king of Babylon, (Daniel 5:18-21. Cf., the picture bible code of the moving hand is found here in verse 19). Click to enlarge bible-code-picture.

Here are two excerpt from the two "writing-on-the-wall" bible codes so you can see the similarity of language-style in the code to the actual text of Ezk. 31. 

The bible code riddle that forms the picture of a banner-pole (flag) held against a tall building of commerce that is rallying her attackers to attack, reads:

"Concerning your beauty, Thomas is investigating it! 

But on account of its height, the Manna, a Lion, and a Mina had to measure it!

He cut off more than a piece, indeed, Babylon was severed in two! 

God's wrath is pent-up against her because they put God to the test!

Yet, God will test them with the banner-pole of the Twin (Thomas);

He will test them indeed with the great tree! (i.e., cross)"
(The full code is here.)


The bible code of the 'hand' reads:Click to enlarge bible-code-picture.


Is it the hand of Jehovah? He Himself went to war. He put him to death! 

Jehovah goes to war against her (i.e., 'Babylon'), and the arrogant one! 

Jehovah goes to war against her, and the rebellious one!

Jehovah goes to war against her, and the one being removed!"

(For clarity, "Jehovah" is translated as is,
but the poetic "Jah" as 'Lord.')
Bible-code picture of the hand at vertical  ELS of 15 letters, with 22 circles.

"Wheel" number Text of 'wheels' along index finger,
 each alternating in direction
Alternate Reading Notes
#1, 2 They will be thrust out and made to bow down.  Or, "They will be vomited out..."  "Vomit" --This odd saying is greatly expanded on in the mene-tekel code.
All enemies will bow (Php. 2:10, etc.) 
#3 I will make them slip!  "I will make them collapse" Belshazzar collapsed from fear of the hand, Daniel 5:6
#4 Divided they fall! "Being divided (sg.) they writhe in pain (pl.)" 
"Being slippery, he fell!"
"Divided," a play on, "Peres: Your kingdom is divided..." But now the king is divided/slain! (Daniel 5:30)
#5, 6 For, I made him bend sufficiently!   The word seems to imply the stretching out of a hand as well
#7 His strength ("hand") is sufficient, my beloved ones,    The name David is derived from the word for beloved, implying that the deliverance of the 'city of David' --Jerusalem --is in view
#8 the strength ("hand") of the Lord!
#9,10 Destruction! Jehovah and destruction!    
#11  For the Lord will fight the ones   
center wheel #12 attacking her.  Heb. same as in Isaiah 29:7 i.e., God will defend Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1-7), His beloved city!
#13,14 When he comes to battle, lo, it comes    
#15,16 ---lo, destruction after destruction!    
#17 A forearm, and a forearm "a cubit and a cubit" the code consistently emphasizes measuring and numbering
#18 to blot out the arrogant one! "to erase the fat!" "erase"---an appropriate word for a hand that is writing!
#19a He slipped! i.e., 'he slipped on his own fat!'
#19b-21 I am risen to life, even to abundant life!

For His hand is the hand of the Beloved---Jah! (i.e., 'the Lord')

Or, the Hebrew letters can be deciphered alternatively as: "For His strength, beloved, is from the Lord."


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