Bible- Code Prophecy

in Pictures!

The archetype of all Bible-code prophecy: "Painting: Belshazzar by Rembrandt, 1635." The-writing-on-the-wall bible code is the key that unlocks all the bible codes.

"The Bible Codes Concealed!"


(Part 2 of 6 parts)

Mene, mene, tekel, uparsin: 
The banner-pole picture bible code


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A look at the third  key word in this bible code:
("shut up")

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Being "shut-up" speaks of both Babylon and Christ:

 A 'hand' in the bible code (of and by itself) causes the pole to be severed exactly in half!Both Babylon and Jericho were "shut-up." Recall the repeated use of the word "shut-up" in the bible code. Can you see the triple meaning intended? It applies to Christ, Babylon, and the bible codes themselves, all at once!Bible codes: Flag on pole reads: "My Scroll is shut up to you (O Israel)! But you shall strike it open, O Lord!"

"The message will be carefully shut up!" (kept secret)

And again,

"Shut up by God is a  flawless banner (cross)!" 

And again,

"More than a piece (or 'pole') he cut off, she was severed in two!" Concerning her, wrath is shut-up (pent-up) from God."


Moreover, along the lower part of the severed pole there is an upside-down picture of the flag---only now hanging down at half-mast. The Flag reads: 

"My Scroll is shut up (kept a secret) to you (O Israel). And you struck the Lord, (O' nations)!"




"Israel" (and "nations"), here, are inserted, but is strongly implied; both by virtue of the Hebrew language, and because of the bible numbers: A number is produced that attaches itself to the very year Israel became a nation, and raised her flag, [1948]. The period of 1947 and 1948 also saw the discovery of the dead sea scrolls, an event of great symbolic significance.

Or, it may read: "You shall strike it open, O Jah (Lord)," and reminds us of Revelation 5. In this passage, the Lamb that had been struck (that is, the Lord Jesus), alone is found worthy to open the shut up Scroll. (See also, Daniel 8:26, 12:4, 12:9, where the very same Hebrew words are used, i.e., "Shut up the Scroll!")  


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