Blood-Moon Prophecy 4 Israel. (Lunar-Eclipse Tetrads on Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles)

Bible Code Riddles

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The archetype of all Bible-code riddles: "Painting: Belshazzar by Rembrandt, 1635." The-writing-on-the-wall bible code is the key that unlocks all the bible codes.

Procedure of Decipherment, 
and Hebrew, of All 5 Coins

Mene-Tekel-Peres Bible Code:


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  1. Two lines of bible code weave along the pole from bottom to top,  and then coil around the banner/flag..The first letter "Lamed" can optionally be left out.

    (-Reading the pole (bottom to top) that coils into the 'flag': 
    (The Hebrew words that are in black belong just to the 'pole.' The ones in blue are where the letters along the pole begin to coil around the banner at top.)

    Hebrew poetic contrast and plural superlative: It takes only a man to search out Babylons beauty, but it takes God to assess/measure her for judgement.*
    (The lamed is optional.)

    Concerning your beauty, it is being searched out by him. 

    And on account of its height the Manna, a Lion, and a Mina shall measure it!


"O' great tree!" The chapter before in the book of Daniel uses the same word to describe the vision of "the great tree" that was cut down, which represented Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel rebuked Belshazzar for not learning the lesson of his father's pride and subsequent humbling.*

More than a piece (or, 'a pole'), he cut off; she was severed in two! 

Concerning her, wrath is pent-up from God: They put God to the test!

Yet, God will test them, O' banner-pole of Thomas;

testing them indeed, O' great tree! 



Or it may also read:

"Wrath is pent up from God," is a play on words with, "Thomas was shut up," and with the bible codes being "shut up" and hidden.*



More than a piece, he cut off; she was severed in two! 

Against her, wrath is pent up from God! They put God to the test! 

"You (too) ran from God!"

"Flee, O' Thomas, to the banner (of the cross)

---to the Flawless One of God, Flee, O' Thomas!" 

(Thomas remained shut up by God, having fled to the banner.)



{Every aspect of this bible code was fulfilled in the life of Thomas.
He is the pattern of all who doubt like him. Compare with John 20:19-31.}



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