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The Book of Revelation: Book of Contrasts


How Evil Things
 Can be Opposite Patterns of Good Things
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To: Dean Coombs
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2004 6:43 AM
Subject: Re: beast

I know the counterfeit part but I'm talking about, for instance Saddam rising up out of the grave as an opposite of Christ. 
Do you have an example that is in surface scripture of evil used as a parable of good?


My Reply:

There are many such contrasting parables, (though not always clear).

Take Ezek. 17 for example: Ezek. 17:9 refers to the vine withering--- a reference to the last king of Judah---however, the bible turns it around in vs. 22 to make Jesus the very last king of Judah who is the vine that is now blessed. Also, vs. 23 says that the birds of every kind will nest under it, etc., which agrees with what Jesus said about the church in his parable in Mark 4:32----which, in turn, is opposite (and seems to refer) to the parable against Nebachadnezzar in Daniel 4:11-12.

But the main point that I make in my writings is that (true) bible codes borrow their imagery chiefly from the Book of Revelation, and in the Book of Revelation, everything has an opposite corresponding parallel. And so it is with this bible-code and how it was fulfilled. (The code contrasts king Belshazzar with King Jesus. However, the code is again fulfilled in modern times in the person of Saddam Hussein, who rebuilt literal Babylon and fancied himself as the father of Belshazzar. Note: these current events are only a shadow of things to come.)

Examples of Contrasts within the Book of Revelation:

  1. there is a "Lamb" and there is a "beast", the Lamb who was "slain" is risen, and the beast that was slain rises too from his deadly wound; 
  2. the followers of the Lamb have a number and a name on their foreheads and the followers of the beast do too; 
  3. the beast rules over Babylon, but the Lamb over Jerusalem above; 
  4. pits are opened that unleash darkness in contrast to the temple in heaven opened that signals coming justice; 
  5. there is the Trinity of God and there is the trinity of evil in the book of Revelation (i.e., the beast, the false prophet, and the dragon); 
  6. the "7 churches" correspond negatively to the "7 hills" that Rome sits on---the mystery of God vs. the mystery of iniquity; 
  7. there is the two true prophets (two witnesses), and there is the false prophet on behalf of the beast;  
  8. there are the counterfeit miracles of the frogs and of the fire from heaven of the false prophet---(as were also in the days of the plagues of Moses and in the days of Elijah), and there are the true miracles of the two witnesses, also patterned after Moses and Elijah; 
  9. there is the ascension of John ("come up here") and of the Two Witnesses, and there is the ascension of the beast from the pit; 
  10. the 10 wicked kings give the beast their crowns, (17:12-13), (as does the dragon, 13:2) in contrast to the 24 elders who throw their crowns at the feet of the Lamb; 
  11. the "144,000" are "virgins" in contrast to the "harlot" (RCC); 
  12. the harlot is in a desert in contrast to the last chapter of the bible uses language that parallels the garden of Eden; 
  13. the harlot is clothed in "purple and scarlet", but the saints in "white" linen; 
  14. there is the wine of blood that the harlot is drunk on and there is the wine of the wrath of God; 
  15. there are names of blaspheme upon her, but the fathers name and of the Lamb upon His witnesses; 
  16. the harlot is "seated" (as if to stay) on this earth in contrast to the Lamb and his followers who are standing (as if to go), (Revelation 14:1); 
  17. the harlot is rich, but his followers are persecuted for a time; 
  18. John wonders at the harlot in horror (17:7) but the wicked wonder at the beast with adoration (17:8); 
  19. in the end, the harlot is stripped naked, but the saints are clothed upon with fine linen (17:16, 19:8); 
  20. thus, there is the harlot of the beast vs. the wife of the Lamb; 
  21. the harlot is called "Babylon," whereas the bride of Christ is called "New Jerusalem" (21:2);
  22. the harlot (Babylon) with all her glory is cast down into the sea (hell) (18:21), whereas the New Jerusalem gracefully descends "as a bride adorned for her husband" from heaven to earth in all her glory (21:2), "and there is no more sea" (21:1);
  23. there is the feast of the birds on the flesh of God's enemies at Armageddon (19:18) in stark contrast to the feast of the marriage supper of the Lamb (19:7); 
  24. there is the lake of fire in contrast to the glassy sea upon which the saints stand in heaven; 
  25. there is the first resurrection of the righteous in contrast to the second resurrection of the damned (20:6); 
  26. even historically, the dimensions of Babylon were known in the days of the Bible to be 120 stadia squared in contrast to Jerusalem at 12,000 stadia squared (21:16);
  27. and so forth. 


Hence, the truth is accentuated by the darkness, just as the light of creation only becomes apparent with the backdrop of darkness, and love is made evident when contrasted with hate, etc. God is not the author of evil, but He is glorified over His enemies by using evil to clarify the good by stark contrast before all creation who are watching and learning, even as it says in the book of Romans (3:5-6), 

"But if our unrighteousness demonstrates the righteousness of God, what shall we say? "But if through my lie the truth of God abounded to His glory..." 

God is not mocked, but is honored, despite what the devil does, by bringing out the truth more vividly for all to see and appreciate. And He often does it in such a way so as to be very conspicuous, by means of obvious parallels that are intended to jar our memories of bible passages---line upon line contrasts that even a child can spot. Thus, even the counterfeit shows how wonderful the truth of God really is, especially by their corresponding fruits. The Prince of Life hanging upon a dead tree is the greatest contrast of all, as it is written, "Cursed is he that hangeth upon a tree." And so it is that all cursed things contrast with the blessed One so as to evoke light and glory in our minds as we adore our Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord. 

And God has all power to make these contrasts all the more sharp and clear by bringing about such events as having Saddam rise from a pit to go to his doom in contrast to Jesus, who rose from the dead to go to His fathers glory. Praise God for His power and wisdom who is able to make all things bend to His will---even the rebellious, if not in heart then in body by the reluctant bowing of their knee. But, how much more wise is it for us to now yield to His Spirit and become vessels of honor rather than wrath, by obeying the good news of the gift of salvation through Jesus, the substitute Lamb for our sins---made personally efficacious to all that believe and follow Him?


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