"The name of His plague is a secret."

(Oct. 26, 2003)

"The name of His plague is a secret." --- Mene-Tekel-Peres-Bible Code.The 5 vertical "coins".I had a dream this morning wherein the Hebrew letters that spelt out the acronym, "One putting him to death," became in the dream as, "which is the one putting him to death." (This was first deciphered back on Feb. 4, 2000.) This dream came this very morning of Oct. 26, 2003. Then I woke up and checked my email. There was a letter asking me about another acronym, and asking me what it meant. (The email also requested that I write out my own history, (just as I have just done now!). Then, (because of the coincidence of the acronyms), I wondered if the dream was perhaps from the Lord. 

I looked at the mene-tekel code again, and the elongated form of the mene-tekel code does indeed read as, "which is the one putting him to death.' (See right-hand image. This, too, has been on the Net for years, but I never deciphered the longer version in this way before. I only deciphered the shorter version, here, seen on the left.)

Looking further, I realized that this line may fully read, "The name of His plague is a secret."

I am unsure if this short phrase is from the Lord. But it might be. It is not as clear a message as in other cases. This is why there is still some uncertainty in my mind.

The letter:


I am intrigued by the codes subject and though I know no man has all the truth, we can get considerable “light” by what is found. So I have an open mind to this subject. One reason this subject, in particular- the Genesis codes, is interesting is because it confirms something the Lord spoke to me back in the early ‘80’s when I was particularly close to the Lord spending a lot of time praying and studying the Bible. One day I asked the Lord in prayer to tell me a secret about the end-time. I felt he spoke to my heart – the end is in the beginning – look in Genesis. At that time there was no talk of Genesis containing any prophetic end time significance that I had heard of and though I tried to read Genesis after that to get the meaning of what the Lord meant, I didn’t get any until the last few years when talk of the codes has come forefront.

Another significant bit of information that came unexpected across my path somewhat relating to this subject was when I was stock trading. A few years ago before the bubble burst I was researching technology companies, especially the cell phone technology and found the following. The two technical names of this technology in acronyms are m.a.n. and w.o.m.a.n. I know that code and prophesy can have many detailed layers and I feel this fits in somewhere. Do you know how?

My husband and I are owners of a local monthly newspaper in xxxxxx and I would like to start my own “religious” section of the newspaper online. We are in the process of getting a website and I would have a link from that to my personal site containing local testimonies and links to sites I value myself. When that happens I will email your links-exchange address. I love your salvation presentation on your website. Our newspaper mails to 31,000 home addresses and though we are a secular newspaper I want a way to get the gospel out (not religion).  I searched your website to find out more information about you personally but only found editorials. Do you have a bio- ‘Who I am” I could read? Please don’t think I want this to criticize you. I just want to get to know the person behind the website. In fact, Jesus was carried on a donkey through Jerusalem where they laid palm branches down and worshipped him. Corrie Ten Boom was once asked how she handled all the praise and standing room clapping ovations she often received. Her comment was, I am just the donkey- Jesus gets the praise.

That is my heart. I am just the donkey. I want to carry Jesus to people. The codes are very significant I believe and are not being treated as such. I tend to be cautious about people and websites and feel that you are genuine. The fact that you have the salvation message on your website like you do suggests to me your are the Lord’s donkey as well.

If you have the time, let me know your feedback on my question above about m.a.n. and w.o.m.a.n.



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