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Also see, Why is "Pascha" translated as "Easter" in Acts 12:4?


  • About the NIV and other bible versions


Dear Dean,
May I know why is it that you often refer to the NIV bible and not others like KJV or NKJV, or NASB?


Reply to letter:

I believe that the NASV and KJV is more accurate than the NIV but the NIV reads smoother and is more popular. I do not share the belief that the KJV is the only reliable version---though I have good friends who do--- as a matter of fact I just had one over for dinner less than 10 minutes ago. Therefore, whatever your own view, I respect that.

Also, the NIV study bible is popular and represents modern scholarship is regards to dating. But there are other versions that do as well. But by quoting the NIVSB I save myself a lot of time having to debate as to what are the correct dates of events prior to the period of the Kings. The majority of scholars are fortunately correct---and the majority do not have something to prove. Thus, the dates that I use on the internet are in no way manipulated to 'fit' the patterns.

Thanks for writing,


P.s., I am putting out the heart of the prophetic calendar very shortly. I just thought I would let you know. I personally am excited about it since it is something that cannot be denied by anyone. It is as simple as 2 plus 2.

Also see, Why is "Pascha" translated as "Easter" in Acts 12:4?

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