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What about the Moby Dick 'Bible Code'?
March 27, 2003 


Anyone can kind find anything under a string of letters of about 10.
Crossing one word with another is also no big deal, and usually within the
realm of chance. And many crossing---and the amount really makes no
difference---is meaningless too, since random chance has crammed millions
into them. Thus, to see things about Lady Di, and the Beatles, and Moby
Dick, etc., is what we should expect by random chance. This is why it is
dangerous to look for things about oneself. Your mind can easily play
tricks on you. However, by God's grace He has opened my mind to whole
paragraphs that interpreter the actual surface text in the light of our Lord
and Savior, all the while being numerically perfect and symmetrical, and
forming pictures. The difference between this and Moby Dick and Lady Di is
the difference between day and night. The numerical element is extremely
important in vindicating a genuine code. However, few are interested in
those details---but they are important for this very reason. Look at the
mene mene tekel code with its numeric---and let one of these bogus codes do
that! IMPOSSIBLE!!! (Besides the fact that it is a page long and makes sense
in its 'Belshazzar vs. Jesus' context!) See here: Why I Believe that the Mene-Tekel Bible Code is Genuine

All the best.

Please note, the codes are a sign for the unbeliever. Hence, no doubt the
devil will .seek to corrupt it. The vast majority of 'codes' out their are
completely phony. Besides the fact that they are simple silly sayings, and
meaningless gibberish, if they do not exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in an
intelligent way then they are of another spirit---plain and simple.


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Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2003 5:36 PM

> Dear Dean
> I have stumbled upon another site:
> Http://
> and it is really desturbing to see that the people on that site also found
> cross codes in  books like Moby Dick and War and Peace and so on.
> What is one to think about it.
> As a Christian, I thought that one can find these  cross codes only in the
> Bible
> and that these messeges are reliable because it is from our God and
> What is one to think about codes that are revealed in other books that
> predict true events like the death of Lady Diana and others.
> I would like to know what you think about this matter, as you are a
> Christian
> as well, and I prefer to get the input from another Christian. Of course
> there are
> a lot of people that criticise the Bible Code as they will also  criticise
> anything
> that is from our Lord.
> Please tell me what to think about it all.
> Regards
> :)
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