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1000 years and the Last Days

(March 30, 2007)(March 30, 2007)



Someone else wrote: (My response follows)



At 07:46 PM 3/29/2007, you wrote:

Hi. I wanted to know something. I know that to us 1,000 years us a day to God. So when people say we are living in the last days, do they literally mean "days" or what? I am just trying to understand and am confused about a lot of what people say about "end times". Something else: in the bible, how should we take time...for example, when God says something about 'years' do we as humans take that as 'years' or convert it. Also, the rebuilding of the trench in Jerusalem started when

Thank you and God Bless.


My response to the above email...


The issue is not one of this or that. Both are true, although some times people fixate on one or the other.

The last days, depending on the context in the bible, can refer to the last days of time, meaning the last few thousand days (1260 x 2 to be exact), or it can refer to the last few days symbolically as the last few thousand years. In the book of Acts, Peter quotes the prophet Joel as saying that the outpouring at Pentecost was a sign of the last days, and yet here we are 2000 years later. Why? Because both views are true.

The same is true of years and days. Depending on the context in the bible, a day can be a literal day as it was in Genesis one, or it can be symbolic of a year as it is in Ezekiel 4 and elsewhere. The bible views it both ways. The more you study it the more it will all make sense to you. Just don't let anyone box you into a this or that mind set.

The trench referred to (I assume) in Dan. 9 refers to the building of the wall around Jerusalem in 444 BC. Trenches filled with water sometimes encircled the city along with the wall for added protection. It happens that 490 x 5 years later ("70 x 7" x 5) is yesterday, Nisan 10th, the day that you emailed me! This is the day most scholars associate the terminus a quo of the 490 years of Daniel 9 in AD 33 when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. (They use the 490 years with only 360 days less the last seven years, etc. For details on that you will have to search the Internet. It is too long to explain now.)

And so, God has it all under control --- whether you realize it or not, or understand it all or not.

Rejoice! See, even the timing of your email is in His hands!


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